Top 10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India- Online Paisa Kamaye

Quick Introduction to Online Earning Concept in India

In this article, you will learn all possible ways of making money online in India or you can say “India me Online paisa Kaise Kamayen”.

Listen, if you really want to earn online in India, you need to have patience and some skills or in other words, you can only earn money online in India if you have some skills or knowledge about this field.

But wait doesn't be sad, the good part of this digital world is you can learn everything at your home in just a few days. The only thing that you need to focus on is to be expert in a particular field. And if you are an expert, there are infinite ways of earning money online is present. You just need to figure it out and work on it.

Before you see the list of methods, firstly you should know about how it works. According to me, there is a flow Audience >Trust > Marketing or some time it's like Solution > Showcase > Audiences > Marketing but the common thing in both is the audience so If you can have an audience which indirectly means you can have a lot of money. All you need is to convert that random audience in the trusted audience and to do that you need to provide some catchy things in which your audience is interested in.

There is a phrase in Hindi “Paisa to road pe Gira hai, uthane ka tareeka chahiye” which means “A lot of money is on the road, you need a proper method to grab it up”.

So finally Let's talk about all possible ways of Earning Money Online

1. Blogging

Yeah, I know many of you are familiar with this word blogging but for those who do not know, let me explain it.

Blogging is a discussion or providing information & tools or reviewing product and services etc. The most interesting thing about blogging is, you are fully independent to write on any topic in anyways you want. You just have to care about your audience.

So to start blogging you need a blog website and a particular niche (a theme or topic). I know many of you are now thinking “Since I don't know how to make a website, I can't use blogging to earn money online”, then you are wrong. You don't need to be a professional website developer to create a blog you just need to know about some third-party services which will help you to create your blog website and start blogging. The main two are

Content Management System (CMS)
  1. WordPress (Recommended) [Learn More]
  2. Blogger by Google [Learn More]

Ok, So what's next when our website is ready?

blogging niche

Choose a niche (i.e. Topic)Yes, It's necessary to do research before starting a blog website because there is so much competition in every field. So choose a less competitive topic in which you have enough knowledge. Then you have to write a high-quality engaging blog post that impresses your audience and Google.


“What, why to impress google?” Fine, the answer is, so that google can do a favour to your website and rank it on its first page. Because, when your website will rank on the first page only then you can get an organic and real audience and I have mentioned earlier that you need an audience to earn money. Then you need some content marketing services that will pay you for your audiences, and there are many like that. You can use Affiliate Network on your blog to monetize it.

Ok but just tell me one thing,

How much I can Earn Money Online in India by Blogging?

There is no limit. Seriously I am not joking, you can earn as much as you want but you need to be a perfect player of this particular field in which SEO plays a very important role. For early beginners, it can be from $150-$750 depends on you and how much you improved yourself in blogging from beginning.

And this was the first answer for your Question “How to earn Money Online?”

Earning Money From Blogging

2. Affiliate Marketing

The second and very popular method to earn money online is Affiliate Marketing.

Earn Money Online from Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is exactly same as blogging where mostly you need a website (Not every time) and write a review of products or introduce products or just make a tutorial on them or anything else you can do to bring that product in your topic. Then you need an audience for your review or tutorial or post, but here you don't need an advertiser for your audience, you need an affiliate program that matches your blog niche so that when someone buys product or services after reading your review, you can get the commission.

Is that's enough for affiliate marketing?

Of course not, Affiliate Marketing have different ways, and the first is mentioned above that you can use an affiliate network to monetize your blog. Now another very famous way to promote affiliate is Email Marketing.

Ok Wait, What is this Email Marketing thing?

In Email Marketing, you send email to people have interest in a product whose affiliate program you have joined already If they purchase a product from your affiliate link you will get paid some commission depending on affiliate's commission rate.

Learn More about Email Marketing

The third way is introducing affiliate products in some type of courses and tutorials. According to many research(not by me :)), this is the most effective and converting way of affiliate marketing because there is a need to buy a product, I mean if your learner needs to learn, he has to buy that product anyhow to proceed further.

Ok… I can't explain all ways because there are so many ways to earn money online using an affiliate network.

How much I can Earn Money Online in India by Affiliate Marketing?

Again there is no limit of earning money online from affiliate marketing it all depends on your patience & passion for doing work. Beginners can earn up to $500-1500 Monthly.

3. Drop Shipping

The very new and easy way to earn money online in india is by Drop Shipping.

Let me first introduce you to Drop Shipping.

Drop Shipping

In Drop Shipping, you will purchase a product at low cost and sell it at a high cost to anyone who needs it. Yeah, I know this is so simple but wait you need to have two most important skills before starting drop shipping. The first thing is you should have a website and in this case, it's not optional. Then second you need to have advertising skills on some popular platform like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.

What are advertising skills?

Actually, most social media platform offers a service in which you can advertise your product or services on their platform by paying some small amount to them. Like Facebook have Facebook Ads, Google has Google Ads or Adward, Twitter has Twitter Ads etc.

So when you have these things you are ready to go, I mean you can start you Drop shipping business online.

How to start Drop Shipping?

  1. The first step is to create an e-commerce website.
  2. Then choose an online store that delivers product across the world like Ali Express or Alibaba.
  3. Select a product from these stores and Copy Paste to your website.
  4. Advertise on any network to the proper audience and get sales.
  5. Then order that product with your customer address.

