Kadence vs Spectra Blocks Detailed Comparison | All 30+ Blocks Compared

Kadence vs Spectra Blocks

Confused between Kadence vs Spectra Blocks for your next website? Then you are in the right place, Today we will explore both Spectra and Kadence Blocks in depth. This comparison becomes more important after the launch of Kadence Blocks 3.0 and Spectra 2.0.

Now, that's not only the reason, but Spectra is also coming with its Spectra One theme which will support Full Site Editing and Block Editors. This gives spectra a positive point when compared to Kadence as Kadence only have blocks supported and I have not heard anything officially that they will come with it anytime soon.

Honestly, I don't think Kadence even need it, they already have a very flexible theme combined with the best block editor in the market right now. But let's move on to Block Editor as we are here to compare them instead of Theme.

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Kadence Blocks Intro

Kadence Blocks is a plugin from Kadence Bundle which contains 10+ Plugins and themes. However, only Kadence Theme, Kadence Blocks, Kadence Conversion, and Kadence Shop Kit are the most popular ones. KadenceWP launched these blocks 2 years ago after the release of their theme.

Spectra Blocks Intro

Spectra is a Block Editor plugin by Brainstormforce, the publisher of the Astra theme, and many more good products like Schema Pro, etc. Earlier this plugin was named “Ultimate Addon for Gutenberg or UAG”, but after version 2.0, they renamed it to Spectra and the reason was the same, they wanted to have something similar to Kadence, a full suite of products under one Umbrella.

Though they have an Astra theme which is a really good theme in terms of Features and performance and it has supported UAG or Spectra from start but due to the switch of WordPress toward full-site editing, it' was a very wise decision to have a product targeting the same audience.

Kadence vs Spectra Feature

FeatureSpectra BlocksKadence Blocks
Basic Controls Like Padding, Margin, Border, etc.
Advance Controls like Z-index, Conditional Visibility, etc.
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