Siteground Hosting Features, Quality & Tools Full Review – Best or Worst in 2020

In this blog, we will do Siteground Full tools and features Review and I Promise after reading this whole blog you will have no any confusion Regarding Siteground Hosting.

Introduction of Siteground

Siteground is one of recommended hosting provider by WordPress Officially & of-course the reason for the recommendation is the performance of their hosting. Recently they officially confirmed that they now use only Google Cloud Server for their hosting even for startup plan whose price starts from 6.99$ which I think the cheapest Google Cloud-based hosting. According to them, they are mainly based in Singapore but they have several data centre all over the world.

Technology Used By Siteground

Siteground has almost all the latest and best technology in their hosting like they recently integrated NGNIX and QUIC for better web speed even in slow connection. They use their own caching and optimization plugin named SG Optimizer for WordPress for better performance even they are improving it more and more.

I will introduce all technology used by them in tools section.

Siteground Speed Test and Server Response Time.

We have performed various Speed Test for siteground with different location based server and result were impressive.

Some Samples of Siteground speed test are below

Siteground Live Speed Test
Siteground Mobile Speed Score
Siteground desktop speed
Siteground Desktop Speed Score
Siteground gtmatrix Score
Siteground Speed test by Gtmatrix
Siteground pingdom speed test
Siteground Speed Test By PingDom

Siteground Hosting Uptime

According to Siteground, their uptime is 99.99%, which is accurate as they have cloud server (cluster of servers) means downtime is not an option in their Hosting.

Siteground Hosting Review

  • Hosting Quality
  • Server Resources
  • Support
  • Features and tools
  • Price


Bloggertutor was running on Siteground and I have not faced any problem with speed and Uptime till today. I personally love their Support, Features, and Tools but the only thing that I think is not proper is their Pricing. They recently increased their pricing even all features are the same.

Now I have switched to Cloudways and Recommend you guys to must try once.

-> Siteground India Hosting Review and alternative

Siteground Features and Tools available in Dashboard [cPanel]

I am really excited to tell you about siteground tools because I love them and the main reason for using siteground hosting for me is their tool. So let's explain their tools one by one.

1. App Manager

This tool is sounding its meaning from its name, i.e. App Manager will somehow manage your CMS application Automatically so that you do not need to install or delete them manually. Siteground App Manager has WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, Magento, PrestaShop, ZenCart, OpenCart, phpBB, SMF, MediaWiki, Moodle, osTicket, vTiger, LimeSurvey, phpList, Piwigo. All these apps can be installed in siteground hosting automatically and you can manage them from siteground dashboard.

Siteground Tools - Application Manager

2. File Manager

Just like other hosting providers, You will get a file manager tool in siteground hosting to manage your hosting files. It has all the essential feature of a file manager like copy, paste, edit, rename, move, extract, compress etc.

Siteground Tools - File manager

3. FTP Accounts

Siteground hosting also provides FTP accounts for users to manage their files from third-party services like Filezilla. Here you can create, delete and manage FTP accounts.

Siteground Tools - FTP Manager

4. MySQL Manager

MySQL tool will help you to create SQL database, manage SQL Users, Link SQL user to the database, Access SQL Database etc. This tool is really necessary even for WordPress users.

Siteground Tools - MySQL Manager

5. Backup

The backup tool creates an automatic backup of your website. This feature is really necessary even for professional developer because sometimes due to an unknown issue site get damaged and if you don't have a backup you will lose everything. In siteground backup tool, you can restore your site from last 30 days of backup.

Siteground Tools - Automatic Backup

6. SSL Manager

For making a website secure you must have an SSL certificate. Siteground Provides a free SSL certificate and a tool to manage it. from here you can directly install SSL certificate in a few clicks.

Siteground Tools - SSL Manager

7. HTTPS Enforce

This feature of Siteground hosting will help you to forcibly serve all your content through the https protocol.

8. Protected URL

Protected URL is an Awesome security feature of siteground. You can secure any RL of your website with username and password. Only users with that credential can able to see that web page.

Siteground Tools - Protected URLS

9. Blocked IPs

DDoS attack on any website is quite common, this feature of siteground will help you to block all those IPs that you think are harmful to your website. You can further unblock them anytime you want.

Siteground Tools - Blocked IPs

10. Site Scanner

Site Scanner is an addon product of siteground which is not available for free. You need to pay for it. It scans for malware in your website and tells location so that you can remove it manually. It has automatic removal feature but it is not very helpful for large websites with many scripts. Since it may remove your necessary files too.

Siteground Tools - Site Scanner

11. Cloudflare Integration

Siteground has inbuilt Cloudflare integration to integrate Cloudflare free CDN to improve your website Speed and Code Optimization.

Siteground Tools - Cloudflare Integration

12. Caching

Website Caching is something that reduce server load and speedup your website. These days caching is just important as SSL for a website. Siteground have 3 Caching System, NGINX, Dynamic and Memcached.

Siteground Tools - Caching

13. WordPress Migration

Siteground have their Free WordPress Migration tool that need Siteground WordPress Migration Plugin to Migrate any website. They also offer free manual migration by their team.

Siteground WordPress Migration

14. Domain DNS Manager

When you map your domain to your hosting using a name server, then your domain provider will no longer manage your DNS setting. For this Particular Issue, siteground provide Domain DNS Manager tool from where you can Manage Parked Domain, Create and manage Subdomains, DNS Records, redirects etc.

Siteground Domain DNS Manager

15. Professional Emails

Professional emails are trending in these days. They show your quality and build trust among your audience and customer. Taking this into consideration, Siteground provides Free Professional Email accounts, Email Forwarder, Auto Responded, Email Filter, Authentication and Spam Filter. I love this particular service of any hosting provider not only siteground.

Siteground Professional Emails Tools

16. Website Statics

Site Statics tool really helps for those who are not too many techies in the field of web development or blogging. There are many things that you can track and see reports like Traffic Summary, Audience, Source, Behaviors, Error Logs, Access Log etc. This will help you to understand your website performance.

Siteground Site Statics

17. Git Tools

The most advance and rare tool that any hosting provider is Git. It helps to create a Git repository of your application, which you can later access, download and edit on multiple local branches. You will be able to easily deploy updates, as well as compare differences between your local source code and your production or staging copies.

18. Cron Job Manager

Some WordPress Plugin and script need to work in the back end automatically. With the Cron Jobs tool you to automate commands or scripts on your site. You can set up scheduled tasks to run at a specific time or time interval. You need to be comfortable using and understanding Linux commands in order to create and run cron jobs seamlessly.

  1. Is Siteground Better from Bluehost?

    Yes, Because Siteground uses Google Cloud server and other advanced Technology.

  2. Does Siteground Offer Free Domain?

    No, they do not offer any free domain but you can buy new during hosting order.

  3. Is siteground Slow?

    No, Definitely not.

  4. Why Siteground is So Expensive?

    Siteground Is too much expensive because they are using Cloud server for hosting, means your shared hosting plan is from google cloud.

  5. Which Siteground Hostin Plan is best?

    Choosing a hosting plan depends on need of resources by your website. If you have a heavy website then you are definitely going to need a better plan.

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