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Cloudways Black Friday Deals (40% OFF)

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Cloudways is offering Huge discount of 40% in this black Friday sale on all their cloud partner hosting plan like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Vlutr.
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Summary of Cloudways Black Friday Deal

Cloudways is one of the best, Managed Cloud Hosting provider. They do not have their own server, rather they offer you pre-configured servers from Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Front. You can choose a server from any of the above Cloud service provides along with the data centre that is nearest to your target users.


Cloudways Black Friday Deal Coupon 2020

Cloudways Black Friday deal for 2020 is now live on their official website with Up to 40% Instant Discount using Black Friday coupon BFCM2020 during checkout.

Like every year, this year too CloudWays is going to provide exclusive Cloudways Black Friday Coupons which you can redeem over a period of time.

The Cloudways Black Friday deal for the year 2020 will go live on 23 November 2020 and will end on 04 December 2020. During this period, you can get a flat discount of 40% for 4 months. You can use the Coupon Code BFCM2020 while signing up to get this special discount.

Why Should You Get Cloudways Black Friday Deals?

Cloud-based hosting is the latest trend because of its scalable and flexible features. As it has speedy servers, enhanced security, and premium support, you can perform well in the search engine results and also win your visitors’ hearts.

However, managing the cloud server is a hectic task for the non-tech-savvy webpreneurs, and hence the Cloudways is taking the excellent opportunity to provide the Managed cloud hosting service for cloud hosting companies. 

Why Do I Switch to Cloudways Hosting?

If you see at the footer, we have mentioned that we are using Cloudways and kadence theme. So here is all those reasons that make me fall fro cloudways hosting.

  1. Launching the server is simple, and it takes a minute
  2. High-speed performance with the help of SSD based servers
  3. Built-in Advanced Caches to reduce the page load time
  4. Easy-to-use control panel and host several websites
  5. Auto-healing cloud servers to avoid website crashing
  6. PHP 7 Ready and HTTP/2 supported servers to boost the communication speed
  7. CloudwaysCDN at an affordable price ($1 for 25GB) for improved global response time
  8. Dedicated OS-level firewalls to get rid of the malicious traffic
  9. Regular security patching and two-factor authentication for enhanced security
  10. Free migration from tech support and self-migration through migration pro plugin
  11. Automated backups at a specific frequency of your choice (paid feature)
  12. Cloudwaysbot, the smart assistant to send the real-time performance insights
  13. Managed hosting optimized for WordPress with the free cache plugin – Breeze
  14. 24 X 7 live chat support along with the ticket system and active community
  15. Free SSL and 1-click scaling to scale the resources to handle the traffic spikes

Moreover, they have worldwide data centers to choose your nearest location and well suitable for blogging & eCommerce business.

Thus, I’m insisting you grab the Cloudways Black Friday Offer 2020 and take your business to the next level. 

Cloudways Black Friday Sale 2020 – Wrapping Up

If you have decided to buy the Cloudways cloud server hosting, then I would say that you have made a wise choice to perform well on the search engine results.

Excellent server response time, Zero downtime, Premium support, Pay-as-you pricing plans, Self-migration, Affordable CDN are some of the highlights of this high-performance managed hosting.

Cloudways is a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform provider that excels in Cloud hosting. Or you can also say Cloudways a platform as a service. They don't have their own Hosting servers, instead, they Provide management for Cloud hosting services from other Cloud hosting providers.

Cloudways is a fully managed Cloud Hosting service provider and comes with a fantastic feature set that’s designed and optimized for Speed, Security and Performance.

Currently they work with 5 Different Cloud hosting Servers listed below.

  • DIgital Ocean
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Vultr
  • Linode
  • Amazon AWS

Cloudways excels is providing managed Cloud hosting services to its customers and they have customers all across the globe.

Reasons For Getting Cloudways Black Friday Deal

I am sure you were searching for CloudWays Black Friday Offers because you have already made your mind to buy Cloudways. However, just in the case you are not sure, below are the top reasons for you to get CloudWays.

1. No Long-Term Commitments

There is no long-term commitment with Cloudways. You are billed on hourly basis which makes it ideal for developers who want to use for hosting their client's projects.

Also, Cloudways uses a post billing method. So you will only be billed for the resources that you used during the previous month.

2. Fully Managed Cloud Servers

Cloudways provides fully managed cloud servers procured from the best cloud hosting providers. These servers come with the best configuration to improve the performance of your website.

3. Easy To Use Control Panel

With Cloudways, you get an easy to use control panel. You can easily deploy the servers, map your domain or install the major apps, all from a single dashboard.

4. One Click Installation Of Apps

Cloudways provides one-click installation of all the major apps including WordPress. They also support WordPress Multisite. The other apps include Joomla, Drupal, Woo Commerce, Laravel and Prestashop among others.

5. Staging Servers

Staging Servers is one of the best features of Cloudways. You can easily create a staging server to test your website before taking it live.

6. Free SSL Certificate

Cloudways allows you to install free Let's Encrypt SSL with just one click. You can also easily install your own SSL if you don't want to use Let's Encrypt.

7. One Click Cloning

You can easily clone your apps with their one-click cloning option. This is ideal if you want to replicate an already configured server.

8. One Click Back Up And Restore

You can easily back up your website with one Cloudways One Click Back up to an offsite location. Restoring the backup is as easy as backing it up.

You can also revert the changes if you restored the wrong version.

9. Real-Time Monitoring

Cloudways monitor your server in real-time and you can view the reports in the Cloudways control panel. The information includes incoming traffic and Idle CPU.

10. Free WordPress Migration

Cloudways have a dedicated WordPress plugin which you can use to easily migrate your WordPress website to Cloudways. The support agents will assist you with the migration and one of them will stay with your online during the entire migration process.Get This Deal

Which Cloud Hosting Provider To Select?

If you are new to hosting, you must probably confused as Cloudways allows you to procure servers from several cloud hosting companies. However, Cloudways has partnered only with the Best Cloud Hosts.

So, you can choose any of the above hosts that has a data center near to your target audience. If you have multiple Cloud Hosts who provide server near your target audience or if you are targeting global audience, you can safely go with Digital Ocean.

Not only Digital Ocean is cheap, at Cloudways, you can use Digital Ocean to scale up to 196 GB RAM servers. So unless your website makes it among the top websites of the world, you can manage any high traffic website without having to move to another server.

Final Words on Cloudways BFCM Deal

Cloudways black friday coupon

Cloudways is indeed one of the best, Managed Cloud Hosting providers. And if you are seeking awesome customer support and cloud servers fine-tuned to your needs, there's none better than Cloudways.

They are certainly worth every penny with their regular offers. But with the Cloudways Black Friday offer, their plans look more lucrative.

If cloud hosting is not your thing and you want to go with a traditional cPanel based shared hosting, you can check out A2 Hosting Black Friday Offer. For cPanel based Cloud VPS Hosting, you can try Liquid Web Black Friday Offers

If you want to compare offers from various companies, you can check my article on Best BlackFriday Web Hosting Deals

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