Add & Verify Site on Google Search Console Quickly in 5 Easy Steps

Adding your website on Google Search Console is the first step of Blogging and SEO. From Google search console or GSC, you can monitor and analyse your traffic, ranking, keywords, position, impression, click-through rate, internal and external links etc.

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So the next question arises is, How to Add and Verify my Domain or website in the Quick and Easy way on Google search console? (some time may be referred to as Google Webmaster Dashboard).

Step by Step Video Guide For Search Console Verification

5 Easy Steps For Google Search Console Verification

1. -> Goto Search Console Dashboard

Welcome to Google Search Console Click Here to go to Google Search Console Welcome Dashboard.

Note:- Make sure you are login with your Main Google Account from which you want to manage your website search Console. To Switch Account click on TOP right Corner Where you see your Account profile and Select your desired Account

2. -> Add Your Site URL in the URL Prefix Section

Adding Site URL in URL prefix section Add your website Home page URL to URL Prefix Section and Click on Continue.-> Just remember one thing that there are many ways of verifying your website in search console but we are going with URL prefix methods as it is Easy and Fast.

3. -> Copy HTML Meta Tag

Copy HTML Meta Tag code from Search Console On next window you will see a screen like this, Just Scroll to HTML tag section below other verification methods and COPY HTML tag from there. Don't interfere with anything right now, just copy.

4. -> Open your WordPress Dashboard

Copy HTML Meta Tag code from Search Console Now open your WordPress Dashboard and Navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor and Click it.
This will open the Theme Editor Section of your current theme.

5. -> Paste Code in Header

Theme header Section Now, firstly you need to click on Theme header or Header.php link from the right side as mentioned in Image. When you will on header.php link, it will open an editor from where you can edit header.php file. You don't need to remove anything just search for </head> pronounced as Close Head and paste your Copied Meta Tag Code above it as mentioned in Image. Then click on the Update file. Do this step very carefully as it can break your site if not done carefully.

6. -> Again Go to Seach Console Tab and Click on Verify

Copy HTML Meta Tag code from Search Console Since you have added HTML code in your website, now you have to Go again on search console panel and click on verify.

7. -> Go to Dashboard to Monitor Property

Overview - of Property in GSC Now your website has been added and verified and ready to be rank on google. From this dashboard, you can monitor your website performance and errors.

Verification of Domain Property

Verification of domain property takes 14-72 hour of time as it can be verified only with DNS Setting.

  1. What is Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is a tool and dashboard provided buy Google to monitor the performance of your website or blog.

  2. Why we need to Add website on Google Search Console?

    When it comes to Search Engine, Google is use by 80% of users which means, If you need organic traffic for your website google should be your first priority. So, in order to Rank and index your website on google you need to add it on Google Search Console.

  3. Where I have to Submit Sitemap?

    Sitemap is a collection of links of post and pages of your website, used by search engines to index your website. You need to submit it on Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster.

  4. How much time takes for Google Search Console verification?

    The time for verification depend on method used for verification, for example if you use URL prefix and Meta tag it will take only 30 second but If you go with DNS verification, it can take upto

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