WP Engine vs Rocket.net vs Cloudways Performance Test in 18+ Locations -?Shocking Results

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If you are also confused about choosing the Best Cloud Hosting Provider for your website, this post is the last one you need to read. After Experimenting and Monitoring almost all popular Hosting Providers like WP Engine, Cloudways, Kinsta, Liquidweb, Rocket.net (not very popular) and Hostinger Cloud (Powered by Google Cloud and LiteSpeed), Siteground etc. I am writing this post as a conclusion you will get 100% unbiased and transparently tested results.

Now why I was testing these websites…?

Recently, I launched Core Web Vital Optimization Service and when I started getting clients, there was a very common error of “Slow Server Response Time” or in another words, Higher TTFB (Time to first byte) on almost 90% of the websites. Of course every time, the reason was not the server but in 9 out of 10, there was an issue with the server CPU or CDN integration or both.

Surprisingly It was not only for the shared hostings, even some of our clients were using Kinsta and WP Engine but the issue was the same. But enquiring with their support they told me that the issue was in website itself but I didn't trusted them because I was able to see that it performs better on other hosts.

So we decided to give this hosting experiment and comparison a proper focus so that we can finally recommend what's best for us and our clients. And I was amazed ? and was sad ? as well with the results I got.

?Core Web Vitals After Switching to Rocket from Multiple Host

⚠️Note – These are results not only beacuse of hosting change, they include complete optimization of backend and frontend. Please keep in mind Hosting plays role only in delivering your content faster not how they are rendered for your real visitors. So to optimize it for real visitor you have to do a frontend optimization. You can discuss more with me here.

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Hosting Comparison Environment

We have done all possible steps to make this comparison fair and detailed so that we can give you our final conclusion.

Note:- To make this hosting comparison fair, we have purchased a similar server configuration plan with the same pricing in mind.

The Next Fair Step was to make the same WordPress Environment for all of the hosting and we decided to migrate our Fixwebvitals.com website on all of the servers with help of my Favourite Backup and Migration Plugin WPVivid. After migration, we completed all recommended tasks by respective hostings and started our test.

? Why I Prefer Block Editor Instead of Pagebuilder…?

Tools Used:- We have used Gtmatrix and Fastorslow by Wordfence which provide speed tests from 18 different locations.

Introducing WP Engine, Rocket.net and Cloudways

Before starting this hosting comparison, let me Introduce these hostings properly,

WP Engine

WP Engine uses Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to host all of their websites and uses MaxCDN to deliver them all over the Globe. (Recently, MaxCDN is acquired by StackPath).


Rocket.net uses Performive.com for hosting all of their websites and they use Cloudflare Enterprise CDN Solution to deliver them all over the Globe.


Cloudways is more flexible as they offer you the option to choose Cloud Servers from Vultr, Linode, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean. Cloudways CDNs are powered by Stackpath (MaxCDN).

Cloudways new Cloudflare Integration
Note:- Now Cloudways is also providing Cloudflare Enterprise CDN Integration via addon in their hosting platform with some extra cost varying on a number of domains. Please check more about it here

So this was a quick intro for their server type and CDNs, now lets, move to the test results we got in GT Matrix

Gtmetrix Side by Side Comparison

Here is the Performance test comparison summary by Gtmetrix and in our test Rocket.net was the winner. Check Table for full statics.

WP Engine vs Cloudways vs Rocket.net Performence Score Test on Gtmatrix
Cloudways vs Rocket.net vs WP Engine Comparison on GTMatrix
MetricsWP EngineCloudwaysRocket.net
GtMetrix GradeAAA
GtMetrix Score96100100
Structure Score999899
First Paint1000ms 298ms 282ms
On Load Time1500ms279ms269ms
Fully loaded Time1900ms381ms333ms
Overall ConclusionSlowerFaster*Fastest
Cloudways vs Rocket.net vs WP Engine comparison table

From the above table, we can conclude that as per GTmetrix Scores and Grade, Rocket.net is the fastest and Cloudways is almost the same but WP Engine really makes difference.

Now let's move to the individual and detailed Gtmetrix Performance results

Rocket.net Performence Test on Gtmatrix
Rocket.net Hosting Test
Cloudways Performence Test on Gtmatrix
Cloudways Hosting Test
WP Engine Performence Test on Gtmatrix
WP Engine Speed Test

Fastorslow, Test from 18 Locations

Well to make this hosting comparison fairer we have used Fastorslow, a Performance tool by Wordfence to test websites from 18 different locations.

