Breadcrumb Importance in On Page SEO – Technical SEO Guide

Introduction to Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb is a navigational text or text + Graphic in website mainly above content, which helps users to understand their location on the website. Sometime Breadcrumb is used as a navigation link. Let me show you how exactly breadcrumb looks and how it can be used as a quick link or navigation link.

For example, a normal Breadcrumb looks like Home>Product>ABCD>Checkout. Now according to this breadcrumb you are on the checkout page of ABCD product. So if you want to go to the Product section just click on the product and you will be redirected on the product page. From here you can conclude that breadcrumb is not only navigation but a quick link also.

Importance of Breadcrumb in SEO

Breadcrumb is a type structure data for Google search engine, means google understand what your breadcrumb want to say.

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