4. Social Media Marketing

As you all know Social Media is a very engaging and active platform of this time, and Now I will tell you that you can earn decent money in india from social media too.

Earning Money From Social Media

Yeah, Just tell me how..

Wait..wait.., It's not so simple that you can earn by just posting your good looking profile pictures to social media. But it also not too hard. The rule of the audience is still applicable, i.e You should have a large amount of fan following which will act as your audience. And after you have an audience, there are many ways of earning.

  • Working as Influencer for companies or brand and promoting their product and services on your social media account.
  • Using Affiliate Network and promoting their product and services.
  • Promoting your own blog, online store, product, services etc.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing is probably not the newest but a good way to earn money online in India if you have good skills in any field. There are many networks like fiver, Upwork, Freelancer etc. that provide work if you have skills.

What if I don't have skills?

If you don't have skills you can learn from the internet for free. There are platforms like YouTube, Udemy etc. where you can find many skill courses to improve your skills or to learn more new skills. After Learning you can register to any of Freelancing network to get work.

Ok but, How much I can Earn Money Online in India by Freelancing?

. Actually its depend on your skills but many good freelancer are earning $500 daily.

6. YouTube

This is also a very popular and easy way of earning money online in India. In YouTube, there are three ways of earning money. The first and very used way is by using Adsense and the second one is by using promotion and the third is using affiliate programs. All you need to do here is just upload a video with an eye-catching thumbnail so that if anyone sees your thumbnail he just click on it and that's all.

If you are using affiliates and promotion then try to give quality content to your audience so that they can trust you and your affiliate conversion can increase.

7. E-commerce

E-commerce  as online shop

The traditional way of shopping is no more applicable in metro cities, everyone wants to purchase their product at their doorstep. And taking the profit of this thing you can earn money online in India by creating your online shop or store and sell product or services theirs in a more affordable and efficient way.

E-commerce field is raising too fast and the reason for that people are becoming lazier and lazier, so all you need to do is, take the profit of this thing and scale your business.

8. Online Teaching

Teaching is now a profession of earning for many teachers, but the problem is they can teach only a few hundred students. So let me Introduce you a more efficient and profitable way of earning money online in India using your teaching skills. Actually, there are many coaching centres are using the same thing but for individual teachers, they think this is hard to manage but the actual answer is it's easier than your classroom.

Teaching Online for Earning

Yes, I am not joking, Seriously it's more easy, efficient and profitable than your classroom. After this COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers are already switched to online classes and now India government also promoting this Idea.

Tell me How?

All you need is a smartphone for camera and editing (DSLR and Laptop if available), A blackboard or whiteboard or green board, few lights and a cheap collar mic.

Just Record your video lectures (or you can go live with your students using YouTube), edit if requires, then encrypt (secure) it using any video encryption tool so that only user with a licence can watch your lectures, and sell it online on your website or App.

There are many companies that provide Custom Teaching App and Websites. So you can go for them if needed.

9. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is not a single thing, it is a bulk of all the method you use to earn money online like email marketing, sales funnel, advertising online etc.

I have mentioned Digital Marketing here because traditional marketing is no more effective for selling your product and services. If you want to earn good money in India from your business you should remove your banners and holdings from the roadside and place it online on various platform and believe me this will increase your sales and conversion.

10. Launching Software as a Service (SAAS)

This is a very professional way of earning money online and need a good amount of money investment.

Let me first introduce, What is actually Software as a Service?

Launching a SAAS

Software as a Service or SaaS is a service depending upon your idea like if you want a website to count live subscribers of a YouTube channel and user have to buy your plans to use it then your website will be a SaaS. Similarly, there are many SaaS companies that provide different type of services to their user.

What is Required to make a SaaS?

The first and most important thing that really matters for a SaaS to be successful is having a great working Idea. If you have a solid idea and you believe that your service is unique or customer will love to buy your service then you are ready to go for the second step is searching for an investor because SaaS is not only a website it is a full custom platform which needs good money and time to develop.

Now the third step is to make a flow chart of your idea i.e. service and search for a good developer or a company and heir them for your work after telling them about your project. Then you are ready to serve your customer after your SaaS website is ready. For India, I don't think this method is going to work for everyone but if you have few development and marketing skills then you are definitely going to rock.


After discussing all these methods to earn money online in India, I want you to choose your favourite one in which you feel passionate about doing it. I mostly prefer blogging and affiliate marketing for earning money online since it is not tough and Creative.

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  1. Can we earn enough money online in India?

    Yes, In this 21st century of digital world you can of course earn a decent amount of money online. Even there are people having a 6 figure income only through online earning

  2. How to earn money online in India?

    There are many ways to earn money online but some popular ways are Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Drop shipping, YouTube etc. to know more click here

  3. What is Blogging?

    Blogging is a new way of expressing your ideas, reviews and discussions etc. online on a website so that whoever searches a query related to that blog he can find it's answer.

  4. Can we Earn Money From a Blog Website?

    Of course, even many people are making thousand of dollars from their single blog.

  5. How to create a blog?

    You do not need to be a professional website designer to create a blog website. You can use WordPress or Blogger by Google

  6. What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate Marketing is a method to earn money online. In Affiliate Marketing you have to promote a product and if someone buys from your link you will get commission.

  7. How much we can earn from Affiliate marketing ?

    There is no restriction on earning from Affiliate marketing, you can earn as much as you can.

  8. What is Drop Shipping?

    Drop Shipping is a method to earn money online by selling third-party products indirectly.

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