Kadence vs GeneratePress Theme- Complete Detailed Review of 2021

After too Much Appreciation from readers to the Detailed Comparison of my two favourites themes Astra and Kadence. I have prepared Kadence vs GeneratePress Feature comparison and Speed Test in a more detailed and accurate way.

This comparison will clear up all of your confusion regarding GeneratePress and Kadence theme and you can choose your perfect theme as per your requirement without any hesitation.

Kadence and GeneratePress Quick Introduction

Before Proceeding with the comparison and review let me introduce you to both of the themes.


Kadence is a newly launched multipurpose theme focuses mainly on features and speed optimization with lightweight coding. It is not yet fully developed but the feature offered by them in this development time is awesome. Kadence theme is available for free in WordPress Repository but the Pro Addon Plugin can be purchased on the official website of KadenceWP.


GeneratePress is one of lightest theme available in the market focusing only on performance. They also have a free theme available in the WordPress Repository but with very basic and minimum feature. Pro Addon Plugin can be purchased on the official website of Generatepress.com.

So let's start this comparison by first quality feature of any website which is SPEED.

Speed Comparison of Kadence and Astra

We have created exactly the same environment to test both themes by migrating our live website to a hosting server with the same configuration both. Also, both testing websites had an equal number of plugins activated including Kadence Pro Addon Plugin in the Kadence Version of my website and GeneratePress Pro Plugin in the GP version of my website with all modules enabled on both plugins.
So all these performance results are obtained practically with an ideal Setup.

Kadence Performance Test (Speed Test)

Here is the Performance Score of Google Pagespeed Insight obtained for Home Page (Designed with Elementor) in Kadence Theme.

Desktop Speed test of Kadence Theme by PageSpeed Insights
Mobile Speed Test of Kadence Theme by Google Pageinsight

Here is the GTMatrix Performance Result obtained for Home Page (Designed with Elementor).

Latest Performance Report for Kadence Theme by GTmetrix

GeneratePress Performance Test (Speed Test)

Here is the Performance score of Google Pagespeed Insight obtained for Home Page (designed with elementor) in GeneratePress Theme.

Desktop Speed test of GeneratePress Pro Theme by PageSpeed Insights
Mobile Speed Test of GeneratePress Theme by Google Pageinsight

Here is the Performance Result obtained for Home Page (designed with elementor) in GeneratePress Theme.

Latest Performance Report for GeneratePress Pro by GTmetrix

So now let's move to the next part of this comparison with the first element of any website i.e. Header.

Final Result of Kadence vs GeneratePress Speed Test

CriteriaKadence GeneratePress
PageSpeed Insight (Mobile)9495
PageSpeed Insight (Mobile)7685
GTmetrix Structure9295
GT Metrix Performance 6362
Fully Loaded Time (GTmetrix)3.5 Sec3.1 sec
Total Page Size (GTmetrix)612KB455KB
Total Page Request (GTMetrix)4129
First Contentful Paint (Desktop)0.6 Sec0.5 Sec
Speed Index1.1 Sec0.6 Sec
Time to Interactive 0.6 sec1.5 Sec
Final Winner Score2 out of 108 out of 10

From the above speed and performance comparison Table, GeneratePress is a clear winner with valid reasons. Since I have mentioned before, GeneratePress is the Theme Focusing only on performance with a clean look and minimal feature.

Header Comparison Between Kadecne and Generatepress

The header of any website is something that appeal visitor to trust and stay on the website. Now my this statement may seem theoretical for some bloggers who believe only content is king but for business owners who sell any type of products and service, they know that conversion depends on the trust of the customer and first look of website decide how much you are legit or professional in your services.

Header Features of Kadence Theme

Header and footer builder is a key feature of kadence theme and they prove it as the best header builder with a lot of possibilities in customization with plenty of essential widgets.

Kadence Header Builder

From the image above you can understand how you can create a header using kadence header builder by just drag and drop. It contains 3 Bars namely, Top Bar, Main Header and Bottom Bar with elements like Multiple menus, Social Icons, Contact Option, Buttons, Custom HTML, Cart Icon, My Account Icon etc. with many additional widgets included in Kadence Pro version.

Kadence Theme also offers Sticky as well as Transparent header feature. If you do not want a header in any of you page you can do that by just disabling header in that page.

Header Features of GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress does not offer any header builder in their Free or Pro plans but you have 3 Preset header styles where you can change the location of Navigation menu and Logo Position. Yes that's all you can do with GeneratePress Header customization.

GeneratePress Header Customizer

And as you can see from the image, there are features like Header Padding, Mobile menu switch and alignment.

Ultimate Winner of Header Comparison

So ultimately, In the fight of kadence vs GeneratePress, I want to say that If you are 100% blogger with informative content you can stick with GeneratePress as this theme is solely made for bloggers with it's clean and super fast speed.

But If you want your site to lock Fancy as well as fast go with Kadence Blindly. So the winner of Kadence vs GeneratePress in term of the header is definitely Kadence as It can be used by both bloggers and agency or business owners.

Just like headers of any website, footer also plays an important role in making your website look more professional and navigation friendly. So let's move ahead in Kadence vs GeneratePress footer comparison and check out all the features offered by them.

Exactly same as their header builder, Kadence offer simple and clean, drag and drop footer builder with a lot of elements and design flexibility.

Kadence Footer Bar

From the above image, you can see, Kadece offer 3 Footer bars with 4 Layouts and elements like multiple Navigational menus, Copyright element, 6 Custom Widgets, Social icons, Custome HTML and may additional widget with Kadence Pro Version.

GeneratePress Do not offer a lot of customisation but again as a pure blog theme there are enough features.

GeneratePress Footer Customizer

From the above image, you can see that they offer 2 Type of predefined footer, Full width and Contained with up to 5 widgets column. They don't have much features to discuss.

Again kadence has taken the lead with their Drag and drop footer builder and hence Kadence is winner.

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  1. It’s a shame to compare these theme with Elementor on top of it.
    Though they comply with most page builders, it does not make sense to compare them, as most of the performance is lost because of Elementor.

    My 2 cents,

    • That is really a good point of argument but,

      How many websites are there who are not using page builders? I know there are enough but most people still need elementor.

      Also, I have mentioned going with generate press only if you are totally focusing on clean and minimal design.

      But Thanks again, it was a really good point of concern.

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