How to Create a Blog | Creating a Blog in Just 10 Min

Creating a blog do not need any technical knowledge and rocket science, You just need to follow my steps to create a blog or blog website from scratch.

Know More about blog & Blogging

There are many ways to start a blog but 2 main and most common ways are by WordPress & Blogger. But Blogger have many limitation and now 90% blog are based on WordPress since WordPress is highly customizable and have a lot of tools to increase functionality in your website. Even you can create your custom plugin for any particular functionality.

The best thing about WordPress is It is absolutely free, But you have to pay for Hosting and Domain. But wait, these stuff are not too costly, you can afford it easily as they are very affordable.

Know More about Hosting & Domain

So now let's begin with the idea of creating a blog. The first thing that you need to create your blog is Domain and Hosting. Domain is a name something like and Hosting is a server where all your blog website data will be stored like blog post, images, videos etc.

Choosing Your Hosting & Domain

There are many Hosting Provider who give free Domain along with their hosting plan. Some of the best are

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