[2021] Kadence vs OceanWP Theme Review and Feature Comparison

Hey there, I know you are looking for the best theme for your WordPress blog or business website, but let me tell you a truth about WordPress themes, “All themes are designed for a special audience” which means every theme has its own purpose.

Today we are going to discuss Kadence Theme by KadenceWP and OceanWP theme which is famous in WordPress themes category.

Let's start this discussion on both themes with their quick introduction.

Kadence vs OceanWP Theme

  1. Kadence Theme – It's newly launched yet most powerful blog theme available in the market. Kadence theme is launched in May 2020 by KadenceWP, a well-known WordPress plugin developer who is known for Kadence Block Pro and Know Kadence Theme.
  2. OceanWP Theme – You must have heard about this theme but let me tell you that this is one of the bestselling themes in the market. The main targeted audience of this theme is bloggers.

Before starting a full comparison of features I want to mention a very serious problem with OceanWP.

The most disappointing thing about ocean wp is, They have plenty of extensions available for upsells which indirectly means this theme is lacking many features in its core file. You need to install 1 extra plugin for each feature you need. I will explain it completely in a later section of the blog.

After seeing this serious issue with OceanWP as well as Astra Theme, I have decided to go with Kadence theme which is similar in performance with more features bundled in the core file.

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So let's start the in-depth comparison of Kadence vs OceanWP by a Quick Speed Test Review.

Kadence vs OceanWP Speed Test

During the process of choosing a theme, the very first thing that pops in mind is the speed and performance of any theme, well in our scenario of Kadence and OceanWP both themes are built for performance and speed. So we are not going to saw a large difference in speed comparison.

Kadence Speed Test

I have performed many speed tests on Kadence theme with different server and page builder, it's the well optimized and speed-focused theme. But in my all previous tests with different WordPress themes, only GeneratePress Theme was faster than Kadence.

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OceanWP Speed Test

OceanWP is a theme known for the best competitor or GeneratePress, which means, this theme also has a lightning speed like GeneratePress. The only difference between these two themes is, GeneratePress is cleaner with very minimal features and OceanWP is a little fancy with few extra features.

So there was no clear winner in our speed comparison, sometimes I was getting Kadenc to score better than OceanWP and Sometime OceanWP is better. so this is a tie between Kadence vs OceanWP.

More Comparison Coming soon

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