[Solved] A2 Hosting Card Decline | Buy A2 Hosting in India with UPI or Rupay Card

If you are facing problem with doing payments on A2 hosting website then You are in right place because I have give you all the reasons and solution to the problem.

A2 Hosting Card Decline Problem in India

A2 Hosting is well known for its optimized server performance in the industry. But recently they have closed transactions on their Indian website which was supporting all Indian Payment gateway and payment methods. I already talked to their support team and they told me that the reason for closing is an increment of taxes in India which they must have to pay to Indian Payment gateways in order to operate.

Since Hosting is a competitive Market and Pricings is also competitive, they can't increase prices in order to pay an additional 18% Tax. So they have decided to redirect all Indian A2hosting customers from a2hosting.in to a2hosting.com during checkout.

So now If you need A2 Hosting in India you have to purchase it from the global website A2Hosting.com which does not support any Indian Payment methods like UPI, Rupay card, and other wallets.

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First Solution for Payment Decline on A2 Hosting in India

As they have only removed payment gateways but not closed hosting services in India unlike Siteground as they completely OFF their services here. You can still order If you have proper payment methods. Here is the list of Payment methods currently supported in A2Hosting.com.

  1. Visa International Card
  2. Master International Card
  3. American Express Card
  4. Discover Card

Since Indian banks do not usually provide international transaction enabled cards, you may need to visit their branch to apply for one. You must tell them that you need to transact in USD so that they can enable cross border transaction in your card.

Second Solution for Card Declined on A2 Hosting

If you need hosting in urgent basis or you don't have time to get a international card, I can personally help you to get A2 Hosting by using my card. You just need to fill these details in the form below.

Hosting using UPI

Now Order Any Hosting Using UPI or Rupay Card

We usually Call Back or Reply to Your Email within 24 Hrs. Thanks For Your Patience

I am providing A2hosting directly to users of India through my own debit cards without any extra charges. You can pay me with all Indian Payment Methods like UPI, Debit Card, Walltes etc. Sometimes we run offers of A2hosting to get Upto 50% OFF on price so contact us if you need any A2hosting Plan.

How to buy A2Hosting in India using UPI or RuPay Card

Buy A2Hosting In India Using UPI, Rupay Card And PayPal
  1. Fill above form or contact us via Live chat.
  2. Wait for my response, I am available most of the time.
  3. Tell them details like Plan, Name, Address email, etc. required to order hosting.
  4. Pay only your hosting cost without any extra charges.

How does it work?

It's really very simple, You will tell me the plan and duration, I will order your hosting with your details like email and phone number but only Card will be mine. So you don't have to worry about anything.

  • Why I am Helping in to purchase A2 Hosting in India?

    Let me be honest with you, I am using my affiliate link during purchase of your hosting plan which doesn't make any difference in your pricing but gives me small amount of commission. So it's a win-win situation.

  • How I am able to Pay on A2Hosting through my Card in India?

    Well, I have International Credit cards from many banks which supports international payment. So my card is accepted on A2 Hosting.

  • Why my ‘Card Declined' on A2 Hosting?

    90% of Indian card holders have normal rupay or visa cards which is not enabled for cross border transaction, but a2hosting accepts only USD, that's why your card declined during checkout on A2Hosting.

A2 Hosting
Buy A2Hosting In India Using UPI Rupay Card And PayPal

A2 Hosting is among few top ratedd hosting providers who provide best hosting servers at affordable rate.

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