Best Ways to Increase Conversion Focused Website Traffic in 2021

There can be many innovative and amazing ways to increase traffic to your website. Some methods would require you to spend some money while others are simple and easy to implement and would require no financial help. 

Below are some natural and effective techniques discussed, they are done in order to increase website traffic and bring more readers to read your content. Hence, it will help you in increasing sales/conversions for your business.

I have personally tested this strategy and it really works. The idea is simple, every website and blog has few posts which are written very carefully and hence popular on your blog and drive most of the organic traffic.

Try to List them on your Home Page, Sidebars, and within content as internal Link and this will also help you decrease the bounce Back rate of your website.

People like to know what the most popular content is on your site. You can get the most number of page views per visitor if you highlight the popular content and encourage them to look at it. 

And don't forget to test your website in different browsers. By doing this you would make sure your website is compatible with all browsers so that you would be able to get as much traffic as possible and not lose traffic because of technical errors. 

Optimize Speed and Core Web Vital of Your Website

The most trending news and headache of business, blog, and E-commerce websites currently is Speed and Core Web Vital Optimization Because recently Google updated their algorithm to provide a good user experience, and hence every content should be optimized according to this update.

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TIPS:- You can remove unnecessary items from your site and reduce the size of the images in order for the site to load as fast as possible. Serve cached pages, a cached page is a stored version of the original page, which would load a lot faster.

Read More About Speed Optimization

Viral Marketing

As a business owner, you would like to see growth in your business and visitors to your website. A marketing option to use to accomplish this is viral marketing. The idea is to have a medium that has the potential reach to thousands of people online. Some Popular mediums are Facebook Reels, Instagram, Youtube Shorts, TikTok (Banned in India).

The key to viral marketing techniques to increase more traffic to your website is by making the Content not only informative and entertaining but relevant to the consumer's needs.

Offers that grab the attention of the user are the best techniques to use to generate web traffic. Normally Lines with the word “free” attached draw the most interest. 

You do want to ensure the product offered is desired by the consumer or it will be regarded as spam and deleted. The goal is to have the receiver send the email to his or her contacts, forming a chain of sorts, which will continue to grow. This is how using viral marketing techniques to increase traffic works.

Viral marketing emails can offer free courses or limited-time subscriptions to increase the number of email contact information for your business. 

In order for the consumer to receive the free service or product, they have to fill out a survey, questionnaire, or form providing their email address. This is just one example of using viral marketing techniques to increase your web traffic and subscriber base.

Blogging – My Favorite

I do not know if you have a blog already, but if you do not, make it your goal to have a blog up and running within a week from today. If you do have a blog, commit to posting more often to it.

Blog posts get indexed in the search engines as all the major search engines love blogs that are frequently updated and this helps your website rank higher when someone is doing a search for a keyword you are focusing on writing about.

Plus blog posts give you the opportunity to talk about different topics, all related to your niche. These posts have the chance of getting linked to by folks on Twitter and other social media sites. The more quality blog posts you have, the greater the chance of this happening to you and your posts.

Blogging is one of the best methods that will help you gain additional traffic for your website on a regular basis. In fact, blogs have been effective in attracting substantial website traffic for hundreds of thousands of websites on the World Wide Web.

How To Use Blogging To Market Your Website?

Let's say that you have a website that sells ‘no smoking' medications or therapy techniques. You can draw in additional website traffic by creating blogs on free blogging websites throughout the Internet. 

You can simply create blogs that contain information about ‘no smoking' techniques and at the end of these blogs, you can contain a link for ‘more information' that directs people to check out your website or services. You can use InerServer as your hosting provider. Check out a detailed InterServer review and make your choice.

However, you want to make sure that your blogs do not come off as a sales pitch. You want your blogs to sound natural and you want your blogs to be written in a personal nature. This is of paramount importance so that it doesn't appear that you are trying to sell something from your blogs.

Additionally, you need to update these blogs on a regular basis in order to obtain higher rankings in search engines and to also keep readers coming back for your updates. 

When you set up effective blogs you can get free traffic that you would not have been able to acquire through any other means. When you target blogs to your website's products and services, your traffic will increase and so will your product sales.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing to Increase traffic of website.

There are many ways to work this out successfully, but the easiest and the one that shows fast results is creating and uploading your own online video. 

Many folks shy away from the idea of creating a video because of false beliefs or some “guru” told them that it's too technical. I've seen ordinary guys cranking out simple and short videos that do not require a few minutes to create getting massive traffic to their websites in literally hours. 

They can do this because they use commonsense and not some marketing theory. They observe what's already getting more heat and simply follow the path. 

These ordinary guys use certain online video marketing techniques that can flood a website with targeted traffic almost overnight. Even you can do the same by observing what's really going on at the video portals such as

Building an Email List

Generating website traffic with an email list is very much inexpensive. With an e-mail list, there are no printing costs or postage costs. In the past, these costs were something that may have kept many people out of the marketing game, but not the case any longer. 

Now you're able to spread your message to many people across the world in a cost-efficient manner.

Email Marketing to Increase site Traffic

Another advantage to building an e-mail list with the website traffic you are able to generate is that you get immediate distribution. With an e-mail list, there is no waiting for the postman to pick it up or deliver it. 

What you will be able to do is create e-mail campaigns and instantly have your messages out there generating possible revenue for you. There are going to be no wait times so you will be able to immediately reinvest the money you earn.

