RankMath Review and Features – Quick Comparison to other SEO Plugins

Just be patient and trust me, this will be the end of your search for the best WordPress SEO Plugin for your website or blog. Basically, it's a Detailed Review of Rankmath in which I will reveal Why I believe that this is better than other SEO plugins available for WordPress in the market.

Rankmath Intro and Overview

Rankmath is a Complete On-Page SEO solution for WordPress websites with 200+ individual features that makes your site ready for SEO competition. When I say On-Page SEO, I mean the SEO that you can handle from the website.

They were free of cost for the last few years with all their features but recently in November 2020 they came with Pro Plan and separated some features from their FREE Plugin. I was using them for like 6 months and I didn't feel any lack of feature, you get everything you can expect from an SEO Plugin to have.

As a Professional Developer and Blogger, I have seen and worked with almost all SEO Plugins whether it's Yoast, All in one SEO, SEO Press, or Squirrly SEO, etc. I am not saying Rankmath is a very very unique SEO Plugin because I have seen very much similarity with the All in One SEO plugin. I will compare it with all these in my Rankmath Review and you will find out why it's better to use it instead of others.

Rankmath Features

This may seem a little longer because I am going to cover and explain all main Free as well as Pro Features Offered by Rankmath SEO Plugin. You can find all features in short on their official website but they have not properly explained every feature.

Rankmath FREE Features

I have listed some of the main features available in free version of rankmath

1. Advanced SEO Analysis

Rankmath offers, built-in On-Page SEO analysis tool that analyzes for errors and opportunities like Headings, Images ALT Text, Search Preview, Canonical Check, No-index, Opengraph Meta, Robot.txt, Schema, Sitemap, Performance, and Security, etc.

2. Pre-Define Schema

Schema is another same structure data that helps in deciding the content type for google to understand your posts and pages in a better way. Rankmath Offer 18+ Predefined Schemas like Article, Book, Course, Event, Job Posting, Music, Person, Product, Recipe, Restaurant, Service, Software, Video. These are some most popular and main schema used in blogs and websites. Using this feature of Rankmath you can easily Embed Schema on your posts and pages without having knowledge of JSON.

3. Page Builder Integration

There is 20+ WordPress page builder available in the market so It's hard to make 100% Compatibility with all of them but Rankmath has done a great job by making it compatible with popular page builders like WP Bakery, Elementor, and DIVI. I have tested with other page builders too, but honestly, you can't use all features of rank math in Some of the page builders like Brizy and others.

4. Google Search Console Integration

One of the unique features of Rankmath is the connectivity of your search console with Your SEO plugin which helps you monitor your keywords, Clicks, CTR, Impressions directly from your WordPress Dashboard. But in the Free version, all this data is synchronized once a week. So basically you need Ranmath pro for better Data Sync.

5. Google Analytics Integration

Very similar to GSC integration, the Google Analytics feature will help you understand your visitor info, page views, top pages, etc directly from your Site dashboard.

6. Automated Image SEO

My Favourite and one of the best parts of On-Page SEO is Proper Image SEO. Rankmath provides Automated SEO which includes automatically placing Image ALT Text, Captions, Description, and Renaming according to provided terms and strings. It also includes some bulk edit options like titles and descriptions of images.

7. Smart Internal Linking Suggestions

Rankmath offers good internal linking suggestions by matching and cross-checking tags, categories, focus keywords, titles, and paragraphs. It helps to reduce your bounce-back rate.

8. XML Sitemap

As an SEO plugin sitemap is a quite normal thing but in Rankmath you get a customizable sitemap with controls on which category you want to index and it even supports custom post type. It also provides controls on each post directly in the post editor with options like No-index etc.

8. Redirection Management

You don't need a third-party redirection manager when you are using it. It manages all types of Redirects like 404, 301, 302, and 307. This feature is helpful when you most often change your post permalinks or you use affiliate link cloaking. It also has an easy-to-use 404 Monitor with advanced features.

9. Local SEO

Rankmath offers support to 193 Local business type to make you local SEO better.

10. Social Media Optimization

This feature of rank math helps users to control how their URL Preview will look on different social media platforms. From Titles, Descriptions to Thumbnails. You can set a default thumbnail for URL preview which will be used on a page or post where no images will be present. It even gives you the option to add an image overlay icon on Social Media Preview image, which honestly is sometimes used for misleading traffic from social media :).

11. Search Engine Verification

This feature is generally for newbies who don't know how to add and submit your website on different search engine's webmaster dashboards. It gives you the option to add meta info provided by the search engines to put in the header of your website.

It helps you to set all external links to do follow or no follow from a single click. You can definitely change the link attribute of individual links from post editor. You can set all external links to be opened in a new tab by using this feature of Rankmath.

13. Server Side Tool

Rankmath also has .htaccess and robot.txt editor inbuilt which become handy when you use to edit these files generally daily or weekly.

14. Import/Export

If you are just testing it or you need a backup of current settings and options of rank math you can export it in CSV and import it anytime to get those option backs. It includes redirecting data too.

Rankmath Pro Features

Excluding all Free, here is the list of all advanced SEO features available in rankmath Pro.

1. Advanced Google Analytics Integration

In Rankmath Pro, you get extra features like Anonymize IP addresses, Cookieless Google Analytics Tracking, Self-Hosted Google Analytics JS File for speed optimization, and Exclude Logged-in users in GA Tracking.

2. Keyword/Rank Tracking

You don't need a separate tool for your keyword or rank tracking. Rankmath Pro uses search console and google analytics data to continuously monitor keywords, ranks, position, impressions, and clicks.

3. Advance Schema Generator

Actually, this feature is only for those who need extra fields in their Structure Data as per Schema.org. It provides a visual schema generator and even you can import schema from your competitor's website by just using their post or page URL.

4. Email Reports [BETA]

Recently, they have added a new feature in Rankmath Pro which can send a white-label Detailed SEO Performance report that helps you to understand your SEO growth. It will include Keywords, Clicks, Impressions, and traffic information.

This is really insane, an SEO plugin with a keyword research feature inside your WordPress dashboard, what else you can expect. Honestly telling, I have never used this feature but it's available just below the text area of focus keyword.

6. Google News and Video Sitemap

You can generate your news sitemap and separate video sitemap using rank math Pro which definitely helps to get more dynamic visitors from different sources.

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RankMath SEO
Rankmath Review and Feature

As a Professional Developer and Blogger, I have seen and worked with almost all SEO Plugins whether it's Yoast, All in one SEO, SEO Press, or Squirrly SEO, etc. I am not saying Rankmath is a very very unique SEO Plugin because I have seen very much similarity with the All in One SEO plugin. I will compare it with all these in my Rankmath Review and you will find out why it's better to use it instead of others.

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