Best and Free Astra Theme Alternative – Fast, Clean with all Astra Pro Features

Astra Theme Detailed Introduction

Before knowing about Astra Theme Alternative let us discuss something intresting about it.

Astra theme is one of the most popular themes in the market of WordPress Themes. The reason for this much hike is due to the performance and feature of theme with clean and elegant design.

Astra theme is powered by Brainstormforce a parent company of many theme and plugin included Astra, Convert Pro, Schema Pro etc.

Let's leave this intro and move to next part which is the best option in place of astra theme.

Why Do You Need Astra Alternative?

There could be many reasons for choosing Astra alternative but some of the main that I have noticed are as follows

1. Recent Astra Affiliate Malware Detection

Recently WordPress removed Astra free version from it's repository claiming that they were using Affiliate links in their theme core without any documentation which is against guidelines by but Do you really think this is going to be a big deal for you. If So then Read this post till end and If not you are ready to leave this page.

2. Astra Missing any Required Feature

The second and most important reason that may concern you to choose an Astra alternative is any particular feature in a theme that Astra is not providing.

Frankly, there is almost everything a normal WordPress user need has been included in Astra but If not, I have an alternative just below.

3. You Can't Afford Astra Pro but need all Features

Here is one more important issue that may cause the problem to newbie and Low budget blogger or developers is the price of Astra Pro. Yes, they do not provide everything for free but their core version is absolutely free. Do not be sad, I said earlier that I have the best alternative for Astra which is also for free with all pro features.

Let's Talk about Best Astra Alternative Theme

Here is only and the only one Kadence Theme by Kadencewp, best and free astra theme alternative with all features that Astra offers and additionally few more creative and productive features.

-> Astra vs Kadence Detailed Comparison

As I have told you already, this theme has all the feature that any theme should have and personally, I am using it my all website included

Yes, It is Kadence theme by kadenceWP that I am using on and you can see the clean and responsive look of this theme. It's the first free theme known to me with all these features. Even most of the premium theme is lacking these features. And the most interesting thing is they are improving and adding more and more new feature that they think their users are going to need.

Kadence Theme by Kadencewp

According to theme this new generation theme and you can build effective and clean websites with a fast easy to use theme built for the next generation of WordPress.

-> Read Full Astra vs Kadence Comparison Here

Recently they added 4 one click customization ready template in Kadence them which now make it more rich featured theme with every corner whether its design or performance.

I am not going to eloborate all features because I have done that already, Check this page

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