WP Vivid vs UpdraftPlus Detailed Feature Comparison | Which one is better..?

I recently wrote a post on WP Vivid Review in which I added a quick comparison table to show all the features available in both of them and the audience asked for a detailed comparison of WPvivid vs Updraft.

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So here is WP Vivid vs UpdraftPlus detailed feature comparison with an additional discount for our visitors.

Introduction to WP Vivid and UpdraftPlus

  • WP Vivid
    • WPvivid is a relatively new backup plugin in the market with tons of advanced features which we will discuss very soon. It's available in both free and pro versions but at an affordable cost.
Dashboard of WP VIVID
  • UpdraftPlus
    • Updraft is an old, very popular and widely used backup plugin with almost all essential features. It also comes with a Free as well as a Pro version.
Updraft backup Dashboard

Why are we comparing WP Vivid with Updraft Plus

Having offsite Backups is very essential because whenever a hosting server crashes or disk got corrupted or the whole server got hacked, you need an offsite backup to restore it on your new hosting server.

And that is the reason, choosing the best backup plugin becomes very important so that you can trust it.

We are comparing these two plugins because one of them is very popular with old and only essential features and on the other hand, WP vivid is New with advanced and essential features and it becomes even hard to choose when you see the pricing structure of both.

Updraft which is popular is priced a little higher than WP Vivid which has extra and advanced features. So let me clear your confusion in this WPvivid vs Updraft comparison and help you choose your best Backup plugin.

UpdraftPlus vs WP Vivid Feature Comparison Table

This table is based on my research and personal experience with both plugins, There are 25 Main features listed here and ✅ Denotes The feature is available and ❌ denotes is not available.

FeaturesUpdraft ProWP Vivid Pro
Backup extra files and databases
(Upload/Remote) Migration & Restore
Basic email reporting
Advanced reporting features
Automatic backup when updating WP/plugins/themes
Send backups to multiple remote destinations
Database encryption
Restore backups from other plugins
Scheduled backups
Fix backup time
Network/Multisite support
Lock settings access
Browse backup contents in WordPress
Download individual files from backup in WordPress
Personal support
Run from WP-CLI
White Lable
Import/Export Selected Data
Site to Site Migration
MainWP Support
Image Optimization/Cleaner
URL Replacement
One-Click Fresh WP Install
Multisite to Single Site Migration
Features Available/Total Features17/2523/25
WP Vivid vs UpdraftPlus Detailed Feature Comparison

From this table, it becomes clear that WP vivid is the best value for money backup plugin for your site. And there is absolutely no reason to choose Updraft as it comes with fewer features at a higher cost.

But let's discuss more why WP vivid is better than Updraftplus.

Why WP Vivis is Better than UpdraftPlus

Since I have recommended WP Vivid, I must present to you the fact that it's actually better than updraft plus.

So here are the TOP 3 Reasons to choose WP Vivid over UpdraftPlus for backup.

1. Website Staging and Fresh WP Install

Having a backup plugin that allows you to create a staging environment with a few clicks inside your WordPress dashboard is an awesome feature, especially for those people who regularly try new things on their website to further improve the overall experience.

And this feature only comes with WP Vivid which becomes a plus point to choose it over updraft.

2. Site to Site Migration

Migrating to a small website is easy, just download the backup, upload and restore it on the new server but what if the website is large, like 20GB of backup size, will you still feel comfortable downloading and uploading it..? What if it gets failed at 90% Upload or download..?

Well for this exact scenario, WP Vivid offers a site to site migration where you just need to link both websites with an encryption key created in the migration panel and push the source website to the destination without manually downloading and uploading it.

The best part is, that it's available in the Free version of the plugin so you must try this amazing feature before choosing any backup plugin.

3. Image Optimization and Cleaner

I know it's not an essential feature of the backup plugin but for website speed and performance we need an image optimization plugin and with WP Vivid you do not need to purchase it separately. Just activate this addon from the dashboard and compress your images without losing quality.

On top of image optimization, they offer an Unused Image Cleaner addon which helps you clean your media library bloated with unused images.

*Lower Pricing

Updraft Plus starts at $70/year while WP vivid start at $49/Year and you can get a 20% Additional discount when you apply the coupon “BLOGGERTUTOR20” during checkout.


After using both plugins for years, I have found WP vivid to be better in User Experience, Features and affordable for anyone. I will recommend it over any other backup plugin available on the market.

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