WP Engine Performance Test Summary

Below is the Performance test summary by Fastorslow for WP Engine

WP Engine Performence Test overview on Fastorslow
WP Engine Performance Test Summary

Cloudways Performance Test Summary

Here is the Performance test summary for Cloudways

Cloudways Performence Test Overview on Fastorslow
Cloudways Performance Test Summary

Rocket.net Performance Test Summary

Now this is the performance test summary for Rocket.net

Rocket.net Performence Test summary on Fastorslow
Performance test summary for Rocket.net
MetricsWP EngineCloudwaysRocket.net
Largest Contentful Paint~396ms~457ms~349ms
Cumulative Layout Shift0~0.017ms0.0002ms
First Byte~678ms~619ms~95ms
Round Trip Time~7.5ms~149ms~7.5ms
Transfer Size936KB638KB961KB
Overall ResultFasterNot BadFastest*

Note:- Wait, Do not decide by seeing these average score summaries, Please have a look at detailed test results from 18 Different locations

MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
CLS0ms0ms0ms None
LCP393ms359ms288ms WP Engine
First Byte74ms 56ms391ms Cloudways
Round Trip10ms 8.5ms28ms Cloudways
Overall WinnerSlowerFastestGreatCloudways
US Oregon Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
CLS0ms0.0257ms0ms None
LCP298ms565ms283ms WP Engine
First Byte103ms 317ms152ms Rocket
Round Trip13ms 68ms13ms Rocket
Overall WinnerFastestSlowerGreatRocket
US Ohio Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
First Byte 54356134Rocket
Round Trip2832None
Overall WinnerFastestSlowerGreatRocket
US Virginia Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
LCP415403358WP Engine
First Byte 88583504Rocket
Round Trip1.51411.7Rocket
Overall WinnerFastestSlowerGreatRocket
EU Germany Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
LCP296501290WP Engine
First Byte 35840888Rocket
Round Trip7942052WP Engine
Overall WinnerFasterSlowerFastestWP Engine
AP Australia Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
LCP690486272WP Engine
First Byte 3228551000Rocket
Round Trip1.32071.7Rocket
Overall WinnerFastestSlowerFasterRocket
AP Singapore Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
LCP300453298WP Engine
First Byte 78641899Rocket
Round Trip3.41553.4None
Overall WinnerFastestSlowerGreatNone
AP Hongkong Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
First Byte 79347221Rocket
Round Trip9837.6WP engine
Overall WinnerFastestSlowerGreatRocket
CA Quebec Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
First Byte 54832641Rocket
Round Trip62035WP Engine
Overall WinnerFastestSlowerGreatRocket
SA Brazil Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
First Byte 54404763Rocket
Round Trip4972.56WP Engine
Overall WinnerFastestFasterSlowerRocket
AP Japan Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
First Byte 3388591100Rocket
Round Trip6721036WP Engine
Overall WinnerFastestFasterSlowerRocket
Bahrain Result Comparison Table
MetricsRocketCloudwaysWP Engine*Winner
LCP296455286WP Engine
First Byte 755691460Rocket
Round Trip31372WP Engine
Overall WinnerFastestSlowerGreat*Rocket
South Korea Result Comparison Table

The Score for Rocket.net is 9/12 which is Awesome..

I have used WP Engine and it's not only on Tools, they suck in real-time too. Choose WP Engine only If you have 2 choices, Kinsta and WP Engine because Kinsta is worse. Otherwise, I will prefer Rocket.net or Cloudways.

Cloudways is better If you have the skill and budget to integrate it with good CDN like Cloudflare or Stackpath but if you do not have skills and want a completely managed Cloud hosting with integrated CDN, then don't hesitate to go with Rocket.net, you will never regret this decision.

I still use Cloudways for development work but for my live blogs, I prefer a more stable and faster solution like Rocket.

?️Video Version of this Complete Blog

Please Let me know If you have any questions. Thank You

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  1. That’s interesting. What server did you choose for Cloudways? Also, was it 2GB RAM or higher? Asking as Cloudways offers Free Object Pro Cache for 2GB RAM or higher servers. Did you try using Cloudflare Enterprise Addon by Cloudways?

    I’d also love to see how these hosting companies stack up against WPX Hosting and Hostinger CyberPanel VPS. WPX has been the fastest hosting I’ve tested thus far. And I am curious about Hostinger as it does offer LiteSpeed WebServer too.

    • For Cloudways I chose Vultr High Frequency 2GB with Object Cache Installed. And at the time of testing, there was no addon. I will probably make a test again to make it fair for cloudways but I still don’t get why WP Engine, Kinsta and Others like Siteground have terrible TTFB considering the stack they promise to provide and the cost.

      Hostinger is Good Enough at the price they provide hosting, I have good experience with them and about WPX, I love their CDN and caching but in Ecommerce websites, they also Lag behind. Please test an Ecoomerce website on Cloudways, WPX and Rocket and you will find the difference. Make sure you have a real e-commerce store website with 50+ Products, variant and Woo Addins. Their Panel Also Sucks. They should work on their Website Colors and contrast as well.

    • Yes, Rocket vs Vultr HF + CF addon server test will be done within this month, I am running tests on both hosting platforms. I want to publish a detailed comparison. Thanks

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