Cloudways Payment Problem solved | Buy Cloudways In India with UPI or Rupay Card

Last month I got, 7 Indian visitors, asking me on live chat about How to order Cloudways in India with UPI or Indian Payment Methods? Some of them were facing a Payment Failing issue on Cloudways. So basically in this blog I will solve your problem of Cloudways payments and purchasing in India.

Cloudways Payment Problem in India

The main reason for writing this post is to help people get the best and affordable cloud-managed hosting from Cloudways easily in India using Indian Payment methods like UPI, Rypay Cards, or wallets.

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Platform Simplified

The first question Arise here is Why your Payment is failing or your Card is declining on Cloudways?

Well in very short, They accept only Credit Cards to capture payment but in India having Credit card is not so common and hence you can't pay using your traditionally Debit Card.

Sometimes you may get errors on Credit Cards too, that's because all credit cards do not have permission from banks to pay outside of India. So basically If you want to pay on Cloudways in India, You must have to have an International Credit Card.

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Solution to Payment Problem of Cloudways in India

There are two ways of resolving this issue as mentioned below.

  1. Visit Your Nearest Bank branch and discuss with them that you need a credit card to pay online to cross border companies and then they can provide you International Credit Cards. I know this will definitely take time more than weeks and hence I have another Solution.
  2. Order indirectly through Us
    • This might seem a little confusing but what I mean is, I have my Credit Card, just contact me and tell me which plan you need and I will order it for you.

How to order Cloudways using UPI or Rupay Card in India

As I mentioned earlier, we can help you get Cloudways hosting in India with our credit card and you can pay us using your Indian Payment methods like UPI, Rupay Card, or Wallets. And remember one thing that we will never ask you to pay extra or to share your banking info. All payments will be done from our side.

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  1. Fill the form below carefully so that we can contact you properly.
  2. Wait for our response and till that research which Cloudways plan will suit your need. You can also take our help in that.
  3. Provide us Your personal info so that we can create your account on Cloudways and purchase your hosting.
  4. Enjoy you journey
Hosting using UPI

Now Order Any Hosting Using UPI or Rupay Card

We usually Call Back or Reply to Your Email within 24 Hrs. Thanks For Your Patience

Note:- We use our affiliate link to purchase hosting from Cloudways but this will not affect your price anyhow.

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Why You Should buy Cloudways in India?

Hosting market is India is pretty much messed up after GST because good hosting providers like siteground have stopped their services in India. Now If you look for any affordable but good hosting you will find that only a few left. In which Cloudways is at the TOP.

I am personally using cloudways in my multiple blogs and the performance can be checked on Pageinsight. So If you are someone who cares about Performance make sure you must checkout Cloudways once. They provide Managed Cloud Hostings from differ cloud provider like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Google Cloud, and AWS with multiple server location..

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