Kadence Blocks Free vs Pro Feature Comparison and Review – Block Editor Addon

Kadence Blocks Quick Overview

Kadence Block is a Block editor addon by team KadenceWP. It is available in FREE and Pro package where the free version of Kadence Blocks has limited features and can only be used for basic design without access to the full library template library.

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Whereas Kadence Pro has all launched the feature with a FREE built-in template library with 100+ Templates available to import in 1 click. Kadence Pro priced at 59 USD/Year.

Feature Comparison Table of Kadence Blocks FREE vs Pro

Kadence Blocks FreeKadence Blocks Pro
Advanced Button
Row Layout
Advanced Heading
Info Box
Icon List
Advanced Gallery
Table of Contents
All Features from FREE
Image Overlay Block
Post Grid/Carousel Block
Split Content Block
Product Carousel Block
Modal Block
Video Popup Block
On Scroll Animation
User Info
Unlimited Site Use
Limited Template Library Full access to Template Library
No Premium SupportPremium Support
Recommended For Bloggers onlyFor WordPress Designer and Agency

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Kadence FREE Blocks in Dashboard

KAdence Blocks FREE -

Kadence Blocks Pro in Dashboard

KAdence Blocks paid-

Conclusion of Kadence Blocks FREE vs Pro

If you are a simple blogger and do not need a lot of designing features, go with Kadence Blocks Free.
But If you want a block editor to replace your Page Builder and give you page builder experience go with Kadence Blocks Pro

  • Do I need Kadence Blocks Pro?

    Well it depends on how much feature do you need and how you are going to use it. for most of the bloggers, Kadence Blocks Free is enough and they do not need Pro version of it.

  • Can I use multiple Block Editor Addon at the same Type?

    Yes, you can but be careful about conflict because in many cases multiple addon start conflicting in WordPress and your site may break due to this.

Kadence Blocks Free vs Pro Feature Comparison and Review - Block Editor Addon | Blogger Tutor
Kadence Blocks Free vs Pro

Conclusion of Kadence Blocks FREE vs Pro

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Product Brand: KadenceWP

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 59

Product In-Stock: InStock

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