How to Create a Blog Website for Free?

In this tutorial, we are going to Create a Blog Website for Free using WordPress.

What is a Blog Website? Why Create a Blog?

A blog is a simple website with articles and blog posts. These are mainly created for earning purpose by monetizing content i.e. Blog posts, Articles, Reviews etc. There are many ways to monetize content on your websites like Affiliate Links inside the post, Adsense by Google and other advertising networks like, Taboola, Propeller Ads etc.

How Much I can earn from Blogging

What Do You Need To Start A Blog?

Actually, you don't need any coding skills or huge money to create a website and start a blog. All that you need is your dedication to writing a blog post on a daily basis because you have to rank your website on search engine Like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Let's Create Your Free Blog –

  • To Create Website You need a Domain & Hosting but don't worry, visit Hostinger and Create Your Free Hosting Account.
  • Then Visit Dot.Tk and get your free Domain.

You can use WordPress free hosting with WordPress Sub domain i.e. but the problem is you can't add your own domain here i.e you can't change into

For More Information Read this article

  • Change DNS ( Domain Name Server ) Setting In You Domain Account ( by copying Nameserver from hosting account and pasting it on domain name server setting. It will take 24-48 Hr to Update DNS.
  • Now you have to install WordPress (Automatically or Manually)

Customizing Blog For Better Appearence

The most important and logical thing in creating a WordPress website is choosing a WordPress theme. I prefer Lightweight and Fast theme for any type of website like Astra, Kadence, OceanWP etc.

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