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I planned to write WP Vivid Review since the day I switched from Duplicator to WP VIVID. But I was still exploring the plugin and its feature, and I didn't had any idea about all the amazing features. Now after using it for more than 6 months, Let me introduce to you the most UNDERRATED, My Favourite and The Best WordPress Backup Plugin of 2022 available at an affordable price.

Don't worry if you use duplicator, it's not bad, it was my favourite before I tried WP Vivid and I will explain why I switched so let's start with the Introduction.

We will also compare its features and pricing with UpdraftPlus and Duplicator Pro in the last section of the blog.

WP Vivid – A Complete Backup, Migration & Staging Plugin

WP Vivid is a Backup and Migration plugin for WordPress available for FREE and Pro both. That's not all, it offers Staging, Site to Site Cloning, Migration without downloading backup, image optimization and more and more. And all of these features come under only one and an affordable price.

WP Vivid Review
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Main Features of WP Vivid

Site to Site (My Favourite Feature):- As a Freelance developer, Migration is something I face 3-4 times a week and when migrating a big site, Downloading a Complete backup and Uploading it to the destination is not an option. There are other migration options as well like Migration Via upload and Migration Via Remote Storage.

In WP Vivid, you can start migration in 2-3 Clicks from source to destination and the best part is, This feature is available in the Free Version of the Plugin ?. And that was the main reason I was looking for something alternative to Duplicator with a migration feature without downloading and uploading.

Manual Backups:- Create backups manually anytime you want with a few clicks and either save to disk or upload it directly to your remote storage.

Manual Backup
Manual Backup Panel of WP Vivid

Scheduled Backups:- Scheduling Backup should be an essential feature of any backup plugin and hence they have it, you can schedule your backups with multiple time and frequency rules.

Scheduled Backup Panel of WP Vivid
Scheduled Backup Panel of WP Vivid

Incremental Backups:- One of my favourite features of WP Vivid is Incremental backup, in this type of backup, only the files that are changed in that period of time will get backed up and this will save CPU resources and disk storage.

Incremental Backups are essential when your website size is heavy or you make a lot of changes or there are multiple users working on the same website and someone breaks the site. In these cases, you can't keep a full site backup of a site after every hour, so just enable this feature and save the backup of the files and database which are Added, Changed or Modified.

One-Click Restore:- Restore your back with one click from your desk storage or remote storage. You can also download backups from remote storage to your computer and then use them as a migration copies.

Backup and Restore Panel

Backup with Rules:- If you keep user-submitted files or unwanted data on a website and don't want to keep it in your backup, You can simply Include or exclude individual files, folders, and file types (by extension) and database tables from a backup. Since the plugin comes with multiple types of backups, you can apply these rules globally with a single click.

Cloud Storage (Off-Site Backups):- Again a very essential feature in any backup plugin is to store backups outside the site on any different cloud storage to recover them if the whole hosting server got hacked or crashed or corrupted. On-site backups are also not recommended for big websites as it consumes a lot of disk storage.

Here are some supported Cloud Storages Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, SFTP, FTP, Wasabi, pCloud, Backblaze and more that are coming soon.

Cloud Storage panel of WP Vivid

Auto-Backup Before Update:- Getting the site broken after a big and major update in theme and page builder is very common and this is where this feature is helpful. Every time you update your theme or plugin it takes a snapshot of the current version and stores it as an incremental backup and allows you to roll back to the previous version plugin with one click in case something goes broken due to updates.

Flexible Backup Retention Rules:- It's in your hand to decide whether you want to keep a backup for 1 month or 1 year or just 1 week, this feature helps to save storage by removing older backups automatically after adding a new.

Multisite Support:- Backing up multisite and migrating multisite becomes easy with WPvivd Multisite Backup and Migration Feature. You can also Migrate a child site (MU) to a single WordPress install.

Multi-Email Notification:- Get notified of the status of a backup or any issues in multiple emails, just add them on the setting of WP vivid and it's done.

