[40% OFF] WP Vivid Black Friday Sale 2022 – Sale is 🔴Live

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WPVivid Black Friday Sale 2022 😍First Choice

Finally, the Black Friday Sale for the WPVivid is live with 40% OFF for their backup and migration Plugin from the 25th of Nov till the 30th Nov 2022.

It is my favorite Backup, Migration, and Staging solution plugin with a lot of extra features that other backup plugins are not offering.
Check Full Review Here.

The best Plan to buy during this sale will be Ultimate Unlimited Domain for Lifetime which will be available at $179 One Time.

Why Buy WP Vivid in this Black Friday Sale.

WP Vivid can be a new plugin compared to Duplicator or Updraft but the features it offers are not even close to any of them. It's an all-in-one plugin for your Backup, Migration, and staging needs with a very modern and clean user interface in your WordPress admin panel.

You must be expecting that since it has this much to offer, it must be expensive… Right..??

This is where you are wrong, not all good tools and products need to be expensive and WPvivid is one of them even without having any additional discount it's always cheaper than its competitor for backup migration, etc.

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This year, WP Vivid is coming up with a Flat 40% OFF on All Plans making it even cheaper and with all the features that it offers, it becomes the best deal to grab WP Vivid on Black Friday.

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Pricing of WP Vivid after Black Friday Discount.

The table below represents the current as well as the discounted pricing in WP Vivid Black Friday sale.

Lifetime PanReal PriceBlack Friday Pricing
Blogger (2 Domain)$99$59.4
Freelancer (10 Domain)$139$83.4
Small Business (50 Domain)$199$119.4
Ultimate (Unlimited Domain)$299$179.4 (Best Value 💖)
WP Vivid Lifetime Plan for Black Friday
WP Vivid Black Friday Sale
Lifetime Original Pricing
Yearly PlanReal PriceBlack Friday Pricing
Blogger (2 Domain)$49/Year$29/Year
Freelancer (10 Domain)$69/Year$41.4/Year
Small Business (50 Domain)$99/Year$59.4/Year
Ultimate (Unlimited)$149/Year$89.4/Year

Features you get with WPVivid

  • Backup & Migration Pro
  • Addon: Staging Pro
  • Addon: Image Optim Pro
  • Addon: White label
  • Addon: Roles & Capabilities
  • Multisite Support
  • 24/7 Ticket Support

Can't wait till Balck Friday, here is an Exclusive deal for you to get 20% OFF now

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WPVivid Exclusive DEAL 😍First Choice

WP Vivid is my favorite Backup and Migration plugin with a lot of extra features that Duplicator and Updraftplus are not offering. Check Full Review Here.

I arranged an EXCLUSIVE 20% Discount for BloggerTutor Community. So why wait, Grab it now.

What is WPVivid Offering?

WPVivid Offers Backup and Migration solutions along with staging and other listed above for WordPress websites.

Is WP Vivid better than Updraft and Duplicator?

Yes definitely, Even if we ignore the pricing and check features, WP Vivid still wins. You can check the full detailed comparison here.

[40% OFF] WP Vivid Black Friday Sale 2022 - Sale is 🔴Live | Blogger Tutor
WP vivid 40 OFF on Black Friday Sale

WPvivid team has planned to come up with 40% OFF on Black Friday for their backup and migration Plugin.

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Ticket URL: https://wpvivid.com/ref/548/

Entry Price: 29

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

Availability Starts: 2022-11-23T23:10:45

Stock Inventory: N/A

Editor's Rating:


  • Very Featured Rich Backup Plugin
  • Site to Site Migration Included
  • Image Optimization
  • Site Staging
  • Affordable for everyone


  • No other cons than saying it's quite new in market.
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