How to Increase AdSense CPC, RPM & Revenue with Few Clicks in 2021

Ultimate guide to Increase AdSense CPC and Revenue.

Increasing AdSense CPC is Not too Hard but You must Know all these Factors that affect AdSense Earning and CPC. They can help you to increase AdSense CPC easily. For 70-80% of bloggers, AdSense is a primary monetization method and hence it becomes very important to know how you can optimize your website and AdSense to effectively Increase CPC, Page RPM, CTR and Adsense Revenue.

Before starting full optimization tips and techniques, let me introduce a few terms related to AdSense Dashboard.

What is CPC? How it can Increase Revenue?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click which is the amount paid by AdSense for 1 click on ads by your visitor. The more your CPC, them more your earning will be. But in AdSense dashboard, CPC showed is calculated in term of average CPC.

So, suppose you got 50 Click on your AdSense and your average CPC is 0.10$ you are gonna get 5$. But in case, you have 0.5$ CPC and you got 50 Clicks your effective earning will be 25$, see this huge difference.

Now CPC is not the only factor that affects your whole earning. There are a few things on AdSense like page RPM and Impression RPM that are affected by CPC. However, CTR (Click Through Rate) is always independent of CPC but it helps to generate more revenue in the same traffic. We will talk about it in the later section of the blog.

What is Page RPM and Impression RPM?

Page RPM means Revenue Generated in Thousand Pageviews by your visitors and Impression RPM means Revenue Generated in Thousand Impression. The Letter “M” in RPM is a roman numeric symbol for thousand so don't get confused.

Now RPM is something that gives you an estimate of earning in the number of page views. For example, Your Page RPM is 20$, this will tell you that if anyhow you can achieve 5-6 thousand page views, your earning will be 100$+. It is similar I case of Impressions.

What affects CPC? How to Increase AdSense CPC with Proof.

CPC is something which is never fixed and is calculated by Adword and AdSense algorithms through analysis of Impression CTR, Bidding on Keywords and Page CTR. But there are many ways of Improving and Increasing CPC mentioned in both videos and they are covered below on this blog post.

10 Most Effective Factors to increase CPC

First of all there are many ways that can help you to increase your AdSense CPC but I am going to tell 10 most effective ways that can help you to increase it.

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