Kinsta vs Detailed Comparison | TTFB, Speed and Load Test with Multiple Tools

If you are looking to choose between Rocket and Kinsta but are confused about which one to choose or if you are really looking for a best-managed WordPress hosting provider, this is the last blog you need. Read this carefully and all your doubts about Kinsta and will be solved.

In this comparison between and Kinsta, I have monitored both of them for a Long time (30 Days) to Check TTFB, and Uptime using Various tools, I have also monitored their page speed over a long period of time, performed Load tests using K6, Loadfocous, and

In short, this is a well-prepared detailed comparison that will show you which hosting provider performs better in TTFB, Uptime, and Speed test even under load. Before starting the comparison, let me introduce you to both hosts.

Kinsta vs Rocket Intro/Quick Comparison

OverviewKinsta uses Google Cloud Infrastructure for servers and Cloudflare Enterprise for utilizes Privately owned Bare Metal cloud servers with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN to provide.
CPU12 Cores32 Core
Storage10 GB NVMe SSD10GB NVMe SSD
PHP processorFastCGILiteSpeed
PHP Workers2Unlimited
PHP Memory256MB1024MB
CDNCloudflare EnterpriseCloudflare Enterprise
Full Page CacheSupportedSupported
Banwidth25k visitors (100GB)250k visitors (50GB)
Pricing$30/mo (Paid Yearly)$25/Month (Paid yearly)
ConclusionSpecs are not really goodBest Specification in the segment
Kinsta vs Rocket Quick Comparison table, all data officially Confirmed with the support team.

So that was a quick specification of both Kinsta and Rocket, now let's talk about other in detail.

How I Compared them Accurately?

To make sure this hosting comparison is unbiased and accurate, I hosted identical website on both hostings without additional optimization or caching (though both uses their own full-page caching system).

I have also used multiple tools and multiple tests to make sure the end result of the test is accurate enough to compare. Some tools are

  • Freshping for Uptime
  • Uptimia for Uptime and Speed Monitoring over 30 Days
  • GTmetrix for Performance
  • for Performance and TTFB
  • Lighthouse-metrics for Performance
  • Load Focus for Load Testing
  • for Load Testing
  • K6 For Load testing (Best Load testing tool out there)

I will include an image with all the reports so that you can see them side by side

1. Kinsta vs Rocket TTFB and Uptime

Tools UsedKinstaRocket
OverallNot Good✅ Winner
Kinsta vs Rocket TTFB Table
Tools UsedKinstaRocket
Kinsta vs Rocket 30 Days Uptime Table
Kinsta vs Uptime monitoring on Uptimia

So in terms of TTFB and Server REsponse time, is better than Kinsta. Though uptime of both is same.

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2. Kinsta vs Rocket GTmetrix Test

Now after TTFB, what matters is Fully Loaded Time, FCP, LCP, etc. to measure this we have used GTmetrix

Compare GTmetrix Reports between Kinsta and e1682712125927

So in terms of Desktop Performance measured using GTmetrix, Rocket is performing far better than Kinsta, all metrics including FCP, LCP, TTFB, Fully Loaded time, etc. are better in Rocket report. So overall Rocket wins over Kinsta in Gtmetrix reports as well.

One thing you must have noticed is about speed index, which is the same in both.

3. Kinsta vs Mobile Speed Test

For the Mobile speed test, we have used the lighthouse metrics tool which measures websites from 6 different locations using Lighthouse mobile.

Here is the table about how both and Kinsta perform on mobile devices.

LocationKinsta Score
US West5863
US East6161
OverviewNot GoodWinner vs Kinsta global mobile speed test using lighthouse metrics.

In term of mobile performance both hosting have performed decent but Rocket have slightly better and consistent scores in all 6 locations. so here again, Rocket wins over Kinsta.

4. vs Kinsta Load Tests

In order to make our Hosting Comparison between and Kinsta, we have used 3 tools for Load Test. Let's see the results one by one.

Kinsta and Test Loadfoucs

In Loadfocus, I have used their free account to send the maximum requests allowed on both servers, and the scores on reports are almost similar but let's put them in the table and compare.
Average Response Time462ms459ms
90% Response Time625ms617ms
95% Response Time691ms693ms
Errors %00
Kinsta and Test Report data of Loadfoucs

Kinsta and Rocket Test

In test, Both websites were configured for 250 Client Per Seconds for 1 minutes and here is how the load test report looks.

The Avergae Response time of is 13ms and in graph you can see it's consistent, for kinsta, the average response time is 28ms which is more than twice and hence Rocket wins again over Kinsta in load test.

Kinsta and Rocket K6 Load Test

This is slightly complex test where I had to record page session on which pages to visit and what resources to use inside K6 Dashboard. From my prespective it's the best test as it reveals real user performence of website/hosting when visited different pages and requested data at higher rates.

Here is how the K6 reports looks

From above test as you can see Rocket have handled 270k Requests with 1144 req/sec as Peak while maintaining 21ms average response time while Kinsta have handled only 160k requests, with less peak request (only 636 req/sec) and had 41ms as average response time which is almost twice of Rocket, so Rocket wins again.

5. Web Hosting Benchmark Test

I have used a plugin call “WordPress Hosting Benchmark tool” which is used to run CPU, memory bandwidth, disk speed, persistent object cache, network download speed test using large temporary files and run a lot SQL queries.

This is how the results are, where you can see Kinsta performing better than Rocket in this test and I feel this is the pro of using Google Cloud Infrastructure.

6. Support and Ease of Use

When it comes to Ease of use, I feel like both Rocket and Kinsta have good and easy to navigate dashboard, you can easily manage your website, create staging, switch PHP version, upgrade and downgrade plan etc.

Both Comes with detailed reporting of hosting analytics like Bandwidth usage, Country wise request, Number of Visits, Activity Log, access Log etc. which is more than enough for a managed wordpress hositng provider.

But Support is where Rocket outshines Kinsta, I really love the support team of Rocket, they are always ready to help with anything, even sometime wordpress related issues that should be your responsiblity, can be fixed with the help of Rocket team while Kinsta team avoide it by saying please ask your WordPress Developer to check issues at your end.

So here I will say Rocket wins again.

7. Pricing and Features

IMG 2447 01 edited scaled

Kinsta vs Rocket Conclusion

I have used Kinsta before Rocket was even in martket but after using and testing on all type of webistes, I can recommend you blindly, I have migrated my 40+ Core Web Vitals Optimization Clients to Rocket and all of them loved the backend as well as frontend performance of

If you are still not sure if rocket will be good for your website, I will recomend you to have a trial and check, it costs only $1.

You can watch this video to view all above data and test.

Which hosting provider have better TTFB?

After testing almost all popular hosting providers, I can safely say that have the best TTFB for any type of webiste.

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