Kadence Blocks vs Elementor – Detailed Discussion on Features, PROS, and CONS

Kadence Blocks and Elementor Quick Overview

Before starting Kadence Blocks vs Elementor Discussion, let's introduce you to both WordPress Plugins.

Kadence Block is a Gutenberg Addon Plugin available in both FREE and Pro versions to extend the core functionality of Gutenberg Block Editor.

Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin popular for its ease of use with a simple drag and drop page building experience in WordPress.

Before starting the discussion, Let me remind you that using any editor depends on your need and convenience but here I will tell how you the Profits and Consequences of using Kadence Blocks and Elementor Page Builder.

Kadence Blocks Vs Elementor [FREE Version]

Kadence Blocks Free is enough for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and new publisher sites as it offers all the essential block editor add-ons to make your pages and blog posts look Fancy while having a fast loading Speed. You can even create awesome fast landing pages and funnel with Kadence Blocks but only If you are having experience with basic technical things of HTML and CSS.

On the other hand, Elementor is something that is mostly used by service providers, and agencies to make Landing Pages and Funnels. Elementor is recommended only when you are less technical and wanted something easy to drag and drop. Because it comes with its consequences of slow page speed and bad Page Experience (Core Web Vital).

IMG 0754

Convert Elementor Page Design to Block Editor

I can redesign your website built on Elementor to Gutenberg block editor with the help of Kadence Blocks Pro. The design will be 90% the same but speed and performance will significantly be Improved.

Side-by-Side Feature Comparison

Here is the list of blocks and features provided by both of them but I can't give you a visual demo of how each feature looks in the front end. You must try both of them before choosing any page builder for your website.

Kadence Blocks FREEElementor FREE
Table of Content Block
Gallery of Images
Styled Icon Listing
Post Grid/List
Tabbed Content
Styled Box/Info Box
Image Slider
Row and Column Layout
Inner Section, Heading
Image, Google Maps
Text Editor, Video, Button
Star Rating, Divider
Icon, Icon Box
Basic Gallery, Image Carousel
Icon List, Counter, Spacer
Testimonial, Tabs,
Image Box, Accordion
Toggle, Social Icons,
Progress Bar
Sound Cloud, Shortcode
HTML, Menu Anchor
Sidebar, Alert
100+ Pre-built Templates300+ Pre-built Templates
FAST and ResponsiveFor Design Focused Website

Kadence Blocks vs Elementor [Pro Version]

Very similar to other page builder plugins, Kadence Blocks and Elementor Pro have some features locked for Pro members only. While there are only a few extra features you get with Kadence Blocks Pro but in the case of Elementor Pro, you get tons of features and widgets to make your work simple.

They both do offer their Premium Template library for their users with a pro plan which is very helpful sometimes.

Kadence Block ProElementor Pro
Image Overlay Block
Post Grid/Carousel Block
Split Content Block
Product Carousel Block
Modal Block
Video Popup Block
On Scroll Animation
Posts, Portfolio
Slides, Form, Login
Nav Menu, Animated Headline
Price List, Price Table
Flip Box, Call To Action
Media Carousel, Testimonial Carousel
Countdown, Share Buttons
Blockquote, Reviews
Facebook Button, Facebook Embed
Facebook Page, Template
Facebook Comments, Gallery
Table Of Contents, Lottie Widget
Code Highlight, PayPal Button
Full access to 150+ Template Library Full access to 500+ Template Library
Best for Digital MarketersBest For Web Designing Agencies

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Elementor Pro Exclusive Feature

When it comes to the flexibility of elements or page builders, no one can beat these criteria. Elementor offers many exclusive features in its pro version which are listed below

Theme Elements WooCommerce Elements
Post Title, Post Excerpt
Post Content, Featured Image
Author Box, Post Comments
Post-Navigation, Post Info
Site Logo, Site Title, Page Title
Search Bar, Breadcrumbs, Sitemap
Product Breadcrumbs, Product Title
Product Images, Product Price
Add To Cart, Product Rating
Product Stock, Product Meta
Short Description, Product Data Tabs
Additional Information, Product Related
Upsells, Products, Product Content
Custom Add To Cart, Woocommerce Pages
Product Categories, Menu Cart

