Kadence vs Astra Theme Detailed Review – Which one is better? Updated

Kadence vs Astra Full Detailed Features Review and Explanation. Choose between Astra and Kadence for the best and fastest WordPress theme for your website.

Kadence Vs Astra Quick Introduction

Choosing the best-suited WordPress theme has never been easy for any blogger or developer because there are millions of themes available in the market for WordPress and every theme has its own feature and advantage.

But there are few best-selling themes trusted by many bloggers and developers in which Kadence WordPress Theme by KadenceWP and Astra by WPastra are at the top. 

Now again the Question arises which theme is best for WordPress.

Choosing a theme is always determined by the purpose of using that particular theme. Example- If anyone needs a blazing Fast website then he is going to use a lightweight theme but if anyone needs a fancy look and elegant design then he will search for a fancy theme.

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After reading this blog post carefully, you will understand which is the best-suited WordPress theme for your website or blog.

⚠ Notice

Kadence Theme is almost developed and is available without bugs. Now they have every essential feature that you can expect from a theme. They have also launched their Pro Addon plugin with many premium features. This Comparison and review are based on my particular experience with the theme and their support until today.

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Astra is a Free as well as Premium theme, which means their basic core version is free for everyone but if you want to extend the functionality and feature of the theme you should install an additional Astra Addon Plugin that costs you around $60.

Let's start Kadence vs Astra Feature Comparison

Before we start a discussion on Kadence vs Astra theme, I want to mention that any feature in the Theme is subjective i.e. If I like a feature in the theme it does not mean that you should also like that one.

1. Kadence vs Astra Speed Comparison

How we have Tested and Compared both themes?

We have created exactly the same environment to test both themes by migrating our live website to a hosting server with the same configuration both. Also, both testing websites had an equal number of plugins activated including Kadence Pro Addon Plugin in Kadece Version of my website and Astra Pro Plugin in Astra version of my website with all modules enabled on both plugins.
So all these performance results are obtained practically with an ideal Setup.

Kadence and Astra both are designed for performance and hence there is no compromise in speed optimization of these themes. Both the themes Kadnece and Astra are extremely fast and there is the only difference of milliseconds in the speed test. You are not going to face any issue regarding speed in both themes.

Kadence Speed Performence

I have tested the Kadence WordPress theme with a blank page on Siteground hosting and result of a speed test by Gtmatix is given below. Another thing is, I have used CDN by Cloudflare in this kadence Performence Test

Note -> I have tested the performance without any optimization and after deactivating all plugins on both sites except the Kadence PRO addon.

Performance Report of Kadence Theme by GTmetrix

->Gtmatrix Performance Score of Kadence is 100% and Yslow Score is 95%.

Total RequestTotal Page sizePage Fully Load Time
17120KB1.6 Sec

Astra Speed Performance

Here is Astra Performance test by Gtmatrix in a blank page with Godaddy hosting and I know it is not a fair test comparison because both site are not using same hosting. But you can understand by looking at number of request by themes that which theme will be fast if we run test on same box configuration. Another thing is , I have not used CDN in this Astra Test.

Note -> I have tested the performance without any optimization and after deactivating all plugins except Astra Pro addon.

Performance Report of Astra Theme by GTmetrix

Gtmatrix performance score of Astra pro is 98% and Yslow score is 78%.

Total RequestTotal Page sizePage Fully Load Time
1296KB2.7 Sec

2. Kadece vs Astra Theme Header Comparison

The header is the first thing that anyone should care about their site because it makes the first impression on the visitor. It provides a professional and clean look to your website.

Kadence Header

Kadence theme has its own inbuilt drag and drops header builder for Desktop and Mobile Separately with awesome features like 3 Header Bars to activate and customize with many essential widgets like Logo Manager, Primary Menu, Secondary Menu, Search Bar, Header Button, Social Icon, Cart and Custom HTML.

Kadence provides Transparent header feature in their free version which is impressive. Also, they have a lot of widget addon in the Pro version to make your header looks more clean and professional.

Kadence Header Builder

Astra Header

Astra has a simple header editor with 3 stylings in desktop and 2 in mobile which is for free and in Astra Pro, you will get 3 More option Before Header, After Header, Sticky Header. They also offer transparent header option in their free version.

Recently they have also launched their drag and drop header builder but it is in Beta Testing for now. If you want to test it, You need to purchase their Pro License. I will update this post soon once it is launched for everyone.

Winner in Kadence vs Astra Header Features

So in the fight of Kadence vs Astra, the winner in terms of Header builder is, of course, the Kadence theme with its simple drag and drop builder but If you do not need much customization in the header Astra will be okay.

3. Theme Layouts of Astra and Kadence

Theme layout cover look and control of the Blog Page and Shop Page. Having a good looking blog page and shop page significantly reduces bounce back rate and helps to increase user engagement and conversion.

Kadence Layout

Kadence theme has many designing features for the blog page, archive page and shop page i.e. Woo Commerce Pages. You can control almost everything like Page Container Width, Title Look, Content Padding, Breadcrumb Control, Feature image size and look control, Category look, Meta, Author Box, Excerpt etc. Visit the official site here to check all features.

