[30% OFF] WP Rocket Black Friday 2022- Discount Offers and Deals

WP Rocket Black Friday Discount Details

Sale StatusThe Sale is Live till 29 Nov 2022
CouponAuto-applied – no code necessary
Sale PageThe sale Landing Page is mentioned Below
Black Friday OfferGet upto 30%
BonusesPlease Claim your $250+ Bonuses Here ?

WP Rocket Black Friday Sale

KadenceWP announced 40% off for new customers, 25% off for existing customers who renew early, and $200 off the Lifetime Full Bundle during their 15 days Black Friday Sale of 2022 ending 30 Nov

WP Rocket Offered a great Discounted Deal on Black Friday for its loving customer. They are giving a flat 30% off on all Plans and we are giving you a bonus worth $250 If you purchase it from any link bloggertutor.com .


If you are really facing a website Optimization issue and it had become a headache for you, then WP Rocket is definitely for you. Along with Cloudflare CDN and Sucuri Integration, it becomes more powerful for making your website ultra fast.

WP Rocket Black Friday 2022

• From November 23rd to December 1st, 2022 (9 days of discounts!)

• The 30% OFF is valid on new licenses.





Regular Price




Offer Price





1 Site

3 Site



1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

Pricing Of WP Rocket After Black Friday Discount
WP Rocket Black Friday Sale 30% OFF

What is WP Rocket Black Friday Offer

When it comes to the best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin, WP Rocket is the first and best available option there in the market. Not only for professionals but also for Beginners because of its simple control dashboard and minimal option in comparison to another optimization plugin available in the market. 

WP Rocket Pros and Cons with Black Friday Offer


  • Simple and Easy User Control Interface o
  • Full website caching with conditional exception 
  • All type of web code optimization like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.
  • GZip Compression with LazyLoad
  • Google Font Optimization30% Discount on this Black Friday


  • Sometime breaks the webpage look if not setup carefully but you can follow tutorials.

Conclusion of WP Rocket Black Friday Offer

As an experienced developer and my understanding, I think you can go with WP Rocket blindly. Honestly, in this blog, I am using SG Optimizer as I am using siteground hosting but for other websites, I am using WP Rocket to Speed them up with my favourite Kadence Theme by KadenceWP. Grab the black Friday deal of WP Rocket and Save 30% on any plan you purchase.


20+ Features of WP Rocket

 (Why you should Buy WP Rocket in This Black Friday?)

  1. Quick Setup – Simple user Interface with minimum option to setup easily and quickly.
  2. Page Caching – Page caching helps to reduce server load and hence improve server response time which effectively increase your website speed.
  3. Cache Preloading – 
  4. Sitemap Preloading –
  5. GZIP Compression – WP Rocket comes with GZIP compression that allows server to send the data in compressed  form to reduce web page size to reduce load time.
  6. Browser Caching – Browser caching save some of script and data in browser that can be used in next web page.(Mainly it's CSS file).
  7. Database Optimization – WordPress save every log of your website in database like post revisions etc. Database optimization by WP Rocket will clean that transient database and make it lighter.
  8. Google Fonts Optimization – Different types of google font need to load separate font libraries that takes times. To optimize google font, WP Rocket Comes with in built Google Font Optimization Plugin. 
  9. Remove Query Strings from Static Resources
  10. Lazyload – As the name suggests Lazy load enable your website to firstly load only the content that is visible on screen and then other in the background. This feature of WP Rocket Really Helps in Speed Optimization.
  11. Minification / Concatenation
  12. Defer JS Loading
  13. Cloudflare Compatibility – As I already mentioned, WP Rocket comes with dedicated support for Cloudflare CDN to make sure there is no conflict between them.
  14. CDN
  15. DNS Prefetching
  16. Mobile Detection
  17. Multisite Compatibility
  18. eCommerce Friendly – WP Rocket is a multipurpose optimization plugin, it can optimize any type of website effectively. 
  19. Multilingual Compatibility
  20. Connected Users
  21. Import/Export – Easily import or export setting option data from one website to another so that you do not need to setup it up again and again.
  22. Developer Friendly

These are really awesome features that you get in WP Rocket at this price. Even after using the black Friday discount, you can get it for $34/Yr for 1 website.


Reason For Slow Web Pages

Web pages consist of many codes like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. All these codes take time to execute themselves in the browser to make an awesome-looking website. But during the execution, there are several ongoing processes like rendering of images, iframes etc. This makes your website load slowly.

There are several other factors that affect website speed like Hosting Server response time, Internet Speed, Device Storage Speed etc. 

Solution for Slow Websites 

Leaving other small factors, we left with the main reason for the slowdown of the website which is Web Page Size, Total Javascript and CSS Requests and image optimization. To overcome all these problems, WP Rocket is the best solution. It has all the features to optimize your website code and reduce requests at the same time by enabling lazy load. 

Final Verdict on WP Rocket Black Friday Offer

If you are serious about your website page speed then WP Rocket will be a perfect idea to be considered. In this black Friday sale, you can save 30% on all plans of WP Rocket

WP Rocket Black Friday Sale 30% OFF
[30% OFF] WP Rocket Black Friday 2022- Discount Offers and Deals
WP Rocket Black Friday

In WP Rocket Black Friday sale, You can save 30% on all plans of WP Rocket. WP Rocket is the best Plugin for WordPress Speed Optimization.

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