7 Best Domain Authority Checker Tools For 2021

Introducing 7 Best DA Checker of 2021

The marketers, SEO experts, and web owners usually need to see the domain authority of multiple sites for different purposes.

There are different websites over search engine that can help you see the domain authority of the site but you usually need to select the authenticate domain authority checker. Every tool and website have their own algorithm to decide Domain Authority that's why on some tools your website may have different score and on other it's different.

For knowing the accurate domain authority checker, this article will tell more about the best domain authority checkers that are available.

What is Domain authority and why it needs to be checked?

Domain authority is a number which is allocated by Moz (an SEO tools provider company) that makes the number according to different factors.

It is a number which varies from 1-100 while 1 being the lowest and 100 being the highest. This is somehow true that a high domain authority number would help the site to rank higher in the search engine.

This is because the factors that make the domain authority number is usually similar to the factors of the search engine that makes the ranking list.

The domain authority checker sometimes becomes very important like in the case of writing the guest post to another website, or when getting a backlink.

There are different reasons for checking the domain authority and some of them are written below:

  • When writing a guest post for another website
  • When giving or getting a backlink to or from other websites
  • When buying or selling a website
  • For checking the optimization of a website
  • For checking the authority of a website
  • For checking the quality of the website because the domain authority helps to indicate the quality of the content and links

Here are some of the tools that can help you to check the domain authority of any website whether it’s your or your competitor’s.

1.   MOZ Domain Authority Checker

This is a popular blog and SEO website that provides different tools for SEO including the domain authority. This website is the most authentic and updated because the domain authority is the score allocated by the MOZ.

It is a free tool while you just need to register a free account on MOZ to see the domain authority of any website.

Moz DA Checker

Along with the domain authority, this website also lets you know the spam score, linking domains, and some other information like page authority.

One of the amazing things is that it offers a Chrome extension for checking the domain authority instantly at the same time when you open a website.

2.   PrepostSEO DA Checker

SEO experts and web owners usually have to see the domain authority of bulk websites and for this, they can’t rely on the tools that offer individual checking of the links.

However, Prepostseo is offering the domain authority that allows you to check the links up to 500 URLs without any registration or subscription.

PrePost SEO Domain Authority Checker

One another feature of this website is that it provides the option of checking the RAW data where you can paste any type of writing and the tool would automatically extract the link from the content.

After extracting, it will automatically check the domain authority for multiple URLs and you can use it for any purpose.

Along with the domain authority number, this website also tells the Spam score, page authority, IP address, and some information.

However, its additional features include the option for the excluding same IP addresses and checking the indexed pages of the URL, you checked.

Prepostseo also has a chrome extension that allows you to check the DA anytime without opening a new tab and then website.

3.   SEO Weather

 This is another website that can help you to know the domain authority of a website and you can check bulk domains at the same time.

The SEO weather allows you to check the domain authority, page authority, Page Rank, IP, address, as well as Spam Score.

SEO Weather Domain Authority Checker

This website includes some additional options like downloading the bulk data in an Excel sheet. This way, you can easily use it for any purpose.

4.   Bulk Site checker

The Bulk site checker is another tool that can scan multiple sites at the same time. If you are watching multiple competitors at the same time then this tool can help you.

You can check up to 10 URLs at the same time while this too uses the MOZ APIs to generate the result. The tool can let you know accurate domain authority whether you are seeing for the guest post or for taking the backlink.

Along with the domain authority, it also tells the Page rank and IP address which helps you to know some more information about the website you are searching for.  

Bulk Site Checker

5.   Bulk DA checker

This is another popular Bulk DA checker which is quite efficient and accurate for providing the domain authority score of bulk domains.

In a single search, you can try for up to 5 domains and it only tells the domain authority instead it would tell you the Page Authority, Moz Rank, Backlinks, Alexa Rank, IP Address, as well as the indexing in Google.

6.   Rushax

One of another domain authorities is Rushax which offers different features including the checking of the domain authority and it only gives this result.

Rushax DA Checker

This tool only provides the domain authority in a simple interface else it doesn’t show any additional features including the bulk checking.

7.   Marketmegood

Another bulk domain authority checker is marketmegood.com which is entirely free and instant to use. The market good is considered to be best because it can check up to 20 URLs in a single click.

Market GOOD DA Checker

You don’t need to register or buy the subscription; you just need to open the link and enter the URLs for finding the Domain authority.


Various websites are providing the domain authority but the one that is updated regularly with the MOZ APIs is considered to be one.

Before considering the domain authority checker, you should see whether it is providing an authentic result or not. If the tool is using the real-time MOZ APIs then it would be better for checking any website’s domain authority.

  1. Why Domain Authority Checkers have Different Scores?

    Since different tools have a different method and basis to decide your domain authority, that's the main reason you will see a variation of DA score on different Tools.

  2. Does Domain Authority Really Matter?

    It depends on for what purpose you are checking Domain Authority. Domain Authority is not checked by any search engine so it does not give any effect on ranking. It is just a standard to tell the backlink profile and backing quality of your website along with spam score.

  3. Ahref and SEM Rush showing Different DA Score.

    It is very obvious to find this type of difference because both the tools have their own method and algorithm to decide the Domain Authority (DA).

  4. Can we Increase Domain Authority Manually?

    No, If you are thinking to increase DA with 1 click, then you are wrong but yes if you can create really good backlinks on high authority websites.

  5. Do Backlinks Matters in Domain Authority?

    Yes of course, Backlinks are the main factor of domain authority.

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