Pros and Cons of Using Kadence Blocks


  • Lighting Fast
  • Responsive
  • Almost every Feature
  • Best for Bloggers and Affiliates


  • Not for High-end Designing

Pros and Cons of Using Elementor Page Builder


  • Highly Flexible
  • Theme Customization
  • WooComerce Customization
  • Best for high-end fancy website Designing


  • Very Slow compared to Kadence Blocks
  • Need to create a different version of the same page for Mobile

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Who can use Kadence Blocks instead of Elementor?

From the above discussion on Kadence Blocks vs Elementor, It is obvious that choosing Elementor is only for websites that need to have a fancy and elegant-looking design without caring about speed and responsiveness. This category includes mainly business and brand websites.

On the other hand, Blogging and Affiliate marketing needs an extremely fast website with Zero Core web Vital Errors and hence they can use Kadence Block Pro.

IMG 0754

Convert Elementor Page Design to Block Editor

I can redesign your website built on Elementor to Gutenberg block editor with the help of Kadence Blocks Pro. The design will be 90% the same but speed and performance will significantly be Improved.

Do note that Kadence Blocks Pro can also design some awesome landing pages but it lacks features like conditional triggers and third-party integration which limits its functionality.

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Why Elementor is better in Some Cases?

I have mentioned many times, that both plugins have their own pros and cons, while Kadence blocks focus on Clean Design and Speed with the use of HTML, CSS and a very small amount of JS.

Elementor has its own feature to present things dynamically and conditionally. The dynamic content feature is something that makes Elementor must use plugins in some type of website which shows dynamic content on different pages. These Dynamic contents are brought by JS and hence the pages of Elementor are a little slow.

A conditional content type is also something that is sometimes used by developers to show content conditionally i.e If certain conditions are met then TYPE A content should be visible to visitors but if the condition changes TYPE B content should be shown.

These are very special but important cases where you need Elementor but that's not only the reason.

Theme Integration

The best part of both page builders is that both of them have their own theme and when integrated into their respective themes, both provide awesome features, responsiveness, and performance. KadenceWP provides their multipurpose Kadence Theme while Elementor has their lightweight and clean Hello theme.

Kadence Blocks + Kadence Theme vs Elementor + Hello Theme

The comparison of Kadence Blocks vs Elementor is incomplete without comparing the features they offer when integrated into their respective themes.

Kadence theme is a multipurpose lightweight Gutenberg-ready theme for bloggers, affiliates and e-commerce sites which offers some built-in layout on the other hand Hello theme by Elementor is like a blank canvas where you can customize every corner of it using Elementor.

Hello is mostly used by digital products, services, and agencies to create fancy pages to attract visitors.

So if you need a damn fast website with a clean look for blogging-related stuff, go with the Kadence package but when you need to build something like landing pages and funnel, Elementor should be your priority.

Have any Further Questions?

If you are still confused in choosing the best page editor for your website or If you are facing any other problem, you can comment below or contact us through live chat.

  • Should I Use Elementor or Block Editor?

    If you need a lot of customization and fancy design, go with Elementor but If you only need basic designing elements you can go with Block Editor.

  • How to create Elementor Page from Block Editor?

    There is no one-click feature to do this but you can manually design and convert elementor pages into block editor pages.

  • Do Elementor Affects Core Web Vitals?

    Yes, Definitely because it has a lot of CSS and JS that takes time to get rendered specifically in mobile devices and hence it affects your website's core web vital performance.

IMG 0754

Convert Elementor Page Design to Block Editor

I can redesign your website built on Elementor to Gutenberg block editor with the help of Kadence Blocks Pro. The design will be 90% the same but speed and performance will significantly be Improved.
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