Siteground Hosting Review in India, New Price and Alternative in 2020

Siteground Hosting Quick Intro

Siteground Hosting provides google cloud-based shared and managed WordPress hosting across the world. They are known for their premium quality hosting at a reasonable price but recently their prices have been increased in order to maintain service quality but this led users to choose different hosting provider because now price of siteground is not reasonable and reliable for normal bloggers in India and other parts of the world. But, remember one thing, their prices are for cloud-based managed hosting so from this point of view their prices are not too high.

In this review, we will talk especially for Indian bloggers and their best alternative hosting options of Siteground in India.

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Siteground Pricing Change in India

Siteground updated their pricing all over the world not only in India. Their new prices are shown in the image below. They have not added any new feature in their hosting but still, they increased their price $4/*Month. This is the main reason for looking for other alternatives os siteground Hosting in India. This is also true that there is no hosting provider like siteground in term of quality of server, support and uptime.

Startup plan was $3.95 before increment and $6.99 after increment of $3/*Month. Similarly, GrowBig was $5.95/*month and Now $9.99/*Month after increment of $4/*month and GoGeek now cost you $15/*month.

Siteground Old Prices in India

Siteground Old Prices in India

Sitegound New Prices in India

Siteground New Prices In India

Is the new price of Siteground Reliable in India?

My personal opinion on siteground changed after they announced new prices because they are not reliable for everyone. Now siteground is no more reasonable and reliable for starting a website or for newbie bloggers. In fact, If you can pay that much amount, there are several options at this price.

Many customers of siteground also facing issue with technical support after COVID-19 Pandemic which can be neglected due to lockdown issue. Another thing that I like at this time is their Site management dashboard and tools.

Payment Method for Siteground In India

Siteground does not provide any local payment method in India like UPI, Rupay Card or any Wallet like Paytm etc. So you need cross border payment enabled card to purchase siteground hosting in India. There is an official alternative method i.e. PayPal but As you know PayPal uses the card, so finally you need a cross border Enabled card to make a payment on Siteground from India.

->Buy Siteground Hosting in India using Rupay card or UPI

Support Quality of Siteground in India

Honestly, I love the support quality and willing to help support team of siteground. They will never make you will alone if you have any problem with your hosting, or any other thing regarding website. The only problem that can occur is for those who are not fluent in English and can't explain their problem.

They Provide Chat Support, Ticket Support, Email Support and Call Support but you can not get profit of call support if you live in India.

Siteground Hosting Plans in India

Startup Plan

Startup Plan of site ground is for a very lightweight website with 200-400 visitors per day, there are no such restrictions but this is expected traffic at which their hosting will give you its 100% resource. Since it is cloud-based server and hence you are not going to face any downtime issue if your site gets more visitors than mentioned. You will get daily backup and other premium-quality tools and services at the cost of 6.99$ per month with hosting.

GrowBig Plan

With highly optimized and more server resources, growbig is a bestseller plan of siteground. This plan have a recommended traffic of 25000 per month but again it is not a restriction. You will get all features of startup + On demand Bakup and Memcached caching service for better speed of dynamic object. I will recommend you to go with this plan at 9.99$ per month for better speed of your website.

GoGeek Plan

This plan is mainly for agencies or web developers as it has siteground reseller features with a white-labelled dashboard which will help you to create your client's website and give them separate hosting account without branding of siteground. So if you are a web developer you can go with this plan at 14.99$ per month which include all features of GrowBig + Staging + Git, Add Collaborators, White-label Clients, Highest Tier of Resources, Priority Support.

Siteground Hosting Speed, Uptime and Server Response Quality in India

If you are pure Indian blogger and you have only Indian visitor on the website, then I don't think you should purchase siteground because for Indian visitor you are not going to get the advantage of their cloud-based servers. I mean, for Indian visitor, siteground website surfing speed is not too good even not too slow. You can increase speed a little bit by using CDN. But why to invest that much in hosting if you are not taking full profit of your investment. If you are targeting a worldwide audience then you should definitely go with siteground hosting.

There are several alternative options for you If you are looking for hosting to use only in India. Some of the best alternative options of siteground in India are given below.

Top 5 Best alternative of Siteground Hosting in India

Now choosing an alternative is always subjective, means it depends of need of any particular blogger or developer. Besides that, I will suggest Top 3 Best alternative of Siteground in India by taking some common tools and features in consideration that every developer and blogger need.

In some context you may need a different thing in hosting than others, For example – I do not need too much technical support instead of this I would like if any hosting can offer premium CDN and cache. Many new bloggers may need support instead of these things.

So I will give you few best alternative of siteground in India based on all over rating and quality.

1. Bluehost India


Everyone knows about the reputation and performance of Bluehost hosting across the world. I will not say that Bluehost is better than siteground hosting because it is not but yes, Bluehost is the best alternative of siteground hosting in India in term of performance, pricing, and Features.

I want to mention one thing here that Bluehost provides SSD based server but siteground have cloud-based server technology.

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2. A2 Hosting

250x90 A2hosting

A2 Hosting is rising and making its reputation very rapidly and the only reason for their growth is a premium quality hosting and Support. This is what makes them the second-best alternative of siteground after an increase in Price. A2 hosting provide SSD based server for better performance. At the price of GrowBig plan from siteground for 1 year, you can get A2hosting Turbo for 3 years. But I have already mentioned that both the provider are not using same technology for hosting.

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3. Hostgator India


HostGator hosting provide different type of hosting for the different need at a reasonable price from a long time. They a have a good quality hosting server with awesome uptime and reliable price. The main thing that makes the HostGator third-best alternative of siteground hosting in INDIA

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4. Hostinger India

In India, Hostinger have their starting plan from 59/*Month but I will not recommend you to go with intro plan, it is not bad but have less resources and only single WordPress can be hosted at a time.


Hostinger is my first preference if anyone needs hosting for India. They are too much reliable and their servers are based on LiteSpeed technology which gives them a different power when it comes to server-side caching and server resources management.

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5. Dreamhost Hosting

DreamHost is one of recommended hosting provider by WordPress officially. They offer premium Quality Hosting server and Performance with all managed tools to manage your website from one place. I recommend Dreamhost as one of best alternative for siteground in India after increase of price.

Final Words

There is no doubt that every hosting provider have different target and pricing as per their quality and the technology used in their hosting. For the same reason siteground have increased their pricing and no one provide cloud server based managed hosting at this price and hence siteground is unbeatable but if you do not have that much budget you can go for their best alternative mentioned above.

  1. Is Bluehost India better than Siteground in India?

    No, Because bluehost does not use same technology that siteground uses.

  2. Best Alternative of Siteground in India

    As per new pricing of siteground, it is quite hard for budget bloggers to purchase hosting from them, so top 3 best alternative of siteground in India are Bluehost, Hostgator and Hostinger.

  3. Most Recommended Hosting of 2020?

    Now the world is moving toward Cloud server and hence everyone is recommending cloud hosting thats why siteground and cloudways are in top in 2020.

  4. Best Budget Hosting in India?

    For Indian bloggers there are bluehost, hostgator and hostinger to go with.

  5. Which Technolgy is used by siteground?

    Siteground uses Google Cloud Based Hosting server for all of their plans.

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