Quickly Boost WordPress Website Speed [Ultimate Guide]

Increasing Website Speed

How to increase WordPress Website Speed or How to Boost WordPress Website Speed is one of the most asked questions to me from my clients and students.

Increasing or boosting WordPress website speed has never been so tough even for a beginner. But have you ever asked yourself, Why everyone is trying to make their website faster than before? Many newbie bloggers do not know why and how everyone is making their website too fast so that it can load in just half of a second.

Siteground Live Speed Test Score 100/100

In this blog, I will answer the same question why you should care about your website speed and I will also reveal all the secrets of making a website blazing fast. I promise you that after reading this post thoroughly, and applying all the steps mentioned here, your website will load fast like a Rocket.

So firstly let's see some of the main advantages and disadvantages of a fast website.

Advantages Of Fast Website

  • Improve Chance of Article Ranking
  • Significantly reduces Bounce Back Rate.
  • Increase user engagement on site
  • Increase Sales and Lead Conversion
  • Website looks Professional and you build trust among your customers and visitors.

And luckily, there are no disadvantages of a truly fast website.

After showing you advantages and disadvantages, I think now you got the answer of “Why is everyone making their website damn fast?”. Now the next question that arises for a normal user is, How to make my website fast? But wait, before we discuss making it fast, let's come to the opposite question, what makes a website slow?

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What makes a website Slow?

Before solving any problem, we should know deeply about it and research it. Applying the same concept, Before making our website Fast, let see what are the factors that make it slow.

  • Slow Hosting with less resources and high ping, i.e. High Server Response Time
  • Non-Optimized HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery etc.
  • Uncompressed Images
  • Not Using Properly Scaled Images.
  • Using Fancy large Themes.
  • Using Plugins with Bug and Glitches.
  • Not using a Fast Page Builder.
  • Using too many Google Fonts.
what makes a Site Slow

MYTH – There is a myth that “Using too many plugins will Slow Down your website”. But the actual thing that slows down your website speed is Quality of plugins you are using, not the Quantity.

How to Boost WordPress Website Speed?

I will explain here all the things that make a site slow and solutions on how to make it fast.

1.Use Fast Hosting

Hosting is the first and one of the main factors that affect website loading speed. In order to make your website fast, you need to have a top class hosting with fast server response time.

Nowadays many newbie bloggers make the same mistake by choosing a cheap hosting and thinking that after earning from blogging, they will migrate their website to a fast server but wait, this is not going to happen anymore. If you have a slow site, you are not going to rank and without ranking, you are not going to earn. So this plan is falling apart now.

->How Hosting Affect Website Loading Speed

Let's talk about how a website loads on the browser. When you enter a URL in the browser it sends a request to the server to send all the resources and information mapped to that particular URL. Now it's time for server to respond to the browser and send necessary data As Soon As Possible. This is what we call Server Response Time, but cheap hosting does not have that much power and speed to respond to browsers fast and send data.

I will strictly recommend you to not make the same mistake that every newbie does and fails in blogging. Choose a high rated hosting like

  1. Siteground [Officially Recommended By WordPress ]
    • Site ground uses google cloud based server even for their shared plan and this is what impressed me about them.
    • My first priority for hosting is Always Siteground, in fact I use site ground gogeek plan as hosting for bloggertutor.com
    • Use SGHOSTING as Coupon on Our Website to Get 10% OFF on Official Siteground Hosting Here
  2. Bluehost [Officially Recommended By WordPress ]
    • Blue host is also a top hosting provider with a quality hosting but blue host India does not have that much quality. Try to use bluehost.com for purchasing hosting and support.
    • Blue host startup plans are not too good but their higher plans are impressive.
    • Use BHHOSTING as Coupon on Our Website to Get 10% OFF on Official Bluehost Hosting Here
  3. CloudWays Cloud Hostings
    • Now the future is going toward the cluster of servers instead of traditional servers, so migrating to cloud servers will be a good move.

Choosing a great Hosting will boost WordPress website Speed, Read my Full Hosting Review to choose a best hosting for your website.

2. Optimize Coding

This part of website Speed Optimization is a little tricky, but I will make it simple for you guys. Optimization of coding means to properly inline and compress html, CSS, JavaScript etc. so that they render fast and easily on the browser. 

-> Best Plugins to Optimize Coding

There are many WordPress Optimizer Plugin available in market but some of the best that I trust are,

Use these plugins to optimize your coding in order to boost WordPress website speed.

Note:- Coding Optimization can break your website look, so please do it carefully.

3. Compress And Scale Images

Images are the 3rd main factor that influences website loading speed. I know many of you are already using an image compression plugin but wait, Is Only Image Size Compression Enough? The answer is no, there are several other factors like image format, image size ratio and scaling type. Whoo.. what are these things, Ok let me explain to you one by one.

