Kadence Pro Theme Full Review and Tutorial – Why It’s Best Theme of 2021?

Kadence Pro Theme by KadenceWP

Kadence Pro theme is recently launched by KadenceWP, a Missoula based WordPress Brand. The theme is based on Gutenberg editor which make it lightweight, fast and clean with approx all features that any theme can offer. Currently, kadence theme is available for free for everyone but soon they are going to launch their premium version with more features and hooks.

Kadence Free Theme

When it comes to a stylish, fast and clean WordPress theme, I put Kadence at the top because it is the revolutionary theme that will definitely impress you with its features once you use it.

I personally use kadence theme in BloggerTutor and you can see that it is clean and fast with approx all necessary theme features.

-> Know more about Kadencewp Products

Features of Kadence Free Theme

Kadence free theme includes approx all feature that you need to create a blog or professional website. You do not need to purchase their premium version if you do not need a lot of designing and creative stuff on your websites like custom hooks and transparent header with more widget area.

Here is the list of feature included in kadence free version

  • Header Builder
    • Logo
    • Search
    • Cart
    • Custom HTML
    • Social icon
    • Primary Navigation
Kadence Header Builder
Kadence header builder
  • Layout
    • Full Width with Sidebar
    • Boxed Container with Sidebar
    • Full width without sidebar
    • Boxed Container Without sidebar.
  • Sidebar
    • Width Control
    • 2 sidebar Left and Right
  • Footer
    • 3 Footer Area
    • 6 footer widget
    • Social Icon
    • Footer Navigation
    • Copyright footer Area
Kadence Footer Bar
  • WooCommerce Page
    • Checkout Page Customization
    • My Account Page Customization
    • Single Product Customization
    • Extra Features in Product Page
    • Shop Page Control
  • Additional Features
    • Lifter LMS support
    • Learn Dash Support
  • And Many More

Kadence Pro Extension Features

Before telling you about the feature of kadence pro I want to mention one thing that their premium kadence is not a theme, it will be an extension to increase features and can be installed in the plugin section of WordPress.

Some features that they recently announced on their official website are

  • Header Builder Add-on
    • Account Icon with Dropdown/Modal (Login View, Logout View)
    • Search Bar
    • Contact Elements
    • Widget area.
    • Toggle with slide-out panel ( Widget Area )
    • Divider
    • Divider2
    • Divider3
    • HTML2
    • HTML3
    • Button2
    • Button3
    • Navigation3
    • Navigation4
  • Element Hooks
    • Build custom sections and hook them into different places throughout your site using conditionals.
  • Mega Menu
  • Woocommerce Add-on
    • Custom Shop pages.
    • Filter slide-out integration.
    • etc.
  • Custom Sticky Header
  • And More!

These are not complete list but I will update once I get it officially.

Kadence Pro Beta Launched

Kadence Theme Pro Beta has been launched and now you can download it directly from your kadencewp product section. After launching this amazing addon for Kadence theme they have announced Price Changes in the Membership.

According to their team, This is not a typical beta version.

Each feature enhancement is built one at a time, so instead of leaving you waiting for everything, we are going to release big features into the beta.

So What's In The Kadence Pro Beta?

Header Addons

There are now additional header items including accounts, search bar, separators, toggle widget area (a big one), contact info, more of other existing items. Make sure to check out the account item because it also adds a login popup to your site

Kadence Elements

This is similar to hooks or custom layouts that you may see in other Pro themes. The interface is focused on simplicity where others have way too many settings that it's overly complicated. You can use Gutenberg or your page builder to make the content. You can insert it in more locations, and Kadence specific locations such as the flyout cart. And the best part is, you can have elements expire on a specific date. So you can have top banners on your website that promote a sale and have the banner expire automatically.

WooCommerce Addons

Create custom-designed archive pages, catalog filters, flyout filters options, add to cart behavior

Ultimate Menu

Add badges to menu items, add icons to menu items, replace a menu item with an icon (like Facebooks new interface) and this will be how you connect a mega menu to a menu item, coming soon

So What's Not In The Kadence Pro Beta?


The way it will work is you will create an element that will be your megamenu. So for now you can create the element and in a future update you will be able to connect it to your menu item.

Conditional Headers

This is coming, the ability to create different headers that appear on different parts of your website.

What Is The kadence pro Beta Rollout Plan?

The beta is available now. It's stable but there may be bugs that they need you to report to them ASAP. There are not “break your website bug”, but little things here or there are to be expected.

We anticipate an official release on September 8th.

Between now and the official release, documentation on these features will be limited, but when we officially launch we will have the features documented. However I would expect some tutorial videos to be released this week to walk you through the features.

KadenceWP Membership Price Increase

On Friday the 21st at midnight, we will be adjusting the membership prices for all new customers to better reflect the value of the membership. Existing customers will be grandfathered in. The annual membership will increase to $139 per year and the lifetime membership will increase to $449.

You will be able to purchase the Pro theme separately on September 8th and it is likely that we will run a limited special offer on just the Pro theme for a lifetime license. However, the better value is in the membership as we have big plans for making it the total package.

The Future Of Kadence WP In their Words

We are so grateful for all of your support. We need every bit of it. We see you recommending our products and we have to say, it's been humbling to see you get so much out of our products.

As a company, they are going through a lot of changes. Multiple new hires, revamping every aspect of our business, all to better serve you.

WEBSITE – We are currently working on a new website experience for Kadence WP that better communicates what we offer. We hope to have this ready by October

DOCUMENTATION – We are committed to offering the best documentation in the industry and we have a lot of work to do to get there. But we will get there.

KADENCE BLOCKS PRO – We are planning on adding a library of ready to use section designs where on import you can use the pre-defined colors/fonts or have it inherit your theme settings. This is more of a December 2020 – January 2021 target. There will be other improvements and new blocks as well, including a new settings panel.

KADENCE THEME PRO – We have lots of ideas and plans for the theme to make it the best theme you have ever used. We will communicate those here in the group and we are listening to all of your feedback.

WHITELABEL – One of the features we will be working on after the Pro theme launch is whitelabel for the theme and then we will look at offering whitelabel for Kadence Blocks Pro. Kadence Blocks was not created with whitelabel in mind, so we may have to make some adjustments to add this as a feature.

Conclusion of Kadence Pro Theme

  • Features
  • Speed and Performance
  • Support
  • Updates

My Opinion

I am using this theme because of the feature and Performance. You can go with the free version to check out most of the features and then choose Pro if you need it.


After using many premium as well as a free theme, I think Kadence is going to hit the market in 2020 as the best-selling WordPress theme of 2020. According to my personal experience, I love the design and concept of kadence theme and I am recommending you to use it on your blog because it will increase your site speed and improve your site look. it is the perfect theme for blogs and Woocommerce.

Alternative to Kadence

There is another theme very similar to kadence but has features like Retina Ready and other Blog features. I have used this theme also on my blog and believe me sometimes it's better than Kadence.

Kadence Theme Full Tutorial

Here is the full tutorial on kadence theme uploaded by WPCrafter on Youtube.

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