[Solved] Fastcomet Payment Declined | Buy Fastcomet Hosting in India with UPI or Rupay Card

If you have ever faced a problem like a card declined or payment failed during the checkout of Fastcomet Hosting, You are in the right place because now you will get a solution on How to order Fastcomet Hosting in India Using Rupay Card or UPI?

Fastcomet Card Decline or Payment Declined Issue in India

Fastcomet is not only hosting in which Indian people generally gets their payment failed or card declined. There are others like A2Hosting, Dreamhost, Namehero, Siteground, Cloudways etc.

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So the problem is very simple, the payment methods they accept are International Credit Card or PayPal with Credit card Linked. But here in India, it's rare and that's why those who have normal “For Indian Use only” card is not able to make payment their payment gateway and hence they often got error like Payment Failed or card declined.

I am going to give you two solutions for Card Declined or Payment failed on Fastcome.

First Solution for Card Declined on Fastcomet

Search for the Visa or Master International Credit Card from your friends and relatives and use it on Fastcomet. Do note that OTP is not required by many cards during USD transaction from India and hence use card safely because If you saved a card in your account and your auto-renew is on, Payment will be deducted from the card of your friend or relative.

FastComet Payment Methods

Or You can simply visit Your nearest branch and tell them that you need a card that can transact internationally or in banking terms, Cross Border Transaction needs to be done. This procedure generally takes time and hence we have the second and fastest way to get Fastcomet Hosting in India with UPI or Rupay card.

Second Solution for Payment Failed on Fastcomet

Basically in this method you can avail few discounts too from our side as we are going to help you order Fastcomet using our Credit card using our affiliate link.

Fill this form and wait for us to reach you for completing your order.

Hosting using UPI

Now Order Any Hosting Using UPI or Rupay Card

We usually Call Back or Reply to Your Email within 24 Hrs. Thanks For Your Patience

How to order Fastcomet in India using UPI or Rupay card

There is no direct way to order Fastcomet from Indian Payment Methods but we have created a way that can help you to get your beloved Fastcomet hosting in India through Indian Payment methods like UPI or Rupay Card.

You just need to Fill the form given above and make sure all details you fill belongs to you personally because we will contact you regarding your order then you will tell us the plan you want and boom, we are going to order it for you.

  • Which Payment Method Fastcomet Accepts?

    Fastcomet accepts all credit cards that can transact in USD. They do have PayPal but the term is the same.

  • How can we pay on Fastcomet Hosting in India?

    They do not have a separate website yet for Indian customers nither they provide a separate payment gateway for Indian Hosting clients, So you can only pay with international credit cards.

  • Why my Payment is failing on Fastcomet Hosting in India?

    That's because you may not have the proper Payment method to pay on Fastcomet.

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