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Exclusive Features of WP Vivid Pro

There are some exclusive features which are available as addons in WP Vivid and the best part is, you can add them only if you want so no more bloat scripts and code

WP Vivid Exclusive Feature Addon Addons edited

One-Click Staging:- Yes you heard it right, WP Vivid is a backup plugin but it has this exclusive feature to create staging of your website in one click without worrying about subdomain as it creates staging directly in a sub-directory of your site.

Again you can Push your staging to live with one click once you have completed all the changes on staging without any issue. If you got some issues, just delete staging with a single click.

Staging Panle of WP Vivid 2

Roles & Capabilities:- Useful for big websites with multiple user roles working on the same site. It helps you to decide which feature of this plugin will be available to which role of the user.

White Label & MainWP Addon:- Very Important feature for WordPress Agencies offering WordPress Maintenance services to their client. They can set the name and change the log to their own and make it look like your custom backup and migration plugin.

For WordPress Agencies using MainWP for managing multiple websites, there is an addon by WP Vivid for MainWP which will enable you to manage all your site backups from the MainWP panel. It's an awesome feature for those who manage multiple websites.

This makes WP Vivid the Best Backup Solution for WordPress Developers and Agencies where they can White Lable plugin name and logo, Control Roles and manage backup from MAinWP dashboard.

Image Optimization and Cleaner:- I was also shocked when I heard it comes with an Image Optimization add-on which you can enable if you want to reduce your image file size without losing quality. You can also clean unused images using the Unused Image Cleaner add-on.

WP Vivid Image Optimizer Panel 1

Export Selected Data:- You can export your Posts, Pages, Images and Comments to another site without completely migrating the whole site. this is helpful when you redesign or recreate your website and don't want to lose this stuff.

Url Replacing Tool:- This tool allows you to do a quick domain/URL replacing in the database, with no need to perform a database migration.

Extra Features of WP Vivid

  • Rename the local backup directory
  • Lock a backup to keep it safe from auto-deletion
  • Live backup and Restore progress with live Logs
  • Create a Fresh WordPress Install (Alternative to WP Reset)
  • Database Encryption

I know you are feeling like how much more features it has, well too much, everything you can expect from a backup plugin is available in WP Vivid with even more extra features.

WP Vivid Pricing (20% Exclusive Discount)

WP Vivid offers tons of extra features with the lowest pricing among all WordPress backup plugins. Their pricing starts at $49/Year for 2 Sites and goes up to $149/Year for Unlimited Sites.

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WP VIVID Annual Pricing
Yearly Pricing of WP Vivid

They also have a Lifetime Subscription Plan, which starts at only $99 for 2 sites and $299 for Unlimited sites Lifetime.

WP VIVID Lifetime Pricing
Lifetime License of WP Vivid

WPVivid vs UpdraftPlus Quick Comparison

Well, if you have not heard of WP Vivid, you definitely know about UpdraftPlus, it's among the most popular backup plugins for WordPress and is recommended by the community. Today we will compare if UpdraftPlus is even close to competing with WP vivid.

Personally, I hate Updraft due to their Outdated and bloated UI as well as their pricing to feature ratio. Check the table below to compare all features available in both plugins and their starting prices.

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FeaturesUpdraft ProWP Vivid Pro
Backup extra files and databases
(Upload/Remote) Migration & Restore
Basic email reporting
Advanced reporting features
Automatic backup when updating WP/plugins/themes
Send backups to multiple remote destinations
Database encryption
Restore backups from other plugins
Scheduled backups
Fix backup time
Network/Multisite support
Lock settings access
Browse backup contents in WordPress
Download individual files from backup in WordPress
Personal support
Run from WP-CLI
White Lable
Import/Export Selected Data
Site to Site Migration
MainWP Support
Image Optimization/Cleaner
URL Replacement
One-Click Fresh WP Install
Multisite to Single Site Migration

From the above table, you can clearly see that WP Vivid is a Clear Winner with more than 2x Features at 40% Less Cost.

WP Vivid vs Duplicator Quick Comparison

Duplicator was my favourite backup plugin for more than 3 years because it is an awesome backup plugin with better and secure backups but it has very limited features compared to WP Vivid. The reason I switched to WP Vivid was mainly due to Site to Site Migration, this feature is really helpful and is fast in migrating a website without any downtime.

