Top 10 On Page SEO Hack To Rank On Google Without Backlinks

Introduction Of On Page SEO

On Page SEO (Search engine Optimization) is Defined as Optimization of your Website according to Search Engine's algorithm so that they can be ranked on SERP(i.e Search Engine Result Page) to get huge organic traffic. It helps your article to get ranked on google without having a lot of backlinks.

Let us start On Page SEO and discuss some algorithms that every Search Engine follows to rank any article on it's first page. Here is my checklist for On Page SEO which I will explain 1 by 1.

On Page SEO Checklist

  • Website Speed
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS and Image Optimization
  • Bounce Back Rate
  • User Experience and Engagements
  • Structure Data & Schema
  • Internal and External Linking
  • Rich Media and Images Alt Text
  • Proper Heading and Subheadings
  • Quality Content
  • Use AMP Ready and Mobile Friendly Theme

So these are some most important optimizations that you should cover in your website and blog. I am mentioning here that this is the whole On Page SEO topics that really impact your ranking on google.

So Let's explain them one by one to make them easy for everyone.

1.Website Speed

Website speed is one of the biggest issues for many bloggers that impact their SEO very badly. Because speed not only decide Website Loading but also increase Bounce Back Rate which kills your SEO, because google think that you do not have a proper content that's why many visitor left your website without interacting with your content.There are many factor that influence your website loading speed, but the two most important are..

  1. Theme
    • Use faster themes like Generate Press, Astra, OceanWp, Kadence etc.
  2. Quality Hosting

2.Coding Optimization

Coding Optimization means to optimize your code properly so that Search Engine's Crawler Bot sees your website as a clean and properly optimized website without having any malware, buggy or harmful code in it. This will reduce your Spam score and will definitely increase your SEO, Ranking, Traffic and Website Speed etc.

There are many free and paid plugins to optimize website speed using code optimization like Autoptimize (Free) and WPRocket(Paid). We personally use Siteground Optimizer as an optimization Plugin in our website because it is the official plugin by siteground to use in their Hosting for better Performance.

3. Image Optimization

Now Image optimization has two faces, the first is compressing Image and reducing image size and other is scaling image to a proper Ratio for better visibility. Optimizing Image will also help in decreasing your page load time.Try to use JPEG and WebP format Images instead of PNG because they render faster on browsers with good quality in low size.

There are many plugins to optimize, scale and convert images like resmushit, PNG to JPEG, shortpixel etc. Siteground Optimizer have in built Image optimization system as well as PNG or JPEG to WebP converter. So if you use siteground hosting, we recommend you to use their optimizer for better performance.

Learn How decrease website page load time.

4. Bounce Back Rate

Bounce Back Rate is something like poison for your SEO and post ranking. If you have a high bounce back rate , it means users on your site leaving without interacting with your website and content. Google and other Search Engines look like it, your website does not have a good content or a good service and products. Then they just ignore your website instead of ranking them in SERP. So make sure you reduce your bounce back rate as soon as possible.

5. UI and Engagement

User Experience and Engagement is not the biggest factor to affect SEO but has a great impact on your Bounce back rate and conversion. For example, when you visit a website, the first thing that you notice is website look and your experience with the website. If that impressed you, you will read their content carefully, your trust toward them will increase definitely.

So by creating a professional looking website, you increase your user engagement. Use creative design and creative content to impress your visitor.

6. Internal and External Linking

Internal and External linking makes your post more engaging and helps in reducing bounce back rate. Using these links inside your post will also help you to increase traffic on other posts which do not rank on google till now. It will also help you to generate more revenue if you are using google AdSense or Affiliate programs.

7. Less Popup and Ads

Many websites use 5 to 8 Popups all around their content to grab visitor attention but as per my experience using so many banner ads and popups actually increase your bounce back rate and hence affect Your SEO.

Learn How to Reduce Bounce Back Rate

8. Quality Content

The Most important thing in the world of blogging is the quality of content. That is the reason many successful bloggers termed “Content is King“. Search engines like google also analyze your content very carefully before ranking them in google. The only thing that Google care is about the experience and satisfaction of users who searched a particular query.

Try to create a fully explained content which covers every aspect of that particular topic. Here is my working checklist on how to create a Quality Content.

a. Think About

  • What are you going to write?
  • Why Are You Going to write?
  • Which type of information are you providing?
  • How will it help a reader?
  • How much information users will get on this topic after reading a blog post.
  • Last but not least, users need to search this topic again on google after just reading your blog post.

b. To Do

  • Do a proper research on your topic.
  • Use heading and subheadings to write your blog post.
  • Use rich media like images and videos.
  • Content Length should be more than 700 words.
  • Explain everything about that topic.
  • Use structured data like schema, FAQ etc.

c. Not to Do

  • Do not refer to any spamming website in your articles.
  • Do not use any black hat SEO tricks to rank your post.
  • Do not use Too many ads links inside your post.

d. Rich Media and Images Alt Text

Using Rich media like images, videos, GIF etc. with proper caption and alt attributes help your post to become more SEO friendly. Use at least 3 images in every post but note it down that you should not use images if there is no need. Also do not forget to use proper alt text in images. In fact many bloggers now use GIF as a featured image for their content product to make it more attractive and eye catching.'

e. Proper Heading and Subheadings

Using Headings and Subheadings with short paragraphs in your content make it creative and attractive. This is a very common mistake by many beginners that write good content but not in a good way. Their content looks so boring which distracts users from reading it. Heading and subheading also makes the user understand which particular topic is covered in which part of the section and then he decides what he wants to read.

Learn more about how to write a quality content

9. Structured Data & Schema

Structure Data and Schema is a content of your post or product which is used by search engines like google to classify and categorize the type of content and product, quality of content and product etc. These days schema is a very popular thing for SEO and many bloggers just use Schema only, but there are other types of structured data like Breadcrumbs, FAQ, How To etc. Using proper structure data will increase your post rank on google and other search engines.

I will suggest you to use RankMath Plugin for SEO purpose because it has built Structure Data and Schema Feature. We also use RankMath to Optimize our content SEO and To embed FAQ, Schema and How to.

10. Use AMP Ready and Mobile Friendly Theme

According to google 70% of searches are requested by mobile devices. In fact google has a separate algorithm for mobile SERP and Desktop SERP, which means, it is not necessary that if your website rank on 3 in desktop search, so it will also rank 3 in mobile search. In order to rank your post or article in mobile SERP too, you need to have a mobile friendly website with AMP version ready.

AMP is called Accelerated Mobile Pages which contain less CSS and JavaScript and that helps in fast rendering of web pages on Mobile. Google ranks AMP versions of websites very fast in comparison to other versions.

As per my experience AMP for WP and AMP WP by Pixable both are good AMP plugins to make your website AMP ready.

Here is a video on my YouTube to Learn On Page SEO


I have covered all the things about On Page SEO briefly, and If you follow all these things properly in your blog website, there is a 80% more chance to rank your article better.

  1. What is On Page SEO?

    On page SEO is optimization of web pages and post according to Search Engine Algorithm to make them more SEO friendly.

  2. Why On Page SEO is Important?

    On Page SEO is Important to rank your articles on Google or other Search Engines.

  3. How to do On Page SEO?

    On Page SEO Cover many things, So you need to Optimize all the things that effect on page SEO.

  4. How to Rank On Google Without Backlinks?

    The only thing that will help you to rank on google without having a good authority website and backlink is you On Page SEO.

  5. Can we Rank On Google Without Backlink

    Yes, Of course you can rank on google without backlinks, you just need On PAge SEO optimized Article.

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