HiValidity Hosting Review 2021 – Know all about them

Are you looking for a reliable home for your WordPress sites or tired of slow website loading speed with your current web host? Say no more!

Today, we will review one of the most prominent and premium WordPress hosts, who started the chorus on the first day of its launch.

Let’s talk about the foundation…

About HiValidity

HiValidity was founded in 2017, by an expert team of WordPress developers and SysAdmins with a mission to deliver a featured-packed value-added WordPress hosting solution, especially powered by Google’s Cloud most premium infrastructure. It’s the same infrastructure, where PayPal, Spotify, Twitter, Discovery, and other big names are hosted.

Hivalidity Homepage

As per their slogan “Powering Creators to Grow ” – they are helping enterprises, businesses, and corporates with their fast, secure & always up WordPress hosting services.

HiValidity entirely focuses on managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting services, you will only be able to host WordPress CMS on their platform, as mentioned they have WordPress developers as support experts, so you can expect flagship level of support from HiValidity.

If you are a WordPress lover and would like to build your website with WordPress CMS, then HiValidity has much to offer. Let’s find out what their key features are?

Built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud is one of the leading and popular cloud computing vendors in the industry and for good reasons. Google Cloud Platform offers easy scalability, enhanced performance consistently, and redundancy. Google’s low latency premium tier network helps to load your website insanely fast, all over the world at the lowest possible TTFB.

Stand alone, you will require high technical skills to develop, configure and tweak servers with Google Cloud, but HiValidity does this all for you with a managed server stack and provides a complete WordPress hosting solution – so you can focus on your website growth.

You can spin up with a higher plan on demand without worrying about downtime or manual time-consuming migration.

Managed Server-Side Caching and CDN

Most popular managed WordPress hosts are using NGINX proxy caching, which is free and open-source, but HiValidity is using commercial LiteSpeed Cache which is much faster than NGINX and can handle more simultaneous connections in an efficient way.

NGINX’s HTTP/3 is very weak for any production use and consumes more RAM and CPU than LiteSpeed HTTP/3, while on the other hand LiteSpeed HTTP/3 is much capable to handle the production environment and significantly reduce the RAM and CPU load.

Once you install WordPress with HiValidity, they will automatically install LiteSpeed Cache on your website which comes with HTTP/3 support as well.

For object cache HiValidity is using Redis and Memcached which is freely included in all WordPress plansso no upsell for caching.

The WordPress plans also come with Google Cloud CDN, which is much faster than KeyCDN, AWS Route 53, Cloudflare CDN. A CDN connection like Google helps to load your website super fast from any corner of the earth. The CDN setup process is manual, and you will need to connect with tech support and they will do the rest for you.

Free Malware Removal

Did your website ever get hacked? And your web host refused to take the responsibility? Well, it’s pretty common, but not with HiValidity managed WordPress hosting.

Their platform is secured by a machine learning-based security suite, which detects malware in real-time and removes them automatically so it could not infect your whole website.

The platform is auto-secured by Google’s well-known cloud firewall security, DDoS protection, and data encryption. If your website got hacked, just ask them, they will take care of it.

Daily Offsite Backup

HiValidity takes daily night backups of your website via JetBackup and stores them in different geographic locations to ensure redundancy and disaster recovery. They store the data for 7 days and you can restore your website from the backups at any point of time with single click.

Not to say, normally web hosts ask for extra cash for providing a daily offsite backup solution. But the best part of HiValidity is, they are doing this free!

Developer Friendly Tools

You might be waiting for this part, so long. So, here it is. HiValidity offers a developer toolkit on EverCloud Plus and EverCloud Pro Plan. What’s included in the developer toolkit? Well, pretty much everything which is required by your developer such as SSH access, Terminal, Staging, PHP X-Ray to debug plugin performance.

Do you have any custom requirements or manage client’s websites? They have agency solutions for this.

HiValidity Client Area Manager

The client area manager is easy to use and navigate, from there you can manage your WordPress hosting account, website files, business emails, backups, domains and website databases.

HiValidity Client Area Manager

You can easily create email accounts from this dashboard, this dashboard also provides a quick one-click WordPress installation option.

If you already know how to build websites with WordPress, then you will love HiValidity’s minimalistic, time-saving, and well-optimized WordPress hosting platform.

PHP X-Ray Debugging Tool

HiValidity ditched tech-savvy and memory-intensive New Relic – WordPress plugin performance monitoring tool, instead of this they are using a next-generation PHP X-Ray debugging tool, which does the same job as New Relic in a more efficient way without harming your website performance.

Readymade WordPress and WooCommerce Sets

HiValidity server stack is specially optimized for WordPress, which comes with certain advantages. When you will install WordPress, you will be asked to select a readymade WordPress set that is preconfigured for optimal performance.

Readymade WordPress and WooCommerce Sets

They have the below-preconfigured sets of WordPress stack.

  • WordPress – HiValidity Optimized
  • WordPress – Elementor
  • WordPress – WooCommerce

You are building a WordPress site or WooCommerce store, you don’t have to spend hours for optimization, the managed server stack makes sure to load your website quickly.

Now let’s move to our experiment results.

Uptime Record Results

We have monitored our website hosted on HiValidity for 30 days with the help of UptimeRobot, and did not notice any downtime yet. Since the platform runs on Google Cloud, it's rare you will encounter any downtime situation.

Uptime Results of HiValidity

However, HiValidity offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA, but we have received 100% uptime on our monitoring tool.

Website Speed Results

Your website speed is everyone’s number #1 concern while selecting a web host. So, we have checked website speed with the help of the GTmetrix tool.

Website Speed Results of HiValidity

The GTmetrix grade shows “A” with “99%” performance optimization. We have seen, with other normal shared hosts, the results are not up to the mark.

So, you can expect a fast-loading website with HiValidity, as the platform is specially optimized for WordPress. The results showed on GTmetrix without any website optimization from our end, so by doing theme and other files optimization you can get 100% performance.

Customer Support Experience

HiValidity customer support is available via various channels such as 24/7 live chat, ticket system, phone, and email system. They promise to respond on live chat within 5 minutes and on the ticket within 15 minutes. In our experience, they delivered the support more promptly.

Live Chat Support of HiValidity

If you can address an issue to your end, and believe in self-help theory, then HiValidity has an adequate number of Knowledge Base articles.

HiValidity Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base covers questions & tutorials regarding accounts, billing, sales, WordPress, and general support.

Plans and Pricing

HiValidity has three different WordPress hosting plans, each of them comes with Google’s cloud computing reliability, stability, and HiValidity’s managed server stack solution.

  • EverCloud: 1 WordPress Install, 15 GB SSD Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth and 25K Visitors Per Month – starting at $9.95/month
  • EverCloud Plus: Unlimited WordPress Installs, 25 GB Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth and 50K Visitors Per Month – starting at $14.95/month
  • EverCloud Pro: Unlimited WordPress Installs, 35 GB Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth and 100K Visitors Per Month – starting at $19.95/month

Also, the plans come with a 45 day long money-back guarantee, in case you did not like the service, you can ask for a full refund within the period.

HiValidity’s pricing doesn't fall under the low-cost shared hosting category, they are a premium WordPress hosting provider, and the plans come with a fast loading speed, nearly 100% uptime backed by Google’s network, and expert support.

In low-cost shared hosting companies, you will frequently face slow website loading speed due to upselling of the server, low uptime – unplanned maintenance, and sluggish support.

So, if you are looking for a reliable hosting solution for your WordPress website, then you have to wisely decide with whom you would like to go – low-cost or reliable service?

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