Here is side by side feature comparison of WP Vivid with Duplicator and their Pricing as well

FeaturesWP Vivid ProDuplicator Pro
Manual backupsYesYes
Remote StorageYesYes
Reporting and MonitoringYesYes
Multisite NetworkYesYes
Migration (Upload and Remote)YesYes
Backup with RulesYesYes
Auto Backup before UpdateYesNo
White LableYesNo
Role ManagerYesNo
Export/ Import Selected DataYesNo
Site to Site MigrationYesNo
MainWP SupportYesNo
Incremental BackupYesNo
Image OptimizationYesNo
Image CleanerYesNo
URL ReplacementYesNo
Database EncryptionYesYes
One-Click Fresh WP InstallYesNo
Pricing (Starts From)$49 (2 Sites)$69 (3 Sites)
Comparison Result20/209/20
WP Vivid vs Duplicator Feature Comparison

WP Vivid is a Clear winner here as well with 2X More Features than Duplicator Pro.

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Watch the video of WPvivid vs Updraft vs Duplicator Backup Plugin Comparison and Review

WordPress Experts Review on WP VIVID

Above WP Vivid Review was my personal Experience and Opinion but let's have a look at what WordPress Influencers and Experts are saying.

WP Vivid is the easiest backup plugin out there.

Paul from WP Tuts

WP Vivid is an all-in-one Backup, Restore, Migration and Staging Solution combined.

Bjorn from WP Learning Labs

Most Underrated Backup Plugin of 2022

Rahul Singh ? BloggerTutor


After using it for more than 6 months and comparing all its features with other Backup Plugins, I found WP Vivid to be More Feature-Rich with Better UI and Affordable Prices. It saves you extra costs for the Image Optimization and Staging Plugins. From my overall experience, I will recommend and rate it 5 out of 5 for a backup plugin as it does not have any Cons.

Exclusive Discount

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What is WP VIVID?

WP Vivid is a Complete backup and migration solution for WordPress with extra features like staging, image optimization etc.

Is WP Vivid better than Duplicator?

Yes, WP Vivid Offers 2 times more useful features with better UI and lesser cost than Duplicator.

Is WP Vivid better than Updraftplus?

Yes, I have already compared all features above to get a better idea of which one is the better but the ultimate winner is of course WP vivid.

Which is the best Migration Plugin for WordPress?

WP Vivid is the best migration plugin with 3 different migration methods Site Site Migration, Migration via Upload and Migration via Remote Storage. No other plugin has a site-to-site migration which is an exclusive and only feature by Wp Vivid.

Which is the best staging plugin for WordPress?

WP Vivid, have 2 types of staging method, either you can clone your existing site or install a fresh WP in the Staging environment without setting up any domain. It creates sub-directories to manage staging through the same domain with a different slug.

WP Vivid
WP Vivid Review The Best Backup Plugin

After using it for more than 6 months and comparing all its features with other Backup Plugins, I found WP Vivid to be More Feature-Rich with Better UI and Affordable Prices. It saves your extra cost for the Image Optimization and Staging Plugins. From my overall experience, I will recommend and rate it 5 out of 5 for a backup plugin as it does not have any Cons.

Product Brand: WP Vivid

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 49

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Very Featured Rich Backup Plugin
  • Site to Site Migration Included
  • Image Optimization
  • Site Staging
  • Affordable for everyone


  • No Any Cons
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  1. I have used WP Vivid (WPVivid) Free version and it has almost everything we need in backup plugin, so why should anyone purchase WP vivid pro..? Till now I feel like WP vivid free is more than enough for me and most of WordPress users who need either backup or migration plugin.

    What’s your opinion..

    • Hello Nitesh,

      I totally agree with you but there is 1 core feature that I would love to have in my backup plugin which is the ability to send and retrieve backup from a remote storage location (Off-site Backup) which is only available in pro version. Also, Pro version comes along with other advantages like Staging and Incremental Backup with the Image Optimization tool.

      In the above blog, I have a table with a side-by-side comparison of the free vs pro version or WPVIvid, please have a look at it..


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