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What is hosting?

Hosting is a space in the server where your website data like web pages, databases etc. are stored.

In more precisely, Hosting is another computer connected to the internet and have your website data which you can assess through IP of that computer or by Domain.

Some Technical Word Related to Hosting

  • Cpanel – cPanel is a Dashboard, provided by approx all hosting provider to manage your hosting. I contain many options and features enabled by by your hosting provider like FTP,File Manager, Zone Editor, Sub Domain, Addon Domain, and many more like this.
  • File Manager– An option in hosting dashboard to manage your hosted file i.e. to manage your website files.
  • Disk Space / Storage – Disk Space or Storage is the space in hosting that decide how much data you can store in that Hosting like Images, Posts, Videos etc. This Space is Commonly measured in GB or TB Database storage is not included in Disk Space
  • Band Width – Band Width is the size of data transferred by your hosting to visitor. In common word Band Width decide how much traffic your hosting can manage in a particular time interval.
    It is measured in GB/Month or GB/Day or vise versa.
  • SQL DataBase – SQL Database Decide how many separate database you can create in your hosting. Databases are used to store website post data, user login data like username, email, password etc.
  • File Usage – Many Hosting provider have restriction on number of file you can store in their hosting. They restrict you with number of file instead of size of files. It is measured in Numbers. For Example, Let say my hosting provide me 2 GB Disk Space and 100 File Usage then I can store max 100 file even they are of very small size.
  • FTP Accounts – Since we store file in hosting we need to access the location of file every time we need to upload or download any back-end file. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to access that location of file in hosting without logging in into hosting Cpanel.
  • Ad-don Domain – Ad-don Domain refer to secondary domain of hosting. Every Hosting have its primary domain but when you need to create another website on the same hosting with other domain you need to add that second domain as ad-don domain.
  • Sub-domain – As the name suggest, sub-domain are like nickname of domain. Like yourdomain.com is a domain and rahul.yourdomain.com is a sub-domain of your domain.
  • Physical Memory / RAM – As we know hosting is also a computer it need Physical Memory or RAM to work. This Physical Memory is required to complete multiple processes at same time.

How to Choose Hosting?

When you decide to make a website or Application, You have to choose a hosting to host the file of website or App. This is the most confusing topic for even professional Developer, because Hosting is not used only to store data but also to provide Fast loading speed and can manage lot of traffic at the same time. A fast website have 70% more conversion than slow one.

According to experts a delay of 1 sec in load time of your website can negatively impact on your SEO i.e. Rank of website, user satisfaction, conversion etc. That's why choosing a best hosting have never been eaiser.

It is not important that every website need same type of hosting to run smoothly. It depends on type of resource used by your website. Like an eCommerce website which has too much images, videos, variation data of product etc. uses lot of bandwidth, storage and Database, but on the other hand a blog website uses very small storage, moderate bandwidth and database because in a blog website we only have few images with lots of text.

Some Top Hosting Provider Plans & Pricing

  1. Why we use Hosting?

    Hosting is used to host website or application file and data on internet so that anyone from anywhere in globe can access the information accordingly.

  2. Who give us Hosting?

    There are many hosting provider who provide top class hosting with modern and advanced server for fast and stable website or applicattion.
    Some of them are listed in here https://bloggertutor.com/hosting-providers

  3. How many type of Hosting is there in the market?

    There are several type hosting in market like-
    1. cPanel Hosting
    2. Manged WordPress Hosting
    3. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
    4. Dedicated CMS Hosting Like Zoomla, WooCommerce etc.
    5. Cloud Hosting
    6. Reseller Hosting
    And many many more…

  4. Where Hosting Server Lies?

    Many hosting provider use their self hosted server that communally lies in their data centers across world for better speed.

  5. Which Hosting is Suitable for me?

    Well, It depends on which type of website or application you are going to develop.

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