KadenceWP Membership and Products Honest Value and Detailed Review

KadenceWP Quick Introduction

Before proceeding to complex thing let us just know more about kadencewp.com. They are reside in the beautiful city of Missoula, Montana. As a independent WordPress Theme and Plugin brand their reputation is going toward light of candle. They have few trending themes and plugins in which Kadence theme is most creative and Kadence block is most used block add-on plugin.

KadenceWP Membership

These days purchasing WordPress themes and plugins from any brand is normal but when you need multiple products from the same vendor and you don't want to pay them again and again, the membership role comes into play.

For some reason, So that users don't need to pay for each product every time, Kadence has Yearly and Lifetime Membership Plan.

Kadencewp Yearly and Lifetime Membership Plan

These plans have Identical authority, which means you can access all Products of kadencewp from both of membership plans. The only difference between Yearly and Lifetime membership is duration.

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They have just increased their prices after announcing the kadnece Pro theme, Read full article here


$169 $139/Year 

  • Use on Unlimited Websites.
  • One year support and updates.
  •  Includes all Their Themes and Plugins.
  •  Access to all future themes and plugins.
  •  30-day satisfaction guarantee.


$549 $449 For Lifetime 

  • Use on Unlimited Websites.
  • Lifetime support and updates.
  •  Includes all Their Themes and Plugins.
  •  Access to all future themes and plugins.
  •  30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Is Membership of KadneceWP Worth?

Before answering this question, It is more important to tell you that it depends on how many products do you want from KadenceWp. When your answer is 2+ then The answer is yes because they have plenty of premium quality useful themes and plugins which you can use on the unlimited website after purchasing their membership plan at a cost of $99 for 1 year or $ 399 for Lifetime as mentioned above.

So final question that arises is, How many product does kadencewp have? So the answer start from here.

KadenceWP Products

As I already mentioned they have both theme and plugins. I am going to give you brief intro about their products which will include feature and pricing.

WordPress Themes by KadenceWP

They have 4 Free and Paid Multipurpose Themes with excellent and clean design and they have few things common like all of them have 3 bar Header and Footer builder and All of them are optimized for speed sop you are not going to face speed issue in any of their theme.

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Features included in all of their themes

1. Responsive Design

All kadencewp themes will adapt to fit any screen size, from desktops to mobile phones. This feature in every theme is very important since it affects SEO and User Engagement.

3. Highly Customizable

They have very easy and extensively Customizable theme. You can customize your site to have your unique style.

5. Five Star Support

For when you need support, they are here with superior support and expert advice that goes the extra distance.

2. Translation Ready

All their themes support multilingual plugins like WMPL, Polylang etc. There is native support for RTL languages and everything can be translated. So you can use them in any language website

4. Highly Optimized for Speed

They have themes that are optimized for speed with clean coding practices and support for top speed techniques.

6. Major plugins Compatibility

We code our themes to WordPress standards to allow you to work with your favourite plugins.

Do you know which theme I am using on bloggertutor? Guess what?

Yes, It is Kadence theme by kadenceWP that I am using on bloggertutor.com and you can see the clean and responsive look of this theme. It's the first free theme known to me with all these features. Even most of the premium theme is lacking these features. And the most interesting thing is they are improving and adding more and more new feature that they think their users are going to need.

Kadence Theme by Kadencewp

According to theme this new generation theme and you can build effective and clean websites with a fast easy to use theme built for the next generation of WordPress.

-> Read Full Astra vs Kadence Comparison Here

2. Ascend WordPress Theme by Kadencewp

Honestly I can't say this as multipurpose but yes it is very lightweight, clean with a completely customizable header including a very stylish vertical menu and a stunning transparent header that changes as you scroll.

Ascend WordPress Theme by Kadencewp

Honestly, I have never used this theme personally but I have seen demos and features on paper. According to that this is not a fancy theme but yes it is very classic for personal blog.

3. Pinnacle WordPress Theme by Kadencewp

This particular theme is uniquely designed to display beautiful large images with a modern design. Content is displayed with subtle bubble style backgrounds with a slightly off white background adding contrast. This theme loves to show off images

Pinnacle Premium WordPress Theme by KadenceWP

If you are working on Fashion Niche or Recipe Niche where you love sharing the image on your blog then this theme is going to give the next level of experience. Because this theme mainly focused on Image showcase.

4. Virtue WordPress Theme by KadenceWP

As you can see in the picture this is a multipurpose theme with page builder compatibility to make it more flexible in page design. You can use this theme on your e-commerce store, on blog website or on course website etc.

It comes packed with tons of options from header styles to clean layouts. This versatile theme gives you powerful control over your site.

Virtue Premium WordPress Theme by KadenceWP

Extra ->Virtue Bold WordPress Child Theme

Virtue Bold WordPress Child Theme  by kadencewp

As the name suggests it a premium child theme built on the power of Virtue Theme but accomplishes its own bold style. Its sharp layout features make for a clean look that is both elegant and unique.

WordPress Plugins by KadenceWP

KadenceWP have Approx 18 Free and Premium plugin included the best Selling Kadence Block Pro.