You can customize almost every corner of your website if you are using kadence.

Astra Layout

As an old and most popular theme Astra have a responsibility to prove them more aware of the look and designing to make their reputation consistent. Astra theme also gives you control over most of the thing that they think is necessary for the user, but all layout features are not for free. You can visit Astra official site here to see all free and premium Modules.

Who is better in term of Layout, Astra or Kadence?

In the term of Page and Post Layout, again Kadence has more features in page customization but for a simple website, you can go with Astra. So the winner in a comparison of Kadence vs Astra is the Kadence theme.

4. Kadence vs Astra – Widgets and Sidebars Comparison

Widgets and Sidebar customization for any theme is very important to make a beautiful and creative website. As these features help in easy navigation for the visitor and reduce bounce back rate by making them engage with the website.

Kadence Widgets and Sidebars

Kadence theme has 2 Sidebars to use with no any off-canvas panel or extra widget Panel. These 2 sidebars can be used separately like the first one in post pages and the second one in archive pages or Product pages. This helps to create 2 types of widget sidebar for different targeted visitors. There is no any extra widget option in the Widget section because many of widget can be used in Header and footer builder.

KAdence Widget and Siedbar

Astra Widgets and Sidebars

Astra theme has 1 dedicated sidebar with an Off-Canvas Panel that can be used as a secondary sidebar for navigation. As they do not offer any header builder, some other widgets like 2 After the header, 2 Before Header and 2 Footer Bar widget are available additionally. But these features are available only in premium Astra add on.

Which theme have better sidebar widgets Option between Astra and Kadence

In terms of Widget and Sidebar Astra Pro is Dominating Kadence with features like Off-Canvas Panel and additional footer bars, but If you do not need these features then it's okay to go with Kadence.

Theme footer has the exact same role as theme header but it contains more navigation widgets and trust seals with many important and quick links. Footer makes the visitor feel that they are on a trusted website. It increases conversion and returning visitor percentage.

Just like their Header builder, they have dedicated drag and drop footer builder with three footer bar and each footer bar can be customized independently. All the widgets that can be used in header are available also in footer like Footer Navigation, Social Links, 6 Widgets, Copyright etc.

Astra theme does not provide any drag and drop footer builder for everyone but they have a lot of footer widget in their premium Add on as I already mentioned. Their footer editor is simple with almost all customization and essential features like Custom widget, Footer menu, Copyright etc.

WPastra team have Launched their Header and Footer builder with drag and drop feature and many additional widgets. It is still in beta phase, I will Update all features List soon once it is available for all WordPress Users.

In term of Footer design, there is a tie in kadence vs Astra comparison because both kadence and Astra are now providing drag and drop footer builder with 3 footer bar and various widget in Kadence while Astra has a lot of widget area like footer bar 1 and footer bar 2 with 9+ footer widget area. So here you need to decide whether you go with Astra or kadence.

6. WooCommerce Features of both Astra and Kadence

WooCommerce is a plugin to make an eCommerce website using WordPress, so it is important to discuss WooCommerce integration and features in kadence and Astra theme.

Kadence WooCommerce Features

Kadence is a multipurpose theme and hence they also focused on WooCommerce features. There are many extra modules and features in WooCommerce Customization menu like Payment Security Badge, Assurance, Sharing, Rating, Distraction-free checkout, Breadcrumbs etc.

These extra modules in a single product page, checkout page and shop age help in conversion by showing a professional look to visitor.

Astra WooCommerce Features

Astra theme also focuses on Woocommerce design and layout that helps users to design awesome eCommerce website using WordPress. But there are not many additional features added on any Woocommerce page like Shop Page or Product Page. All the basic controls like Title, Pricing, Rating, Description, Add to cart Button and Meta is available. You can choose whether you want to show them or hide.

Which one is more flexible with WooCommerce?

In terms of WooCommerce compatibility and features between Kadence vs Astra, the Kadence theme is the winner because it provides many additional features to increase your sales conversion. So if you are looking for an extremely fast woo-commerce theme then Go for Kadence

7. Page Builder Compatibility test for Astra vs Kadence

Page builders are the main flexibility provider for any WordPress theme. I have Tested both Themes with some Popular Pagebuilders like Elementor, WP Bakery, Site Origin and Thrive Architect and both themes are 100% compatible with all of the mentioned page builders.

When it comes to responsiveness with page builder pages and loading speed, Astra gets some special boost in LCP due to its well-optimized coding. But this does not make kadence slow, even on thrive architect, Kadence is better performing so it's a Tie between Astra and Kadence.

8. Kadence vs Astra – Special Plugin Compatibility

As we already told that both themes are multipurpose hence they come with additional plugin compatibility like Easy Digital Download (EDD), Lifter LMS, Learn Dash, Elementor and Other Page Builders.

Kadence Compatibility

Kadence theme came with dedicated features for Lifter MS and Learn Dash to improve User Experience on your website. There are many dedicated features to improve course page, Course List, Course Designing etc.