  1. Image Compression
    • Image Compression reduces the size of image by merging some pixels of image or by reducing pixels of image.
    • There is one confusion for many developers that we are reducing the size of pixel or number of pixel of photo during image compression. The answer is we are reducing the number of pixels and hence increasing size of pixels by merging many of them into 1.
    • The best free Plugin to compress images is resmushit. Some paid plugins like Shortpixel, Imagify and Smush come with more advanced Image Optimization features.
    • For Siteground users, SG Optimizer has built in an Image Compression feature to optimize your image performance.
  2. Image Format
    • Now many of you are wondering, what is the role of image format to boost WordPress website speed? For your kind information different type of format store image information using different algorithms. Some popular image formats are JPEG, PNG, WebP etc.
    • Which Image Format is better? Well, WebP is the best format to use in a website because it is properly optimized for fast rendering in browsers even if scaling is happening from html. The next good one is a compressed JPEG image. The bad one is PNG and hence try to ignore PNG format images in your website.
    • The best Plugin for Converting images to JPG format is PNG to JPG free Plugin. Some paid plugins like shortpixel, Imagify and Smush come with image format converters by default.
    • If you are using Siteground hosting, their SG Optimizer has built in Image Converter to JPG and WebP.
  3. Image Scaling
    • Image scaling simply means deciding the aspect ratio of image.
    • Now why is it necessary to have a look at image scaling? The very simple answer is because a default scaled image renders fast but html scaling takes time.
    • So, How to Scale Images? Use any image editor and select aspect ratio and number of pixels according to your need. If you have already Uploaded it to WordPress, use WordPress Image editor to crop or resize it.

4. Use Fast WordPress Theme

This is my favorite part to boost WordPress website speed, because if you have a blazing fast theme with minimal JavaScript and CSS, you do not have to worry about coding optimization. But the most challenging part of this step is choosing a best and fast theme for your blog website. There are millions of fancy WordPress themes with huge coding file sizes which will create a problem for you during coding optimization. I have a dedicated post for the top 5 fastest WordPress theme to supercharge your website.

Here are my favorite best 5 Fastest WordPress Theme list.

  1. GeneratePress
    • Generate Press is the most lightweight theme I ever encountered with approx all essential features. It comes with a free and pro version.
  2. Kadence
    • This is the theme I am using on bloggertutor.com and it particularly suits any professional blogger. It is fast, Lightweight, responsive with plenty of premium features but the most impressive thing is it is free.
  3. Astra
    • I can Guarantee that you must have heard this name before, because it is the fastest selling WordPress theme with all features you need to create an elegant website. It comes with both free and Premium version
  4. OceanWP
    • Same as Astra, OceanWP is also a very popular and fast theme with good features.
  5. Studio Press Themes
    • Studio Press Themes are super-fast but they are not free and hence everyone can't afford them. Another thing is they do not provide any fancy look to their theme, you can use them only in blog websites.

So using fast themes will definitely help you to boost WordPress website Speed.

See Astra vs Kadence Theme Comparison and Review

5. Use Fast Page Builder

There are a lot of page builders in the market, but choosing the right one is always a question. Let me tell you something that you can't believe in these fancy days. The thing is people are more attracted by a simple and clean look rather than a complex and colorful abstract design. I know this statement does not fit everywhere but in the case of websites it is 100% applicable.

Page builders like Elementor, Divi, Brizy, WPBakery are too popular, but they have limitations when it comes to increasing a WordPress website speed. There is one that I personally love, Gutenberg Block Editor. Yeah you listen correctly, after using Gutenberg ad-don, this plugin becomes a perfect page builder with blazing fast speed pages. The design created by Gutenberg is simple and attractive and the most important it boosts WordPress website speed. 

6. Use Server Side Caching

Caching is something that can increase your website speed instantly without affecting look of website and resource of server. It works as a mirror image of your website. When browser send request to server, the cache file is served instead of original file digging from server, cached file do not take time to reach to the browser because there is no server process involve in serving cached website.

There are many WordPress Plugin for caching like WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache etc. But you should use Server Side Caching to improve website speed in more effective way. These days all hosting came with any caching system, you just need to ask your provider to how to activate it on your hosting. So using caching system can make your website load fast.

7. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network or CDN is something that act as a middle distributor for your website files. They have their own server across the globe and when you use them they store your website files to all server and sends data to requested browser from nearest server location to reduce website loading speed. CDNs also have their own inbuilt image optimization and code optimization system that helps to reduce total file size further.

There are many free and paid CDNs in the market like Cloudflare (free and Premium both), Bunny CDN (Premium Only) etc. So you must use CDN in your website to increase your website speed.

8*. Bonus

There is one more thing that slows down your website speed, which is Google fonts. Actually rendering a google style sheet and font takes a lot of time. Many bloggers use different types of google font for g heading, paragraph, quotes etc.  But for your kind information, these plugins slow down your website speed. Sometimes they do not render correctly and disturb the look of the website. So use minimum possible google fonts.


At the end I just want to tell you to follow all the steps honestly to increase your WordPress website speed.

If you like anything in post, just tell your friends by sharing it.

  1. Why websites are slow?

    There are many factor involve in making a site slow, some of them are Hosting Server, Site Caching, Coding Optimization, Image Optimization etc.

  2. How to Check website Speed?

    There are many tools like google page insight, Gtmatrix, pingdom etc to check website speed but I will recommend you to use google page insight.

  3. Why website Speed Important?

    Website speed is important because of many reason like it helps to improve you on page SEO, Conversion, Bounce Back Rate etc.

  4. How to fix a slow website?

    Fixing a slow website is not so tough just optimize it's coding, images and use CDN, Caching, Fast SSD Server. It will definitely increase your website speed.

  5. Which are fastest Hosting servers for Website?

    There are thousands of hosting providers but only few of theme are providing top class hosting speed. Some of them are Siteground, Bluehost, Hostinger, Cloudways, Hostgator, Dreamhost, WPengine.

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