How to Claim RankMath Pro ?

It's very easy to get your RankMath Pro SEO Plugin for FREE by just purchasing anything from our affiliate link using Incognito Mode of your Browser.

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Steps to Claim FREE Rankmath 

step 1

Your Requirement

First of all, remember the product you are looking for purchasing these days, like any Theme, Plugin or Hosting

step 2

Get Our Affiliate Link For Products 

We are partner with almost all popular theme, plugins and Hosting, so you can find majority of affiliate link in footer section of our website. Just Copy that Link

step 3

Complete Purchase in  Incognito Mode

Paste the affiliate link in private window or Incognito mode of your browser and proceed to purchase your product

step 4

Claim your FREE Rankmath Pro Plugin

After you successfully purchased any of product from our affiliate link through incognito window, Fill out the form below and upload an screenshot of purchase receipt.

Download Your Rankmath Pro and Activate 

After you fill the form we will check the sale and match with our affiliate dashboard and after that we will send you all bonuses on your email. Make sure you save in your contact. 

For Example

I am thinking to purchase Kadence Pro Theme, to claim bonus I will simply copy Affiliate link ( from website or footer area and open it in Incognito mode. I will purchase that theme there in Incognito mode and then I will take a screen shot of receipt mail from kadenceWP. 

Then I will fill the form below and Upload that Screenshot. That's All. 

If you need any further help, Use our Live Chat Feature