1. Kadence Blocks

They have Free and Paid version of Kadence block addon for Gutenberg to extend the functionality and features of normal block editor r block editor. This is a powerful page builder too and can be even used for complex page design.

Kadence Blocks, editor toolkit

If you like to create compelling content with Gutenberg editor you are going to love this plugin.

2. Kadence Woo Extras

It's a WooCommerce extension that extends the overall look and functionality. It has eleven premium extensions that make woocommerce better. Some main features are Advanced Reviews, Variation Swatches, Checkout Customizer, Cart notices and so much more.

Kadence Woocommerce extras plugin

3. Kadence Slider

Every Elegant website need a slider and your this requirement is completed by kadenceWP team with their Kadence Slider plugin. They claim it as a fast and powerful slider with individual layer control.

4. Kadence AMP

AMP version of the website is not only fast but has a great impact on SEO. Kadence Team has it's lightweight and fast AMP plugin with Clean look to handle all your AMP audience. You can add Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for WordPress and it also works with WooCommerce Products.

5. WooCommerce Email Designer

You know that WordPress Emails are too old looking and simple but If you need all your email to be Customized with your brand theme and color, Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer is for you. It can also design the default WooCommerce email templates and text.

6. Kadence WooCommerce Elementor

Every WooCommmerce Store has same look and Feel. An experienced developer can simply distinguish between Standard Ecom store and Woo Store. To give your Store Unique look, Kadence WooCommerce Elementor combines with Elementor page builder to build custom layouts for your products in WooCommerce using the amazing Elementor page building experience. Plus customize archive and checkout pages.

7. Kadence WooCommerce SiteOrigin Builder

If you are looking for a Woocommerce addon for SiteOrigin Page builder to build custom layouts for your store in WooCommerce product, archive and checkout pages this plugin is for you.

8. Kadence Galleries

Creating Galleries can impress your visitor and increase engagement on your site. You can easily create galleries and albums using kadence gallery plugin. You can also display captions, titles and categories with each image. Easily set up a category filter and choose from many layout styles

Related content makes your visitor feel connected as you show them their interest in wise related posts. Select, order and define the exact content that you want to entice your readers with to further investigate or connect with your site using Kadence Related Plugin.

11. Kadence Simple Share

I believe that audience is money and hence link products to your blog posts and show in a carousel to upsell and further engage your readers.

12. Kadence Reading Time

Everyone have lack of time, so before reading a post they want to know ho much time it is going to take. Let’s you easily add an estimated reading time to your WordPress posts.

13. Kadence Page Transitions

As you know, First Impression last impression so create and add an elegant animation transitions to page navigation to make it more impressive .

14. Kadence Custom Fonts

Honestly, I believe in using as less as possible font to make it fast and clean. But if you need to add different fonts in different part of your website you can go with Kadence Custom Font. It helps you to easily add custom fonts to your site and assign them through the theme options panel.

15. Kadence reCAPTCHA

Bots and Spams are most dangerous enemy of a blog or website. To prevent spam, Add reCAPTCHA to comments, login, contact forms using Kadence reCaptcha.

16. Kadence Widget Dock

This is a powerful tool for e-commerce and affiliate website. You can use it to create a clean and elegant way to place content or marketing offers in front of your users in a non-intrusive manner.

17. Kadence Fullpane Vertical Slider

Parallax effect is in trending in the field of the website designing. For the same purpose The beautiful full-page slider that flows naturally with native scroll and allows for any type of content. Build inside SiteOrigin page builder!

18. Kadence Pricing Table

Last but not least, Pricing tables are something that should be clean and awesome. Create beautiful pricing tables that stand out and increase your sales using kadnce pricing tale plugin.

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Support and Update Quality

I will tell you about their all products later with pricing and feature but let us talk about the most important thing in WordPress development which is update and support quality of themes and plugins.

I am a Lifetime Member of kadencewp community and I can say with confidence that you will be surprised from their Support and Update. They reply emails very frequently and their plugins and themes are getting regular updates.

The most impressive thing about kadencewp brand is they have a separate developer for their different products, So when you email them regarding the issue of any products you will get a response from their corresponding developer to make support quality way better than others. I love this idea ????.

They have a Community forum too share bugs and request features and they replly you there within 24hr. Also if you are using any of their free products, you are going to get support from them which makes feel very professional and helpful for users.

To Reach with kadencewp Support Team you can leave a mail at support@kadencewp.com or at info@kadencewp.com. If you want to join their social page visit here Facebook page.

What is the Price for Kadencewp Membership?

Kadencewp Membership will cost you $100 for a month and $399 for lifetime which is a great deal.

What is the price for Kadence theme by kadenceWP?

Currently Kadence theme is absolutely free for everyone, but they have already decided to launch premium on in a few month with more creative and important features. They have not raveled the price for premium one yet.

How many themes are provided by Kadencewp?

Kadencewp Have 4 theme and a extra child theme of virtue called Virtue Bold, so total 5.

How many plugins does KadenceWP Have?

They have 18 plugin live and working at this time but they may launch few more.

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