Finally, e-mail has a worldwide reach unlike using traditional mediums. If you were going to use offline marketing methods then there is a good chance you will be extremely limited in the amount of response you can generate. 

One of the main reasons for this is because the audience is going to be relatively small. When you are able to build an e-mail list, the people on the list can come from all over the world.

Backlinks are a certain and confirmed strategy for building traffic. You'll hardly visit a website that doesn't have links on it back to other sites. Countless site owners are ready to exchange links with other webmasters to create additional public responsiveness to their sites. Very soon you'll start to see a rapid increase in traffic visiting your site from other sites.

One primary thing to keep in mind when building backlinks is only to exchange links with sites that have the same type of content or are in the same niche as yours. 

The sites need to offer similar content to provide continuity of providing the type of knowledge and service that the target market has an interest in. Using tools such as Semrush can help you to know from where your competitors are getting backlinks. Semrush pricing is affordable and can be very useful. You can also use the tool for free. 

It's widely known that search engines give high rankings to sites that have incoming and outgoing content-related links. When you build a high-ranking position on the search engines, you ultimately will be generating more traffic to your website at zero cost.

Article Marketing or Content Marketing

Writing and submitting articles to online article directories and ezines is another free or low-cost method to help generate website traffic. You can choose to write your own articles or for a small cost hire somebody else to do it for you.

When writing the article or hiring a freelance writer to do it for you the article should be related to your site's content. In reading the articles your visitors will see you as an expert in your niche. 

You want your readers to be aware of your knowledge on the topic and instill in them an eagerness for more information so that they will click your link and visit your site. Creating articles filled with guidelines and tips is a good way to capture reader interest.

Create an author's resource box on each site that you submit your articles to that will give the reader a link to your website. 

If you have more than one niche that you want to promote only provide the link that's related to the niche that the article content is written about. If your article is fresh and rich with content your readers will want to visit your website.

Forum Marketing

It takes a little time to become established but once you've become a member of the community you can generate a constant flow of free website traffic via forum marketing. 

I have links in old signature files that I set up well over a year ago and people are still following them from the forum directly to my website. Let me tell you how to get free website traffic to your site.

First, you need to find a forum that's relevant to your niche. To do that, you simply go to your Google search bar and enter your niche followed by the word forum. 

You'll be surprised how many forums there are out there for your particular niche. I know I was amazed to see how many forums there were dedicated to something as rare as collectible paper dolls.

Once you find these forums, register with a few of them that you find particularly interesting. Take a look at their categories and post counts to make sure they have plenty of active members who like to discuss a variety of topics. You won't get much free website traffic if you join a forum that no one has posted on for the past 6 months.

When you register, be sure to use either your own name or a name that has something to do with your website so it will be more memorable. 

And remember to include a link to your website in your profile section. Most profiles will also give you a certain amount of room to include a brief description and you'll want to use keywords relevant to your niche when you fill that in. 

Especially if you join a forum that has more than one topic of discussion. The keywords that you use in your profile will allow people to search the forum and find your profile.

On Page SEO and Keyword Research

The first thing you need to do is your on-page optimization, this is quite easy to do so don't go pulling your hair out if I happen to mention HTML. Firstly concentrate on one page at a time only when you have finished optimizing your landing page should you move on. 

Here's what to do, research your keywords and decide on three or four keywords that your target market is searching for, you can use Google's free keyword research tool to find out which keywords you're going to optimize your page for.

Pick highly targeted keywords for instance if you sell romantic gifts your main keyword would be “romantic gifts not simply gifts. And remember, when people do a search most will put in a phrase, not just a keyword, a good tip is to phrase your keywords as a question as well as having the keyword “romantic gifts” you could have “where can I buy romantic gifts?” by doing this you are really targeting your potential customers because they're in the buying mood, right?

A point I should mention here is it's not always a good idea to pick the most searched keywords because there will be far more competition for you, what you should try and do is find a keyword that's well searched for but with a little less competition. 

You can do this by searching and checking how many search result there is for that keyword or phrase for instance if it has 5000,000 then you can bet that all the big boys will be trying thee best to rank high with that keyword phrase meaning more competition for you. So try to find one still within your niche and well searched on but with a lot less competition.

Paid Advertisements

There are two types of Paid Ads

  1. Placing ads on websites on related topics can help bring in visitors. This potential traffic will be targeted toward your market because they are already looking at related sites. When they click on your advertisement this makes them even more targeted to your website.

2. Also called PPC, these are the ads at the top and the right of the page when you perform a search. You can buy words related directly to your niche and thus any potential visitors would already be interested. This can get rather expensive.

Submit Press Releases

Press releases are just like articles but are written in the 3rd person. A press release is a news story. You can submit news about the update of your new website or anything else related to your business but always make sure that when your write an article about your website that you make sure that you come forth as some sort of authority. Nobody cares if Joe updated his website, but they WILL care if Joe provides a news piece about a new AIDS medication. Also always try to pay for a premium press release distribution. You'll get 10 times more traffic to your website.


By now you know that the more traffic your site gets, the more products you will sell. You need to make sure it is the right type of traffic though, such as people who are interested in your products. Once you take these ideas to heart, you will get more website traffic which will be ending up buying products from you. Happy Marketing!

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