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Gutenberg Block Editor Detailed Introduction

I know many of you guys know about what is Gutenberg but you may definitely not knowing the possibilities and potential of it. Before giving you 10 Reasons and convincing you to use Gutenberg Block Editor Let me introduce it thoroughly.

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In the early days of WordPress, Gutenberg was a separate plugin that can be installed on WordPress to write posts but now it's integrated into WordPress Framework which's what makes it lightweight, fast, flexible, and the future WordPress Editor. If you have not tried this block editor before it may seem a little complex in starting but believe me once you got your hands on it, You will realize that you were missing such an amazing tool.

Gutenberg is available as part of WordPress 5.0 and later. The Classic Editor plugin allows users to switch back to the previous editor if needed. Future development will continue in the Gutenberg plugin.

Official WordPress Statement

You can try Gutenberg Block Editor live Demo here on their Official website without installing it on your website.

Why People are Not Using Gutenberg Block Editor?

As a Tutor and WordPress Developer, I have seen people making excuses about Gutenberg ease of use and functionality but believe me there are only a few reasons why people are Not Using Gutenberg Block Editor for many newbie bloggers it seems difficult but actually, it is not, you just need to play around some options and understand the terminology used in Gutenberg Editor.

The second reason for not using Gutenberg by many WordPress users is that they don't know about the drag and drop page building capability of Block Editor. There is some Awesome Gutenberg add-on that makes this Block Editor way better than Elementor and other WordPress page builders. One of the best Gutenberg Block Editor Addons is Kadence Blocks by KadenceWP.

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Reason to Use Gutenberg instead of Classic Editor or Page Builders

There are definitely many reasons to use Gutenberg Block Editor which I will discuss now and after reading this post you will definitely Switch to Block Editor. Here is the list of top reasons;-

1. Ease of Use

When talking about “How easy it is to use block editor with comparison to other page builders” like very popular Elementor, The simple answer is very easy and almost similar but the only key difference is many page builder has a drag and drop visual editor which shows exactly how your site will look in frontend.

But In the case of Block Editor, you can see 90% of the look because of the side panel which takes some space while editing pages. Don't worry you can minimize that panel to see exactly how your website will look in the front.

2. Responsive and Mobile Friendly

This feature is not only for bloggers, but even business website also needs to be mobile friendly and responsive so that they can be served properly on small devices.

I am not saying that page builders are not responsive or mobile-friendly but in almost all page builders you need to design your mobile version differently which consumes time and seems tedious.

But this is not the case with Block Editor, here your designs are universal but in case the design is not responsive on mobile, it also has features to adjust things differently on different sizes of devices.

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3. Lightweight for better Speed Performance

This is the most convincing reason even for me to switch to block editor from Elementor and Thrive Architect. Yes, I was using these two-page builders to design different pages in my blog and sometimes I use thrive even for posts.

But with the recent announcement of Google Web Vital in which they have mentioned that they will use Web Vital Metrics in SEO of the website which directly means If your site has low web vital scores or has errors and issues, Your ranking is definitely going to get affected. And any blogger never wants this to happen and hence you should use Block Editor in place of classic editor or page builder.

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4. Flexibility in Features

This is a myth that block editor is less flexible with fewer features but the fact is exactly the opposite to this.

In WordPress Update 5.0, WordPress announced that Gutenberg will be the future editor of WordPress which will come integrated, and this news alone changed the whole Gutenberg experience and feature because now it comes with almost every essential block that you need to write a fancy blog post. From header styling to Embedding and Custom HTML features. I recommend you to take a look and you will be definitely surprised.

5. Multiple Addon to Extend Functionality

Last but not least, If you need Page Builder like experience in Block editor, don't worry it is all available for you with a few clicks.

Yes, Gutenberg is so popular now that it has 20+ Third Party Add-ons that can extend the designing feature of Block editor and make it very similar to Page builders.

Block Editor Templates

Many Block Editor Addon Comes with complete designing template kits which you can import directly on your pages and post. Some of the best Block Addons that come with Templates Libraries are Kadence Block Pro with Kadence Cloud and GenerateBlocks by GeneratePress.

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For all Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers, I recommend using Block Editor as I am also using it and my experience with it is awesome.

If you are still confused and not convinced whether you use Page builder or Classic Editor or Block editor as me in the comment section and I will clear your Doubt.

  1. Do we need Block Editor Plugin in WordPress 5.0+?

    No, as I mentioned above, WordPress 5.0.0+ comes with the Gutenberg plugin and will be integrated in future for further development.

  2. Which editor should I use in my Blog, Block Editor or Classic Editor?

    I will recommend you to use Block editor as your default post editor as it has enough features with a clean responsive look along with speed optimized Performance.

  3. Can Block Editor Reduces Web Vital Errors?

    When compared with other page builders, Block Editor definitely reduces web vital error as it creates a post and pages lightweight and responsive.

  4. Why Block Editor is Faster than Other Page Builders like Elementor?

    Block Editor is now more powerful and lightweight because of core integration with WordPress. It uses less CSS and JS which significantly reduce loading time in comparison with page builders like Elementor which have heavy CSS and JS

  5. Can we convert Elementor Page into Block Editor Page?

    In conclusion, Yes, but there is no direct one-click way to convert Elementor Page into Block editor page but you can redesign exactly the same page with the same design and layout using block editor.

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