{Launched} Kadence Cloud Review and Pricing – New Product by KadenceWP

What exactly is Kadence Cloud?

KadenceWP is becoming a popular agency in the field of WordPress Theme and Plugin. They have recently launched few very popular products Like Kadence Theme, Kadence Block, and Now Kadence Cloud.

Kadence Cloud is a Brand new product by KadenceWP for WordPress Web Designers and Agencies. It's a whole new idea and it's going to change the way we design WordPress websites today. The reason for that is the features and tools offered in Kadence Cloud Bundle.

It is a plugin based on the idea used in reusable block in Gutenberg Block editor where you can save any block that your have designed and used in future. But it's not limited to that, now you can use it to design templates, save it in cloud server and import it on any website you want. There is much more to it which I will cover in later part of blog.

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Today, I will take you through Kadence Cloud idea, it's review, features and many ways to get profit from it.

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Kadence Cloud Detailed Review

This Review Contains not only my opinion after using it but also features, uses and pricing. So lets start it with Features that are bundled with Kadence Cloud and then we will discuss about pricing.

Complete Features of Kadence Cloud

The main core feature and idea is to use Kadence Cloud to store your Blocks Templates created using block editor {Kadence Blocks} as Template in Cloud Library and use it on any website by importing them through Connection URL and Access key provided in Kadence Cloud Setting.

WooCommerce Integration is another feature by which you can sell your designed templates to your clients.

Kadence Cloud will give you a page builder-like experience while editing pages in the block editor. It's fast, responsive, and mobile-friendly.

Notice – BETA Testing Launched

Kadence Cloud is Officially Launched.
Currently, Kadence Cloud is in the Beta phase and only members can test it and use it that's why there are limited features available. More features are coming soon and I will definitely list them here.

Watch WP Crafter Explaining Features of Kadence Cloud Here

Pricing of Kadence Cloud by KadenceWP

Before talking about pricing, Please do note that it uses Kadence Blocks [Pro or FREE] for its template designing features, and hence you need to buy Kadence Blocks Pro. And that's why the KadenceWP team has decided to sell it with membership rather than individually.

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Kadence Membership Discount Offer

KadenceWP Membership include all their theme + Plugin worth more than 1000 USD in just few bucks which seems very cost effective and affordable. They have 20+ Essential Plugins and 5 Popular Themes which you can get in just $169 for 1 year or $599 for Lifetime.

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I am their Lifetime member and If you are a WP Developer or Designer or WP Freelancer, I recommend you to join it because it really worth it. It creates a complete ecosystem of all essential themes and plugins that you need to design any type of website.

How to Use Kadence Cloud? Step-by-Step Guide

Kadence Cloud Templates

In this tutorial, I will show you How to use Kadnece Cloud by Creating some templates that can be imported into any website with just 1 Click.

  1. Adding a Cloud Template in Cloud Library
    Adding New Template in Kadence Cloud Library

    Login to your WordPress where you have installed Kadence Cloud and Kadence Blocks, It will be the source for all your templates and Files. Go to Cloud Library Option and Click on Add New.

  2. Designing Your Template
    Creating Template in Kadence Cloud Library

    When you click on add new you will be redirected to a Block Editor Page where you have all access to design any type of design you want by adding blocks, columns, images, icons, etc. using Kadence Blocks and Gutenberg Blocks. After you Finish designing, Hit Publish Button on the top right corner.

    Now your design will be saved as a cloud template in the cloud library and anyone can access it through Kadence Blocks [Pro and FREE both] by Connection URL and access Key.

  3. Creating Access Key in Kadence Cloud Source Website
    Kadence Cloud Settings - by KadenceWP

    Before anyone can access your templates, they need to have your website URL termed as Connection URL and a Unique Key.

    To generate Access Key, Go to Cloud Library Menu and click on the Cloud setting option, now you will see General setting and Access Key, Click on Access key and then click generate.

    Note:- You can create multiple access keys by generating them.

  4. Importing Kadence Cloud Templates Through Access Key.
    Kadence Cloud Template Import Option

    Note:- You don't need Kadence Cloud on the website where you want to import templates. It can be imported through FREE Kadence Blocks plugin that will give you the option “Design Library” in the Block Editor TOP bar.

    Now login to any website where you want to import your created template, click on add new page or post, and make sure you have installed Kadence Blocks, now in the block editor, TOP Left corner you will see the Design Library button, click on it and it will open some prebuilt templates and designs but there will be an option with + sign, click that and enter your connection URL along with Access key that you have generated in Source website.

    Now Hit add Connection and your templates will be sync to your new website from the source library.

Estimated Cost: 169 USD


  • N/A


  • Kadence Cloud
  • Kadence Blocks [FREE or Pro]
  • Both Installed in WordPress

Materials: N/A

Other Uses of Kadence Cloud

You can use it for selling your created templates or even you can host giveaways of templates. It gets easily integrated with WooCommerce by which selling of these templates becomes easy and handy.

If you prefer to use Elementor because of their awesome template library but the problem is only speed. I got a good news, Elementor have launched their Elementor cloud platform and it is promising to provide 10X faster load time than traditional hosting.

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Kadence Cloud Introduction by Adam from WPCrafter

Who can Use it? For Whom It Is?

This is very close to a SAAS plugin and has been made for Web Designers, Freelancers, Web Development Agency. They can use it to increase their productivity in work without doing the same work again and again.

It's not for bloggers or Affiliate marketers because they don't need too many designing elements and features but yes they can definitely use Kadence Blocks to write fancy posts.

My Honest Opinion

I really loved this unique idea and approach because Block Editor is getting Popular after integration in WordPress Core. Now Google also has mentioned that Core Web Vitals will affect SEO and overall we need a WordPress Page builder which is lighter, Faster, Responsive, Mobile friendly and Flexible.

This is exactly what Kadence Blocks Pro and Kadence Clouds can do together.

What is Kadence Cloud by KadenceWP?

Kadence Cloud is a Plugin that can be used to save, import and export templates across all your websites. Even you can use it to sell your Designed templates using WooCommerce.

What is Kadence Cloud Price? Is it FREE?

No, unlike other products which have FREE as well as Premium option, Its not the case with Kadence Cloud. You have to purchase it along with membership because it not available separately. So your effective price will be 169 USD.

Do Kadence Cloud Work Independently?

No, Kadence Cloud is a WordPress Plugin integrated with cloud servers and Kadence Blocks pro. To design templates you need to install Kadence Block Pro which is again a Paid Plugin.

Difference between Kadence Cloud and Elementor Library?

The main difference is that Elementor Library Store Elementor build templates, while Kadence Cloud can Store only templates built in block editor with Kadence Blocks

{Launched} Kadence Cloud Review and Pricing - New Product by KadenceWP
Kadence Cloud Review

Kadence Cloud is a Brand new product by KadenceWP for WordPress Web Designers and Agencies. It's for creating your own template library. Here is my honest Kadece Cloud Review with complete features explained.

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