Create AdSense Link Ads or Sponsored Searches Ads in 2020 to Increase CTR and Earning

What are AdSense Link Ads (Sponsored Searches Ads)?

I know you are too much Curious about creating AdSense Link ads or Sponsored Searches ads which is sometimes referred to as text ads by AdSense. But don't be too much curious since it has some pros and cons in your AdSense CTR, Earning and sometime in the account.

Sponsored Searches Ads Output -New-Link-Ads-Output

Using this type of ads in your blog will definitely improve your earning and ranking both which simultaneously improve traffic and reduce bounce back rate.

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Why can't you create it normally using your AdSense Dashboard Panel?

Last year Google AdSense Announced not to support text and link ads for all accounts but there is a way to create sponsored Searches ads on your AdSense account without having approval from AdSense team. In this blog, I will teach you exactly what you need to create AdSense link ads.

Step by Step Guide to Create Adsense Link Ads

As per my promise let us start creating Sponsored Searches ads manually by following the steps given below one by one.

Here is step by step video guide for creating AdSense Link Ads unit easily with a few clicks.

1. Login to AdSense

Before we start firstly make sure you have an AdSense approved website and access to that AdSense. so the first step is just log in to that account. Click here to log in

Home Google AdSense

2. Go to Ads Unit Section

On top left corner of dashboard you will see a Ads Menu below Home ???? Page link, so click on it and then it will open a new menu choose Overview option from it and then you will see overview of auto ads and ad units. Choose ads unit option from Top and here you will see all ads unit created by you for your website.

Overview Google AdSense

3. Create a New Responsive Display Ads unit

From ads unit page, you need to create a new display ad and name it Link ads. Select size as responsive and save it. Then click on Get code and you will a Adsense ad Code. Now you need to make few changes.

Display Ads Google AdSense

4. Change Ad Format

The ad that you recently created is not the ad that you want, so you need to make a few changes on responsive ad code. So Copy ad code and paste it in the place where you want to show Sponsored Link ads. Now just look for this code


and Replace auto from link and after replacement this line should look like

Sponsored Searches Ads Code-New-Link-Ads

Note:- Make sure you don't change anything else on ad code just. Hurrah!! you are ready to go with your Sponsored Searches Ads by AdSense.

Pros of Using Link and Text ads on Blog.

-> User and SEO Friendly

Link and text ads are very polite and user friendly, I know it sounds crazy but yes they are both users as well as SEO friendly. Now let me explain by taking an example of How link ads can affect your website SEO?

Suppose you entered in a blog to find a solution but instead of solution you are seeing too much Banner and Display ads Popping here and there on website. Just tell me honestly what will be your next move. As per my experience many of you will go back to google and look for solution on some other website that do not have too much irritating display ads right.

So this is what we called Bounceback Rate in On-Page SEO Term which affect your website and article Ranking very badly. So using link ads reduces bounce back rate in fact it increases user engagement on website.

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-> Increase in CTR and AdSense Earning

Earning is one of main reason behind using Sponsored Searches ads on your blog. When user visit your blog and saw some related search queries that matches his Interest, he is most likely to click on one of it and here you get the advantage of link ads. They increase your AdSense CTR significantly and so as earning.

Cons of Using Link and Text ads

There is only one thing that might happen when you use Sponsored Searches ads without prior approval from AdSense that they may suspend or limit ad on your Adsense account. But it has not happened to me even I am using it in my two other blogs WishingYou and StudyDesire. So you can say it is rare but use it with your own risk.

  1. What is Google Sponsored Searches Ads?

    Google AdSense has a rich text and link format ads type for publishers which shows with caption of “Sponsored Searches”.

  2. Can we Manually make Adsense Links ads?

    Yes, You can manually create link ad using Responsive Display ads Unit buy just modifying ad code.

  3. Is it legal to modify Google Adsense Ad Code?

    Yes and No both, Actually if you modify by taking in consideration of Google Adsense polices then yes but if you are against them its illegal.

  4. How to Increase Google AdSense CTR?

    Use proper placement and Ads unit to increase CTR. Link ads or so-called sponsored searches ads are most effective way to do it easily.

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