Astra Compatibility

Astra Pro also has dedicated features for plugins like Easy Digital Download, Lifter LMS and Learn Dash.

9. Kadence vs Astra – Which one have Better Templates and Demo?

Read made templates and demos are sometime very important for user and hence, I want to mention about available domain in both themes, kadence and astra.

Kadence Demo and Template

So finally now, Kadence theme has added 5 Demo Templates with one-click customization and as per some internal information, they provide all these stuff for Free. One more thing that you should take into consideration is Kadence is mainly focusing on Gutenberg, don't worry they have compatibility with all page builders.

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Or Check Kadence Membership

So may be their demos and template will be based on Gutenberg editor.

Astra Demo and Template

So when it comes to Demo and Templates, The fight of Astra and Kadence is won by Astra since they have more templates but kadence do not.

Astra has a cloud library for its basic and agency template. Agency template refers to the agency plan of their theme. They have approx 100 ready-made pages to import in one click. All the templates of Astra are built with Elementor so it is an essential plugin if you need to import them.

10. Special Features of both Astra vs Kadence

Both themes are developed with a unique point of view and hence both of them have some special features that you should know before purchasing.

Kadence Pro Special Features.

  1. Sticky Sidebar
    • You do not need to add any extra plugin for Sidebar to stick at its place. Kadence theme has inbuilt Sticky feature
  2. Hooked Elements
    • One of my favourite feature offered by Kadence theme to insert any content or widget anywhere throughout your website and target users who can see them and where.
  3. Full Canvas Design
    • This feature will help you to remove headers and footers on a specific page to make is more distraction-free for your customer to increase conversion.
  4. Mega Menu Design
    • They have a menu feature with the name ultimate menu to design your menu like a professional mega menu with subscript and Superscript for highlighting option.
  5. More Features Coming Soon
    • Check here for all features that have been planed by kadence theme to launch.

Astra Pro Special Feature

  1. White Label Support
    • Astra Pro have this special feature to hide the brand name from the theme.

11. Astra vs Kadence Pricing Comparison

Pricing can be an issue for newbie bloggers who are not earning much from blogging but Purchasing a theme is a one-time investment and you should choose it very carefully.

Astra Pro Theme$50$250
Kadence Pro Theme$56$216
Astra Mini Agency$169$499
Kadence Membership$136$480

From above it seems that Kadence Pro have a slightly higher price in comparison to Astra Pro, But in Astra Pro, you will get the only theme without templates. So for templates, you need to pay more than Kadence membership.

So if you are planning to buy any of the themes mentioned above you must go with a lifetime deal of both themes for more value for money. I have currently KadenceWP Lifetime Membership by which I am using their 3 Products, Kadence Theme Pro, Kadence Block Pro, Kadence Woo Template Builder, and Kadence Woo extra.

Final Verdicts on Kadence vs Astra

After using Kadence and Astra both I selected Kadence as my best WordPress theme which I am currently using on BlogerTutor. So the winner of comparison Kadence vs Astra is Kadence with their new and unique feature. They are free and Pro both with better features than Astra.

But wait, the winner for you might be Astra because I already mentioned that theme depends on the purpose of use. Astra has other unique feature and since they are old they have ready-made templates to import directly on the website.

Which theme is the Ultimate Winner in Kadence vs Astra

Again it's you, who have to choose your theme as per your requirement but If you are a blogger and you love the flexibility, customization with simple UI. Go blindly with Kadence Pro, It is Ultimate Winner for me in this comparison.

But If you are Pro Developer and Need a theme for an agency or for a client who wants a fully designed website, go with Astra as you can import pre-built template from their cloud library.

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I have covered Quick Comparison and Feature Showoff of both theme in the video mentioned below, You watch it if you are not interested I'm reading every feature comparison.

  1. Is Astra Free?

    Yes, Astra Have both free and paid version.

  2. Is Astra the best WordPress Theme?

    No, You can't say any theme as a best WordPress theme because theme depends on purpose of use but for blogging it is a good theme.

  3. Is Astra Theme responsive

    Yes, Astra is a very lightweight, responsive and Fast theme.

  4. Which is Best in Astra and Kadence?

    Even both themes are optimized for speed and clean look, I personally like Kadence theme because of their new and unique features.

  5. Is Kadence a Free Theme?

    Yes for now Kadence is a free theme but they can also launch their pro version.

  6. Which is Fast between Kadence and Astra?

    Both the theme are extremely fast, so you can't say which one is fast and slow. There may be difference of few milisecond but that's okay.

  7. Which theme to choose between GeneratePress vs Kadence vs Astra?

    If you need the Fastest blog website with minimal and clean look you can go with generate press. For those who need a lot of features, tweaks and customizations with Elegant look and speed they can go with Kadence. But for those who are looking for average features with elegant look and fast website they can go with Astra Pro.

    For me, Kadence is better..

  8. Kadence and Astra – Which theme has better support and documentation?

    Support and Documentation are important for both newbie and professional developers as it helps to understand and customize them in a better way. I will definitely say that Astra has better documentation but when it comes to support, the KadenceWP team is very friendly and helpful. It may be due to the small customer base

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